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Paul Bunyan Woodsman

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These requirements were revised in the
1996-1997 Boy Scout Requirements Book

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The Paul Bunyan Award is NOT worn on the Uniform, but may be attached to equipment, jackets, backpacks, patch vests or blankets, etc.

Study chapter 6 in the FIELDBOOK the Boy Scout Handbook and the Camping merit badge pamphlet, and demonstrate to your Scoutmaster or other qualified person designated by him the following:

  1. Show that you have earned the Totin' Chip.
  2. Help a Scout or patrol earn the Totin' Chip and demonstrate to him (them) the value of proper woods-tools use on a troop camping trip.
    3. Using a saw or 3/4 ax and a wood or plastic wedge and a mallet cut a log 6-8 feet long and 4 or more inches in diameter into 2-foot lengths. Split these 2-foot lengths into quarters.
  3. 4. With official approval and supervision do ONE of the following:
    1. Clear trails or fire lanes for 2 hours.
      (b) Demonstrate how to fell a standing tree 4 inches or more at the butt. Lop branches. Make a brush pile. Cut tree into 2-foot length and stack.
    2. (c) Trim a downed tree, cut into 4-foot lengths and stack; make a brush with branches.
    3. (d) Build a natural retaining wall or irrigation way to aid in a planned conservation effort.
      (e) Participate in an approved "SOAR for the Better Life" or conservation effort project in your council.

In addition to the Patch shown at the top of this page, the wallet Card ( No. 4235) shown below, is available

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