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WEBELOS Badge Requirements

As revised in the 1998 edition of the Webelos Scout Book.

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As with all Cub Scout ranks, you must first earn the Bobcat Badge to be eligible to work for this award.

Also, your Webelos Den Leader will now sign off your activities (your parent or guardian does not sign off the activities as they did when you were a Wolf or Bear).

  1. Have an adult member of your family read and sign the Webelos Scout Parent Guide that comes with in this book (see pages 444-460) and sign here.
  2. Be an active member of your Webelos den for 3 months (Active means having good attendance, paying den dues, working on den projects).
  3. Know and explain the meaning of the Webelos badge.
  4. Point out and explain the three special parts of the Webelos Scout uniform. Tell when to wear the uniform and when not to wear it.
  5. Earn the Fitness activity badge and two other activity badges - one from each of two different activity badge groups.
  6. Plan and lead a flag ceremony in your den.
  7. Show that you know and understand the requirements to be a Boy Scout.
    1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith*
    2. Do two of these
      • Attend the church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious organization of your choice, talk with your religious leader about your beliefs, and tell your family and Webelos den leader about what you learned.
      • Tell how your religious beliefs fit in with the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and discuss Discuss this with your family and Webelos den leader: What what character-building traits do your beliefs and the Scout Oath and Scout Law have in common?
      • With your religious leader, list and do discuss and write down two things you think will help you draw nearer to God. Do these things.
      • Pray to God or meditate reverently each day daily as taught by your family, and by your church, synagogue, or other religious group brotherhood. Do this for at least one month.
      • Under the direction of your religious leader, do an act of service for someone else. Talk about your service with your family and Webelos den leader. Tell them how it made you feel.
      • List at least two ways in which you believe you have been a good example and lived in accordance with according to your religious beliefs.

* If you earned your faith's religious emblem when you were a Wolf or Bear Cub Scout, you must do two of the other religious requirements listed under (b).   Webelos Emblems are listed on pages 434-435.
(Note: Some faiths have more than one emblem available to Cub Scouts and webelos Scouts. If you earned a lower level  religious emblem of your faith as a Tiger Cub, Wolf , or Bear Cub Scout, you CAN earn the higher level emblem as a Webelos Scout to meet this requirement.  A list of the emblems, and the levels in which they can be earned is also listed on this site.  Click here to see it.)

� Completion of requirement (b) does not qualify a youth to receive the religious emblem of his faith.


After you've earned the Webelos badge, you can earn the compass points emblem. It is awarded after you earn seven four more activity badges, four more in addition to the three you earned for the Webelos badge. This is a total of seven activity badges. Wear your compass points emblem attached to the button on the right pocket of the Webelos uniform shirt.

After you earn the compass points emblem,   you'll receive a metal compass point for each four additional activity badges you earn. Pin these compass points on the emblem in the "E," "W," or "S" positions, in any order you choose.  

You can earn the emblem and all three compass points by completing 16 19 activity badges beyond , including the three required for the Webelos Badge.

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