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Rank Requirements

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  1. Be active in your troop and patrol for at least 6 months as a Life Scout. 
  2. Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life. 
  3. Earn a total of 21 merit badges (10 more than you already have), including the following: 
  1. First Aid 
  2. Citizenship in the Community 
  3. Citizenship in the Nation 
  4. Citizenship in the World 
  5. Communications 
  6. Personal Fitness
  7. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving
  8. Environmental Science 
  9. Personal Management 
  10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
  11. Camping, and 
  12. Family Life *
  1. While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of 6 months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility: 

Boy Scout troop.

  • Patrol leader,
  • assistant senior patrol leader,
  • senior patrol leader,
  • troop guide,
  • OA troop representative,
  • den chief,
  • scribe,
  • librarian,
  • historian,
  • quartermaster,
  • junior assistant Scoutmaster,
  • chaplain aide, or
  • instructor, or
  • Venture patrol leader.

Varsity Scout team.

  • Captain, 
  • cocaptain, 
  • program manager,
  • squad leader, 
  • team secretary, 
  • OA team representative,
  • librarian, 
  • historian*
  • quartermaster, 
  • chaplain aide, 
  • instructor,  or
  • den chief.

*By an oversight, this position is not listed in the requirements, but we have been informed that it will be included in the next printing of the Eagle Application.

Venturing crew / Sea Scout ship.

  • president,
  • vice president,
  • secretary,
  • treasurer,
  • boatswain,
  • boatswain's mate,
  • yeoman,
  • purser, or
  • storekeeper
  1. While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community. (The project should benefit an organization other than Boy Scouting.) The project idea must be approved by the organization benefiting from the effort, your Scoutmaster and troop committee and  the council or district before you start. You must use the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, BSA publication No. 18-927A, in meeting this requirement.
  2. Take part in a Scoutmaster conference. 
  3. Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review.

* You must choose only one merit badge listed in items (g) and (j). If you have earned more than one of the badges listed in items (g) and (j), choose one and list the remaining badges to make your total of 21.

Note: All requirements must be completed before a candidate's 18th birthday. The eagle Scout board of review can be held after the candidate's 18th birthday. For more information, see Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, publication No. 33088B. Also see the note below.

If you have a permanent physical or mental disability, you may become an Eagle Scout by qualifying for as many required merit badges as you can and qualifying for alternative merit badges for the rest. If you seek to become an eagle Scout under this procedure, you must submit a special application to your local council service center. Your application must be approved by your council advancement committee before you can work on alternative merit badges. 

The Alternate requirements are also listed in more detail under Eagle Scout Rank - Alternate Requirements in the  Boy Scout Requirements book. (No. 33215).

NOTE:  The Application Form and the Service Project Workbook do NOT have to be completed and/or signed prior to the candidate's 18th birthday, only the REQUIREMENTS need to be done.  The top of the application form contains the following statement:

"This application is to be completed after you have completed all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank....When you have completed this application, sign it and submit it to your unit leader"

By the Scout's signature, it says:

"On my honor as a Scout/Venturer, all statements on this application are true and correct. All requirements were completed prior to my 18th birthday."

In "The 12 Steps from Life to Eagle" on the last page of the workbook, it says:

"3. It is imperative that all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank be completed prior to the candidate's 18th birthday. When all requirements except the board of review for the rank of Eagle, including the leadership service project, have been completed, the enclosed Eagle scout Rank Application must be completed and sent to the council service center promptly."

Everything says REQUIREMENTS must be completed before the deadline, and the application be completed and submitted AFTER the requirements are complete.

The unit leader DOES have to sign and date the application, and the project workbook, but that date does NOT have to be before the deadline, so long as all the dates listing when the requirements were completed is listed. The date that the Unit Leader's Conference was held is a separate entry from the leader's signature date. The signature dates in the workbook are separate from the entry for the date the project was completed.

The Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook (#18-927A) is now available for download from the
BSA website in both PDF and RTF versions
which can be used by Scouts in lieu of the printed form.
Click here to go to the BSA web site.

Mike Walton has created a PowerPoint Presentation that contains a set of worksheets that you can use to gather all of the information you will need to fill out your Application for Eagle Scout Rank Award.  To download it, Click Here.

Rick Cordray has developed a set of Microsoft Word documents that can be used to enter the data onto an Eagle Scout Rank Application (#55-728 - 1999 printing) using your computer printer. To use them, download each of these files:

BSA has a PDF version of the Eagle Scout Rank Application (No 58-728 - 2008 edition) on their site.  It can be used as the form submitted to BSA for an Eagle Scout candidate.  You may also try using that document to work with the templates Rick has provided.

Eagle Scout Rank Application (No 58-728 - 2008 edition)

To view the pdf file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the free Acrobat Reader, click on the icon below to obtain it, so you can view and print the forms.

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