August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 6, Issue 12

Toughen Up (Webelos Naturalist & Forester)



Two months ago I used the wrong Webelos Theme. You will find Artist and Traveler in the June issue. Naturalist and Forester should have been covered then, so I am covering them now.


Freebies to send away for

Free fact sheets on floods, drought, ground water
National Water Information Clearinghouse
432 National Center
Reston, VA 22092

Free Hands On kit
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse
Box 3048
Merrifield, VA 22116
Call 1-800-363-3732
E-mail address:

Trapper Trails Council

Ten year old boys and trees are natural companions. To these boys a tree is good for climbing, swinging from, or building a tree house. Through the Forester Activity Badge, it is hoped that the boy's appreciation for trees may be expanded.

In earning the badge, the boy may learn how trees grow, or how to identify them, or how to plant and care for them. Hopefully; he will learn how important a role they play as one of our natural resources. Careless people start 125,000 forest fires each year. The Webelos Scout should learn how to prevent becoming a part of that statistic. Later, when he becomes a Scout, the boy may wish to continue the study of trees with the Forestry Merit Badge. It is certain he will spend a lot of time in the woods, hiking, camping and adventuring. This is just the beginning of his life-long friendship with trees. He should learn not to use his knife or axe on live trees, the difference between green and dry wood, and which is best for campfires.
Tree Slide
Greater St. Louis Area Council


Art foam
Pipe cleaner

Cut a tree out of green art foam and trunk out of brown art foam. Glue trunk to bottom of tree. Decorate with paint. Glue pipe cleaner on back.

Tree Quiz
Greater St. Louis Area Council


  1. Which tree has the softest wood?
  2. Which tree is shaped like a vase?
  3. Which trees are the tallest?
  4. Which trees are the oldest?
  5. Which tree has a leaf shaped like a mitten?
  6. Which tree gives maple syrup?
  7. Which tree has paper-thin bark?
  8. Which tree is used for baseball bats?
  9. Which tree is suited to make your pencils?
  10. Which conifers lose all their needles in the fall?
  11. Which evergreens bear berries instead of cones?
  12. Which broad-leaf keeps its leaves all year?
  13. What part of the tree is used for making paper?
  14. What part of the tree gives us turpentine?
  15. Which tree is our most important lumber tree?
  16. Which trees are softwoods?
  17. Which trees are the hardwoods?
  18. Which trees are often called "Stinkweed"?
  19. Which tree is used for making matches?
  20. Which tree is used to make spools?


  1. Balsa
  2. Elm
  3. Redwood
  4. Sequoia
  5. Sassafras
  6. Sugar and Black Maple
  7. White Birch
  8. White Ash
  9. Red Cedar
  10. Larch and Bald Cypress
  11. Yew Cedar Juniper
  12. Live Oak
  13. Cellulose
  14. Long Leaf and Bobolly Pine
  15. Douglas Fir
  16. Evergreen
  17. Deciduous
  18. Ailanthus
  19. Aspens
  20. White Birch

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