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Viking Council

The Showman activity badge has something for every Webelos scout. For the natural actor there is drama, for the shy boy there is puppetry, and for every boy there is music. The aim of the badge is not to produce skilled entertainers, but to expose boys to theater and to music arts, to help them build self-confidence, and of course, to have fun.

Suggest den activities:

Invite a drama teacher to speak, put on a program for the pack meeting, make puppets, write and put on a puppet show, visit a nursing home and perform music, make a stage and costumes for a play, make some homemade band instruments - try to play a tune on them.

Getting Started
Opening Ceremony

A dramatization using four Webelos, who stand in a diagonal line at one side, facing the audience, and the Webelos Leader, who is facing the Webelos and the audience on the other side.
W.L.: David, how would you set out to do a good turn?
(David takes one step forward.)
W.L.: John, how would you get started on a camp out?
(John takes one step forward.)
W.L.: Ray, how would you start on a hike?
(Ray takes one step forward.)
W.L.: Mike, how would you start out to achieve your first activity badge?
(Mike takes one step forward.)
W.L.: Yes, it is as simple as that to make a thousand mile journey, to run a race, to learn a trade, to meet new people, to climb a mountain, to create a masterpiece, to build sky-scrapers, to design a spaceship. Yes to do anything worthwhile, there is always a first step, and it is the most difficult one to take. If you are to progress in life, or in Tigers, Cubs, Webelos, or Boy Scouting, you must first face your goal and then get started with that all important first step! (On the words FIRST STEP, all the boys take one step forward again and then salute.)

The Athenian Oath


Scout 1: We will never bring disgrace to this, our city, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice.
Scout 2: We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the city, both alone and with our companions.
Scout 3: We will revere and obey the city's laws.
Scout 4: We will try unceasingly to quicken the sense of civic duty in others.
Scout 5: In every way, we will strive to pass the city on to our sons, greater and better than it was when our fathers passed it on to us.

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