Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999



Auto Reflector
Simon Kenton Council

Changing a tire at night on the side of the road can be dangerous. You need a reflector of some type to warn oncoming traffic of your car. The boys can easily make such a device.

Materials: 1/4" plywood - cut three pieces, 2" x 8"; drill; reflector tape; coat hangers.



  • Sand plywood pieces and drill a 1/4" hole in the top of each. Each reflector is made of three pieces of plywood.
  • Cut the coat hanger into 6" pieces.
  • Cut reflector tape into several 2 - 3' pieces and stick onto two of the three pieces in a diagonal pattern. Space the tapes evenly.
  • Stack the two reflectorized wood pieces on top of the other wood piece. The top holes should line up. Push a piece of coat hanger wire through the hole and wrap the ends of the hanger to form a loose loop. Tape off the ends so they won't be exposed.
  • The reflector is formed by creating a tripod with three legs. The two reflectorized legs should face traffic at night. Place the reflector about 10 yards behind vehicles to warn oncoming cars.


Field Trips
Viking Council


Arrange to visit a home under construction. Talk to the workers at the beginning of the month, and look at blueprints. Visit again at the end of the month to see the progress made in that time.


Visit a bicycle shop. Learn about the different kinds of bikes. Ask about bike maintenance. At you den meeting, take apart an old bike, then put it back together.


Viking Council


Make two sets of stilts at your den meeting, then race as teams. Be sure you have a large area to "walk" in.


Carpenter Skit
Viking Council


Two boys are taking nails out of a box. One keeps throwing nails away.


"Why are you throwing all those nails away? They are perfectly good."


"The heads are on the wrong end!"


"Silly, those nails are for the other side of the house."


Toolbox Race
Viking Council


Egg carton "toolboxes" should be prepared before the meeting. Use an assortment of bolts, screws, etc. and mix them all together in the holes.

To play the game, give each Cub an egg carton. On signal, they must organize all the items into separete compartments. The first one to sort his "toolbox: gets to take it home with him.

Talk about the necessity of organizing your w ork area at home. Look at someone's garage or shop to see ideas.



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