Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


Heart of America Council

Aquanaut is a term that isn't even found in the new dictionary, but it is a part of our Webelos Scout terminology. An aquanaut might be defined as one who is at home in and on the water.

To help your boys feel at home in the water get them to play some water games. If they have any fear of water, obtain the advice of a swimming instructor. The familiarity with water will normally lead to greater proficiency in water sports, which is the aim of the requirements for the badge.

One of the main points of this badge is to teach safety rules. These rules will be found at every Scout waterfront. The rules may not particularly impress a Webelos Scout this year at the neighborhood pool where he swims daily, but next year at summer camp, their value will become apparent to him.

Rules for a Safe Swim
Heart of America Council

  1. Secure adequate facilities
  2. Teach the Buddy System
  3. Maintain good discipline
  4. Follow pool rules
  5. Teach rescue methods.
  6. Use a qualifies instructor (Check with a local troop)

Indian Nations Council


Number: 4 or more
Organization: Individual
Equipment: One or two beach balls
Area: Shallow water

This is a variation of the traditional dry-land game, which has been so popular through the ages.

All participants stand in a group in the center of the beginners' area. One player has a light beach ball, which he throws into the air. As he throws the ball he calls the name of one of the contestants. This contestant rushes to get possession of the ball, and all other players scatter as fast and as far as possible. When the player secures the ball whose name was called, he shouts "Halt!" All participants stop and stand still. The player with the ball then has an opportunity to try and hit any one of the other players by throwing the ball at him. If he hits the one at whom he is aiming, the player so hit receives one spud. When the ball strikes a player, he may try to hit someone else. The first player to receive three spuds must duck under water five times.

NOTE: The more players, the more fun. Success also depends on keeping the ball moving rapidly so that the players don't have much time to 'get set'. If things are moving slowly, use two balls.

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