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Baloo's Bugle

July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 12

Summer Songfest
Webelos Naturalist & Forester


Music Pictionary
Trapper Trails Council


This game is based on the TV version.  You will need large sheets of paper or a dry erase board, some markers and a timer.  The boys are divided into two teams.  The game leader has a coin toss to see which team will go first.  One boy from the team steps up to the drawing board and is shown a musical term, name of a song, instrument, etc. to draw.  The team has 30 seconds to guess what character is being drawn.  Use of sounds or letters and words is not allowed.  If the team doing the drawing does not guess the correct word in 30 seconds the other team gets one try to guess.  The team with the most correct guesses wins.


Musical Chairs (and variations)
Trapper Trails Council


Every age likes to play musical chairs.  Try playing it with a variety of things such as musical eggs (Easter).  Musical hearts (Valentines), etc.  The game of Hot Potatoes is also fun played with music.  Where a potato is passed when the music is played and whoever has it when the music stops is out of the game.  Continue the music is played and whoever has it when the music stops is out of the game.  Continue until there is a winner.  Pass a variety of things for fun such as candy bars in this game until everyone has a different candy.  When the music is on the candy is passed, when the music stops, the candy stops.  After several rounds, and the game is over, each keeps the candy, or trinket, that he has.  More ideas include passing small presents at Christmas time, or pass a Spirit Stick and the holder is the one to answer a question, etc.


Find That Tune (Or Instrument)
Trapper Trails Council

Divide all the players into couples.  Each couple decides on a song or a musical instrument sound.  Everyone is blindfolded and mixed up.  Each couple must find his partner by ONLY making the sound of the instrument or singing the song.  The partners that find each other first are the winners.


Trapper Trails Council

Supplies:  Chairs

Form chairs into a circle with a gap in the circle and have one person stand in the gap.  Seat everyone else on the chairs.  Have everyone pick a different two-count motion that imitates the playing of a musical instrument.  For example, if someone picked the violin, he could pose as though his left hand were holding a violin tucked under his chin, and for the motion he could draw his right hand over and back, imitating the bow action.  After everyone has demonstrated his two-count motion, explain that the person standing in the gap is the maestro.  The maestro starts by waving his hand (or a conductor’s baton) in a two-count to establish the beat.  He imitates the two-count motion of someone in the circle.  The person whose motion the maestro imitated must respond with his own motion and then the two-count motion of someone else.  The play continues in this manner from one person to the next.  When someone is in the maestro position, he does not use the motion he picked since his two-count motion is now that of the maestro on the podium.  Play continues until someone misses his own turn or responds out of rhythm, or the maestro makes a mistake, this person then goes to the lowest seat, the one next to the gap.  Everyone between him and the lowest seat moves up one seat.  


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