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Baloo's Bugle

December 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 5
January 2006 Theme

Theme: Music Magic
Webelos: Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub
Activities: Requirement #3


Six Kinds Of Peace

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

It has been said that there are six kinds of peace and that a person who is given all of these will never want for anything else - neither for health nor wealth, for love, for happiness, for beauty. 

The six kinds of peace are:

  • The peace that comes from goodwill among nations;
  • The peace that comes when neighbors help each other;
  • The peace that a man draws from nature;
  • The peace that exists within his family;
  • The peace between himself and God; and finally,
  • The peace that he finds within himself. 

To all you many friends may such peace be yours throughout the coming year, with an added measure of joy to make this holiday season the brightest and happiest ever!

Magic Of The World

Southern NJ Council

As parents, we want to show our sons the wonders of the world.  In the eyes of a child, there are not just eight wonders of the world but eight million.  We want him to be able to look at the stars, sunrise, sunset, and feel their beauty.

We want them to see a world of love, laughter, and compassion.

We want them to build strength within themselves of strong character and a sensitivity to the needs of others.

We want them to be the best they can be.

Unfortunately, no one can wave a magic wand so that they will receive these things.  We as leaders and parents must set the example to show the guidance so they may see the way to accomplish all of these things.  This is the magic; Our example and guidance.

So as we leave, let's be aware of our actions and how loudly they speak to our youth.  


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