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Baloo's Bugle

July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 12

Summer Songfest
Webelos Naturalist & Forester


The Picnic
National Capital Area Council


The blanks are to be filled in with words from the following word list.  Each person or group takes turns reading one word from his list – in order – no skipping around.  The word list should be on cards so they can be reused.


Sometimes the story will make sense, but mostly it will not – but everyone will have a good time on the Picnic!


A loose tooth

An orange ghost

A tall pine

A short purple pencil

A red bedspread

Three boiled eggs

A Juicy watermelon

A swarm of bees

A used airmail stamp

A fat onion

A green crayon

Some soapy dishwater

A bald eagle

A limping dinosaur

Two snowballs

A butterfly net

A can worms

A complaining lion

A green tomato

An ice-cream stick

A cake of soap

A  beautiful earring

2 cups spaghetti sauce

A used firecracker

One large rattlesnake

Three raisins

Four hot rocks

A chicken plucker

Some Dominoes

Driver’s license

A tail light

7 pounds of feather

16 paper plates

Four sour pickles

Six plump skeletons

Two cans of dog food

A can of tar

Three petunias

A dog’s footprint

A cat’s meow

A pink steam engine

A windy day

A plaid kite

A princess phone


One fine day, two little old ladies decided to drive out of town for a picnic.  Miss Bingley loaded a basket with ___, and ___ and other tasty things.  Then, they drove off with their lunch in an old car that belonged to Miss Arbuckle.  The cap on the radiator was decorated with ___ and the holes in the roof had been patched with ___ and ___.

As they drove along, Miss Bingley pointed to the side of the road.  “Oh, look at that bush with the ___ and the ___ growing on it.”  “Let’s stop here”, said Miss Arbuckle.  They carried the basket to some shade cast by ___ and spread ___ to sit upon.  Nearby, ___ sang gaily in a tree and some low bushes had ___ and ___ growing on them.  The two friends were having a wonderful time.  “There’s nothing so delicious as ___ with mustard and relish,” said Miss Arbuckle, as she brushed the crumbs off her lap with ___.  “Yes,” sighed Miss Bingley.  “However, it is getting late.  Maybe we’d best start for home now.”

But their car refused to go.  The motor made a noise like ___ and then stopped.  “Oh, dear!” said Miss Arbuckle, looking under the hood, “I think I see ___ and ___ caught in the gears.”  “Impossible,” said Miss Bingley.  “Are you sure the tank isn’t empty?  Are you sure you put enough ___ before we left home?”  “Of course I did”, said Miss Arbuckle.  It must be the wheels.  We’ll jack them up with ___ and ___ and then replace them with ___ and ___.  She covered her dress with ___ and took ___ to loosen the bolts.  Just then a farmer drove up and asked if he could help the ladies.  “Looks like ___ in the engines,” he said, tightening a bolt with ___.  Then he stepped back and the car started.  “I just connected the ___ to the ___ which had rattled loose.”  The two old ladies gave him the rest of their ___ and ___ to show their appreciation, and drove happily home again.  



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