Volume 5 Issue 8
March 1999


Bay Area Council


Backyard obstacle course. You need to get some large cardboard boxes, a few chairs, and some rope. Make up an outdoors physical fitness arena using the boxes to crawl through, and chairs to crawl under. Rope off the course, leaving room for the 50-yard dash and standing long jump. You might begin by doing eight push-ups, running the 50-yard dash crawl through the boxes, do a standing long jump, crawl through the chairs, do 30 bent knee sit-ups and at the end, do a vertical jump of at least 9 inches to ring a bell at the finish line.


Take a tour of your local hospital and speak to a dietician about eating healthy. You can also visit your local exercise facility or gym and speak to a trainer about exercises that fit your age and fitness level. Remember, check out the machinery at the exercise facility to learn how to properly use it. Take care of your most important machinery - your body.


Play tail tag. Make a tail out of cloth cut approximately 18 inches long. You can have two different colors for teams. "It" has to catch all of the tails from the opposing team within a certain length of time. Or, you can have the boy who is "It" catch one of the opposing colors tail, run back and the next person on his team runs to get another one. Tails should be tucked into the back of the pants at the waist or into the back pocket. When the tail is "caught", that person should freeze in their spot until all are caught on their team.

Heart of America Council

This activity badge can be done as gathering activities for your Den while you are also working on another activity badge during the main portion of your meeting.

The boys enjoy being tested on these skills and you may want to test them several times during the year. They will like seeing the progress made as they become more proficient.

Be sure to see the: Cub Leader How to Book and the Webelos Den Activities Book for help with the badge.

Some exercise equipment that you can use with the Den can be made from such things as: old inner tubes, old tires, and screen door springs.


High School sports player, gym teacher, aerobics instructor, coach

Field Trips

  • Take in a high school, college or professional sporting event. Interview a player if permissible and ask him how important fitness is for him.
  • Visit a gym or health club. Have a professional trainer show you how to use the equipment, and how each exercise benefits you.
  • Visit a hospital physical therapy or rehabilitation center and have a health care professional explain how to use exercise to repair or recover from injury.

Den Activities

  • Check your boys out on the required exercises. Even if they can pass the requirements, have their results noted to check for improvement.
  • Have the boys construct some homemade equipment to take home and use in their exercise program.
  • Invite a serious weight lifter or one of your school's sports coaches for a guest lecture.

Activities & Projects

Mini Marathon

Measure out a 600 yd. Course (approximately 1/3 mile) around your neighborhood. Try to keep from crossing streets or climbing fences. Have the boys run against the clock.

Obstacle Course
Set up obstacle course with five of the required elements of the Athlete Badge, plus a few "fun" ones. Each requirement is assigned a station. An adult or Den Chief should be at each station to record each Scout's effort.

Station 1 - Sit ups
Station 2 - Pull Ups
Station 3 -
Standing Long Jump
Station 4 - Vertical Jump
Station 5 - 50 Yard Dash
Station 6 - Tire Run
Station 7 - Hopping on one foot

Inner Tube Muscle Builder

Discarded inner tubes make great exercise equipment. Cut an inner tube in half and loop it behind your hips, gripping the loose ends with both hands. Keep your elbows at your sides and stretch the tube forward as far as you can. Do this 8 - 10 times

If you have two inner tubes, loop both of them around an upright pole, then slip each foot through a loop of rubber. Pull against the tube, one leg at a time, with the tubes resting at just about your heels. Try this for six times with each leg to start.

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