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Baloo's Bugle

December 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 5
January 2006 Theme

Theme: Music Magic
Webelos: Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub
Activities: Requirement #3


Non-Elimination Musical Chairs

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

The object of the game is to keep everyone in the game even though chairs are systematically removed.  The music is played and more and more chairs are removed each time the music stops.  In this version, however, more and more boys team up together, sitting on parts of chairs or on each other to keep everyone in the game.  At the end, boys are perched on one chair rather than there being only one winner on one chair.

Sound Effects

Southern NJ Council

You will need: - A tape player and a tape with sounds that you have recorded

This is another game that is good at the start of a show if not all the children have arrived.  Borrow some sound effects records from your local library.  Drama clubs and filmmakers use them.  Record different sounds onto a tape leaving short breaks between each sound.  Put in some easy ones such as a dog barking and chickens clucking, but put in some hard ones as well, such as submarine noises and music boxes.  Tell the children, that you are going to play them sounds from the television and the cinema.  The first person with their hand up will get the prize if they can say what the sound is.  Tell them not to put their hand up until they are certain what the sound is.  Any age group can play this game.  A variation on this is to use the first few notes of popular songs.

Musical Hoops

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

This game is similar to Non-Elimination Musical Chairs, except it is played with hula- hoops.  You will need a hula-hoop for each player except one.  Spread the hula-hoops out onto the floor.  If there are eight players, you will need seven hoops.  Have each boy stand in a hula-hoop, then start the music and remove one hoop.  When the music stops the boys must all find a hoop to stand in.  Continue removing a hoop each time.  At the end, everyone will be trying to fit into one hoop.

Name That Tune

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Choose one boy to be the disc jockey and divide everyone else into two teams.  Place a bell in front of each team.  The disc jockey plays a few bars of a familiar song on a CD and then stops it.  The team that knows the name of the tune rings the bell and gives the answer.  If it is correct, that team gets a point.  The first team to score 10 points wins the game.

Musical Charades

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Prepare eight to ten slips of paper with names of popular songs.  Place them in a bowl.  Boys take turns pulling a song from the bowl and then must act out the title, as in the game of Charades, until someone guesses the song title.  The player who guesses the title correctly then becomes the next boy to act out a song title.  A variation could be having the boys play in teams.

Music Magic

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Choose a small object to hide.  Select one boy to be “It.”  “It” leaves the room and the object is hidden.  The rest of the group starts signing a song.  “It” hears the signing, returns and looks for the object.  As he nears the object, the group sings louder, as he moves away, they sing softer.

Music Pictionary

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

This game is based on the TV version.  You will need large sheets of paper or a dry erase board, some markers and a timer.  The boys are divided into two teams.  The game leader has a coin toss to see which team goes first.  One boy for the team steps up to the drawing board and is shown a musical term, name of a song, instrument etc. to draw.  The team has 30 seconds to guess what character is being drawn.  Use of sounds or letters and words is not allowed.  If the team doing the drawing does not guess the correct word in 30 seconds, the other team gets one try to guess.  The team with the most correct guesses wins!

Sing Down Your Neighbor

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

The first person sings the first line of a popular song then points to another boy.  The second boy must sing the second line of the song and choose another boy to sing the third line.  Anyone who fails to sing the correct line drops out of the game.  The last surviving singer wins!

Musical Parcel

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Before the den meeting, choose a small prize, such as a candy bar or small toy.  Wrap it in many different layers of paper.  The parcel is passed around from boy to boy while the music is playing.  Each time the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel takes off one of the layers of wrapping paper.  The lucky player who takes off the last wrapping gets to keep the prize.

Musical Water Balloons

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Appoint someone to be the “music” with his back to the players as he sings.  Each boy needs a water balloon.  The players stand in a circle.  When the music starts, each player throws his balloon to the boy on his left, while trying to catch the balloon from the boy on his right.  If the balloon falls to the ground, it can be picked up and used as long as it isn’t broken.  If it breaks, the game goes on with the remaining balloons.  When the music stops, the player without a balloon is eliminated.  The last boy to have a water balloon is the winner!

Lip Synch Magic

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, & Verdugo Hills Councils

Have each boy take a turn at lip-synching the words to a song.  Have the group vote on who is the most convincing “singer.”


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