Volume 6 Issue 7
February 2000


San Francisco Bay Area Council

This badge is designed to help teach the Webelos Scout about home and automobile repairs and maintenance. Many boys are driving at age 16. At age 10, they are very anxious to get their first car. This is an opportunity to teach them early how to take care of one of their most expensive purchases. The bicycle maintenance in this activity badge also gradually works them into mechanics of repair and maintenance of machinery. It works them the responsibility they have to take care of and maintain their hard earned transportation.


Ideas for Den Meetings
San Francisco Bay Area Council

  • Invite an auto mechanic to the den meeting. Have him demonstrate how to do preventative maintenance on a car.
  • Ask a cyclist to the den meeting to talk about proper care and maintenance of a bicycle.
  • Go to a hardware store or garden nursery. See what hardware can be used to make a storage area for hand, lawn and garden tools.
  • Have a bike inspection and bike rodeo.
  • Visit a car wash facility.
  • Visit a gas station, garage or tire repair shop.



San Francisco Bay Area Council


Kim Games-Handyman Style

Collect 20 items used for household repair jobs - nail, washer, screw, nut, etc. Lay these items on a table or tray. Let the boys have a good look, then cover items or remove the tray. Each boy is to write down as many things as he remembers. Game can also be played by team.


Handyman Outing

Take the Webelos den on a tour of a local hardware store to learn what is available and where to find materials for home repairs. VARIATION: Before going to the hardware store, have each boy pick an imaginary repair (leaky faucet, clogged drain, sagging gate, damaged lamp cord, etc.) In the store, boys take turns locating and pricing the materials he would need to make his repair.



Tool Board
San Francisco Bay Area Council

Screw a 18" x 20" pegboard to a 20" x 24" piece of 1/2" plywood using 3/8" spacers between to allow air space for the hooks. Use a paint pen to draw outlines of where each tool is to be hung on the board. Attach directly to the garage wall.


For nails, nuts, bolts, etc
Place each in separate small jars. For each jar, put two hooks in pegboard on either side of the jar. Stretch a rubber band between the hooks and slip the jar between the rubber band.


Insulate the Water Heater


This is a fairly simply project that can be done by a Webelos, but I would suggest having adult guidance.


The U.S. Department of Energy says the cost of heating water is 14% of most homes' energy costs. DOE recommends you cut your costs and extend the life of your water heater by adding insulation and lowering the thermostat. Insulation kits are available for less than $15, and installing the kit takes less than an hour. The only tool he will need is a pair of heavy-duty scissors (or sharp utility knife) to cut it down to fir the water heater.

Have the Webelos check the setting on the tank's thermostat. The DOE recommends setting it for 115 degrees. Any above this can cause serious burns especially in infants and the elderly. Also, 115 degrees is hot enough for cleaning. 

  1. If trapped in smoke;_______________ under the smoke to safety.
  2. Gasoline can near a flame or heat.
  3. Electrical covers protect little children from shock.
  4. A is used to put water on a fire.
  5. Treat a minor burn with cool
  6. Use the enclosed stairs marked " " not the elevator, to escape from a burning building.
  7. Have a home fire now. It could save your life later.
  8. Learn not to .
  9. is NFPA'S Fire safety dog.
  10. If there is a fire, get out fast. Then the fire department.
  11. is a crime. It is a fire set on purpose that does harm.
  12. Unless trained to use a fire a person should get out and call the fire department.
  13. Most fires in which people die happen in their own
  14. A is an unsafe condition that exists in your home.
  15. A can warn you of a fire before you might smell, hear, or see it.
  16. If you smell smoke, don't open the door. Feel it to see if it's warm or .
  17. Fire fighters and paramedics respond to calls.
  18. causes more panic; set a calm example.
  19. Make a home escape . Practice it twice a year.
  20. In case of fire, you must have two routes from your home.
  21. A false may prevent fire fighters from getting to a real fire.
  22. liquids catch fire easily.
  23. Sometimes fire fighters need to use an to break through locked doors.
  24. A disconnects overloaded electrical circuits.
  25. If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and
  26. A hot liquid burn is a


1. Crawl

2. Explode

3. Outlet

4. Hose

5. Water

6. Exit

7. Drill

8. Burn

9. Sparky

10. Call

11. Arson

12. Extinguisher

13. Homes

14. Hazard

15. Smoke Detector

16. Hot

17. Emergency

18. Panic

19. Plan

20. Escape

21. Alarm

22. Flammable

23. Ax

24. Fuse

25. Roll

26. Scald


Heart Of America Council

Feed the Baby

Divide group into teams. Each team is either the "feeder" or the "baby". Neither team knows before hand what the activity will be. The "babies" are seated in a row, facing the "feeders" who stand in front of the "babies". Each boy taking part is given a small cup or bowl of applesauce, a plastic spoon, and is blindfolded. At the signal, the "feeders" try to feed the applesauce to the "babies". "Babies" may not use their hands to guide the spoon to their mouths, buy may give the "feeders" all kinds of advice and direction as to how to reach their mouths. First pair to finish the applesauce wins points for their team. They switch positions.

Who Are We?
Heart Of America Council

Ask boys to bring baby pictures and family pictures to the next meeting. Hold the pictures up one at a time and try to guess who it is. Bring in family vacation pictures and try to guess where the family went. Take some den pictures and make up an album of your Webelos family or take slides and play music while you are watching them.

Churning Butter

Put a small amount of half-and-half or cream into a jar and screw the lid on tightly. Boys shake jars, until butter is formed. (Try this in advance to determine how long it will take.) Boy who finished first is the winner. (You may want to add just a pinch of salt to cream.)

Last Christmas, I got a breadmaker. It would be great to have Webelos Scouts making buttrt so we could have homemade bread and butter. . I would also take a tiny bit of honey and let them add it to their freshly made butter. Crackers would be another choice with the homemade butter.

If anyone does this activity, please let me know how your Scouts enjoyed this. CMR1954@aol.com


Mary Yorde, Pack 867, NCAC

This idea, sent to me may give you an idea for creating a plaque that each boy can treasure for awhile as opposed to a piece of paper that the parents will probably file away. This idea was from a new den leader. She had a log cut julienne style (diagonal to make it longer top to bottom) into enough slices to do this for each of several boys. The center was cut out with a saw and sanded. Felt was used for the backing and emblem. After graduation all of the pins were added. The DL used her resources and did seven or eight of these for under $10.

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