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Baloo's Bugle

February 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 7
March 2006 Theme

Theme: Cubstruction
Webelos: Engineer & Athlete
Tiger Cub


Note on Word Searches, Word Games, Mazes and such – In order to make these items fit in the two column format of Baloo’s Bugle they are shrunk to a width of about 3 inches.  Your Cubs probably need bigger pictures.  You can get these by copying and pasting the picture from the Word version or clipping the picture in the Adobe (.pdf) version and then enlarging to page width.  CD


Great Salt Lake Council

Lay out a display of wood samples.  You can pick these up at most places that sell wood flooring. Label the samples 1, 2, 3 and so on.  On a piece of paper to be handed out list the different kinds of wood you have and a space to put the corresponding number.   This will give the boys an opportunity to check out the different types of wood, their textures and pattern designs.


Great Salt Lake Council

Take several different tools and list themon a piece of paper.  Then on a table have these tools set out with #’s by them.  See how well they can match themup.  Just for fun see if you can find a few old-time tools to identify.

Pinewood Derby Logic Puzzle

Great Salt Lake Council

Object: Figure out from the clues the first and last name of each boy, the color of his car, and which race he was in.

Pack 999 had just finished their Pinewood Derby race. It had been a successful night every boy really had had a hand in making his car, no one cried, no Father yelled at the Cubmaster, and very single car made it to the end of the track. 

  • Bob’s ladybug car raced just before Sam, who raced just before Smith
  • Tom and King are BYU fans and so neither one painted his car red.
  • Slade had a soccer game and so was late and raced after John
  • John and Jones made their cars together and didn’t paint them green.
  • Sam used blue spray paint.  What a mess he made!!
  • The cute yellow taxicab ran in the third race.

Answers at the end of Baloo


Baltimore Area Council

Supplies – Flip chart or large sheets of poster paper, marker

This is a simple game (a commercial version is available in stores but not needed). Boys can join in as they arrive at the den meeting.

One member from the den comes up to the den leader, who whispers a word or phrase to him.  The den member then goes back to his den and attempts to draw on a sheet of paper, what the den leader said. They are not allowed to give clues by actions, speech, or writing.  The first member of the den to guess correctly wins the point.

This could be played with several dens at once al working on the same word or phrase and seeing which den guesses it first.  Each den should have its own paper and marker.

Match Game (or Toothpick Game)

Sam Houston Area Council

 There are many match puzzles, but this one is the best.  Empty a box of ‘dead’ match sticks (or toothpicks) on to the table and invite everyone present to take eight only.  With these eight, challenge them to produce two squares and four triangles.   When the time limit is up, show them how easy it is:

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