Baloo's Bugle

January 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 6
February 2008 Theme

Theme: Chinese New Year
Webelos: Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Cub
Requirement 4


Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!  Happy Chinese New Year,  In February we welcome the year 4706, the year of the rat, and learn about the cultures and traditions of China.  The Chinese New Year is a centuries old tradition.  Brightly colored decorations fill homes and businesses.  The Chinese New Year is a time of spreading good will to family and friends.



Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide

Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through this month’s theme are:

  •   Respectful Relationships, Cub Scouts will learn to respect the traditions and values of another culture.

  •   Family Understanding, Cub Scouts will learn the importance of tradition in family activities

  •   Fun and Adventure, Cub Scouts will enjoy exploring the games and handicrafts of another land.

The core value highlighted this month is:

  • Cooperation, Cub Scouts will learn how families work together in preparation for holiday traditions.

Can you think of others??? Hint – look in your Cub Scout Program Helps.  It lists different ones!! All the items on both lists are applicable!!  You could probably list all twelve if you thought about it!!



I was a little apprehensive this month but Brenda and Alice and some great Pow Wow books showed me how wonderful this theme can be.  .

Blue and Gold Decorations - DRAGONS, of course.  You can start your B&G with  a parade of dragons!!!!

Here is a Chinese quote that expresses why we all love working with Cub Scouts -

“If you want happiness for a lifetime - help the next generation.” – Chinese Proverb


In 2008 we enter the Year of the Rat -

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National makes a patch for every Cub Scout Monthly theme.  Unfortunately, they have not yet posted any 2008 patches so I cannot show hem to you!!!  But here are two Blue and Gold patches available from I wonder if they make special patches for your Blue and Gold Committee like the ones for the Pinewood Derby Committee


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