General Investiture Ceremonies


(Based on a ceremony used by 1st Port Hardy Sea Scouts)

Equipment Needed:

a. twelve candles, equally spaced, set into a log
b. a large wooden Scout symbol to hold three candles, one in the top and one in each branch of the fleur-de-lys
c. one single candle in a holder
d. match or lighter and tapers
e. scripts if needed.


The room is darkened except for a single pilot candle. The person
conducting the ceremony stands behind the table on which the candle set rests.
The recruit or candidate is outside the room waiting, accompanied by a
Scouter or an older Scout.

The leader conducting the ceremony may wish to set the scene and the
importance of the Investiture before starting. The rest of the troop is in
horseshoe formation at attention.

LEADER: "Please bring the candidate forward." Candidate is brought into
the room by his escort (or Patrol Leader) and they stand in front of, and
facing the table.

LEADER: "Having fulfilled the requirements, you are now ready to be
invested into this troop and into the worldwide brotherhood of Scouting as a
Scout (Scouter).

"Before you stands a single lighted candle. It represents the spirit of
Scouting. As a Scout (Scouter) you will learn and experience more of the Scouting
spirit day by day.

"In preparing for this moment, you had to learn and understand the
meaning of the Scout Law and the Scout Promise. Repeat the Scout Law after
me and remember that the law of this troop IS the Scout Law."

LEADER: "A Scout is Trustworthy" (As each law is spoken candidate lights one
of the twelve candles and repeats the Law)

CANDIDATVE: "A Scout is Trustworthy" (lights candle)


LEADER: "You have learned this Scout Law. Do you accept this law as your code of conduct to guide you in your daily life?"


LEADER: As a Scout you are asked to do your duty to God, your
country, and your fellow men to the very best of your ability, and
to live by the Scout Law. Are you ready now too make this Promise, publicly
in front of this troop, as a sign of your sincerity?


LEADER: "In a moment I will ask you to repeat this Oath after me. As
you make your Oath you will light three candles to represent each part of
your Oath. Now will you repeat after me.. On my honor I will do my best to do my
duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law"

CANDIDATE: Repeats "On my honor I will do my best to do my
duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law." (Lights center candle on the Scout symbol)

LEADER: "To help other people at all times;"

CANDIDATE: "To help other people at all times;" (Lights second candle)

LEADER: "To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight."

CANDIDATE: "To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight." (Lights last candle)

LEADER: " We began this Investiture in darkness. With the light of these
candles, we can now see one another much more clearly. So should we all think
of our Promise and Law as it lights our path through life. (Leader now comes
around to front of table to present the Scout badge)

"I now present you with your Scout Badge to wear on your uniform. (Leader
may wish at this point to describe the significance of the badge)
Wear it with pride as a reminder that you are one of us and a member of the
Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouts."

Leader presents badges and welcomes the new Scout (Scouter) with the
Scout handshake. The Patrol Leader, or another Scouter, may now come forward
to place the group neckerchief around his neck, if appropriate, with suitable
words of welcome into the troop. Other badges and insignia may also be
presented now, or handed to candidate later.

LEADER: "Scout (Scouter) will you now turn about and face the troop."
(When candidate has turned about he continues). "Troop salute our new Scout
(Scouter)" (Troop Salutes). "Scout (Scouter) salute your troop."

The Patrol Leader would now be asked to come forward and, after offering the Scout handshake, escorts the Scout to his patrol. In the case of a Scouter, he should now be given the opportunity to take over and conclude the ceremony.

Scout Silence, during which Scouts are asked to pray each in their own way for the strength and courage to live-up to their own Oath, may be an appropriate ending for a leader's Investiture. In the case of Scouts, many troops have a tradition of giving three cheers for the new Scout but you may feel this is not an appropriate ending for this particular type of ceremony.

LEADER: "Lights up please. Troop, dismissed."

Original ceremony contributed by:

     O       ARTHUR JANZEN                             / \

    -|-      1st Port Hardy Sea Scouts              __|   |__

   \ | /     British Columbia, Canada              /*_\\ //_*\

    \|/      North Island District, Islands Region \/ ===== \/ 

~~~~~V~~~~~  District V.P. & A.D.C. Training          // \\         

BE PREPARED  e-mail:            \_/      

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