Volume 6 Issue 9
April 2000



Den First Aid Kid
Northwest Suburban Council

A number of kits are on the market, but as a Webelos den project, you can make one for the den. The first aid kit is best pack in a waterproof container such as a plastic refrigerator box. Here are some items that can be considered standard; soap, box of adhesive bandages (assorted sizes and waterproof), adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads (small and Large), burn ointment, small scissors, tweezers, a packet of needles, safety pins, ammonia inhalant capsules, chopsticks, salt tablets, snakebite kit, poison ivy lotion, tablets for digestive upsets.

Ideas for Den Meetings
Mt Diablo Silverado Council

  • Have a joint Webelos/adult partner planning session to discuss details for the overnighter.
  • Practice putting up different kinds of tents.
  • Practice preparing a foil dinner
  • Plan a menu for three meals. Go to the grocery store and price the food.
  • Explain the Outdoor Code. Use it in a ceremony at the Pack Meeting. (Webelos Scout Book, pg 424-25)
  • Visit a local Scout camp.

Hand Washer
Mt Diablo Silverado Council

You will need: 1 large bleach bottle or milk jug; 1 bar of soap; leg of old panty hose; string and knife; 1 roll of paper towels; 1 sturdy stick and small twig.
Punch a hole in each side of the bottom of the bleach bottle or milk jug. Run a string through one hole and out of the other. Wrap each end of the string around the ends of a sturdy stick. (First slide the roll of paper towel onto the stick.) Bring ends of the string together and tie. Then hang over tree limb.

Slip the bar of soap into the toe of the panty hose. Tie to the handle of the bottle. Punch a small hole about 1 inch from the bottom and plug with a small twig. Remove the twig when in use. You may wish to tie the twig to the handle with the string so as not to lose it.

Paper Towel Holder


Paper Towels

Untwist hanger. Slip paper or roll onto straight part of hanger. Use hook on hanger to suspend from tree limb.

Knot Games
Greater Alabama Area Council-Roland B

Learning to tie various knots is a very important part of camping and outdoors skill. Here are some games to play that will help you teach knot tying and have fun too.

Giant Square Knot
Each Webelos Scout holds the free end of a 10-foot rope in his right hand. He tries to tie and tighten a square knot without letting go of the rope.

The object of this game is to snatch the ball (or other small object) off the box without being caught in the 1-foot diameter loop that's held about a foot from the ball. If the Webelos Scout tries to feint a move with his hand he will be disqualified. An 8 to 10 foot length of rope will do.

Knot Trail

Tie several pieces of rope of varying thicknesses together, using several different know (square, sheet bend, bowline, two half hitches, etc.) You may use one knot more than

Miami Valley Council

Fourth Grade Webelos display knot board with uses of knots listed below them.

Fifth Grade Webelos can set up a campsite with pup tent, cook fire laid out, and samples of homemade utensils and stoves.


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