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Baloo's Bugle

July Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 12

Summer Songfest
Webelos Naturalist & Forester


Circle 10 Council

Hints For Song Leaders

Smile at your group.  Relax.  Radiate confidence and enthusiasm, even if you don’t feel particular confident or enthusiastic.  Morale catches.

1. Tell them the name of the song they’re going to sing. Always start with a rousing, well-known warm-up number so that everybody, including you can sing with confidence.

2. Be sure to give the pitch.  Sing a few bars yourself, or have a couple of bars played if an instrument is available.

3. Start the singing with a slight upward arm motion and then a decisive downward motion (a downbeat). Begin singing yourself on the downbeat.  Don’t worry if some don’t start on the first note – they’ll join in quickly.

4. Beat time with a simple up and down motion of the arm, but make it definite and brisk.  You’re in command.

5. Control volume by raising your hands for loudness and lowering them for softness.

6. Move around a little.  Inject a little pep and personality. Keep smiling.

7. Spark enthusiasm by dividing the crowd for a song or two.  Groups can sing separately when you point to them and then all together.  Vary unison singing with occasional humming, whispering, or rhythm clapping.

8. Stop before you’re stopped.  Leave them wanting more, not glad you stopped.  


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