Baloo's Bugle

May 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 10
June 2008 Theme

Theme: Go For The Gold
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub Activities


Utah National Parks Council

Props: Cubmaster can select any sport and use appropriate equipment as props throughout this ceremony.

Cubmaster: The first thing an athlete learns is the basic rules of his chosen sport.  When a Cub first enters the Pack, he learns the Bobcat Trail, which gives him the first knowledge he must know to move up the Cub Scout Path.

Will the following boys and their parents please come forward.

Present the Bobcat Awards to parents
to present to their sons.  Lead Cheer.

Asst CM:  When a boy has learned the basic rules of his game, he must work closely with a coach to begin to improve his play.  Our Tigers have worked with their Adult Partners on the Family, Den and Go See It parts of their achievements.

Will the following boys and their parents please come forward.

(Present the Tiger Awards to parents
to present to their sons.  Lead Cheer.

CM:  When a boy has learned the basic rules of his game, he then begins to practice the skills needed to play. He becomes familiar with the sports equipment. Our Wolves have worked on achievements and arrow points as they continue to develop their Cub Scout skills.

Will the following boys and their parents please come forward.

(Present the Wolf Awards to parents
to present to their sons.  Lead Cheer.

Asst CM:  The athlete is now ready to concentrate on improving his athletic skills. Our Bear is like the athlete who increases his knowledge to become more proficient in his game.

Will the following boys and their parents please come forward?

(Present the Bear Awards to parents
to present to their sons.  Lead Cheer.

CM: Once the rules have been well learned and the skills have been mastered, the athlete is now ready to advance to a higher level of skill, which involves the mental strategy used to fine tune their playing skills. Both physical and mental skills are part of the learning experience of the boys in the Webelos rank.

Will the following boys and their parents please come forward?

(Present the Webelos Activity or Rank Awards to parents
to present to their sons.  Lead Cheer.

Asst CM:  As our ceremony concludes, we recognize the progress our Cubs have made this past month. The dedicated athlete recognizes the many accomplishments he made this past month and the many abilities he has developed within himself.

CM:  He has learned the basic rules and he is dedicated to the practices that develop his ability. The mature athlete has become confident in his ability to play the game, and becomes a leader who shares his knowledge and skills with others on this team.

All these traits belong to the boys in our Pack as we see them progress from month to month and year to year. We are proud of these boys and the leaders who guide them along the Cub Scout Trail.

Lead one more cheer!!!

Advancement Ceremony
Grand Teton Council

SETTING: Cubmaster (CM) and Assistant Cubmaster (CA) in sports or exercise clothes. Sports and exercise equipment placed on stage for atmosphere.

CM:    There are many ways to step into shape. They range from personal exercise to team sports to international competition. All must be started slowly, done on a regular basis, and be challenging to the abilities.

CA:     The Cub Scout program includes physical fitness as an important part of it.  Each rank has requirements that challenge, but not overwhelm the boys according to their ages.

CM:    A good physical shape also requires a good mental shape. Stepping into shape is like stepping up the Scouting trail. They both make you look and feel better and they can both be fun. Tonight we are going to honor some boys who have begun taking those steps into shape and up the Scouting trail.

CA:      Will the following Cub Scouts and their coaches, parents, flex your muscles and step into the gym.

(Reads names of new Bobcats)

CM:    The Bobcat is like a person just beginning to get into shape; he is unsure of what to do and how to do it. However, he has made that most important first step. Parents, your sons have earned the first rank of Cub Scouts, the Bobcat, and I would like you to present their badges to them.

(Gives parents badges to give to boys.)

CA:      The next step has been taken by several boys to better their condition and advance them along the Scouting trail.

            The gym is ready to have the following Cub Scouts and their parents step up.

(Reads names of new Tigers)

CM:    These boys have gone beyond the beginning of their programs. While much is still new, they are making advancements everyday. They are following the program set up by their coaches and trainers and they have earned the second rank in Cub Scouting, the Wolf Rank. Parents, I am honored to give you these badges to present to your sons. (Gives parents badges.)

(Continue along with the Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts.)

Sam Houston Area Council

Make a tiered Olympic winner’s platform from heavy boxes and place it in the front of the audience. (Test for sturdiness ahead of time.)

CM:      In the Olympics, athletes from all around the world compete for medals.   They all DO THEIR BEST.

CA:      Today we have several Cub Scouts who have taken on the challenge of the achievements and electives for advancement. They, like the Olympic athletes, have done their best.

One at a time, call the boys who are receiving badges of rank, arrow points, and activity badges forward to stand on the top box of the winner’s platform. Parents stand on the lower boxes.

CM:      It is my pleasure to present you with your winner’s symbol. 

Awards could be fastened to gold medals hung on a ribbon. The Cubmaster gives the medals to the parents, who place them around their sons’ necks.

CA:      The important thing to remember is that anyone who does his best is a winner.  Lead a Cheer

Sam Houston Area Council

This ceremony has a great outline but it needs a little filling in – Awarding of badges to parents, cheers, and individual recognition.  Don’t forget all those good things every time you do a ceremony.  CD

Props: Stand with pegs for each rank. Barbell weights to put on pegs (not too heavy).

CM:      As men and women must train to be good athletes, our Cub Scouts must also grow in strength and ability to obtain their rank advancement. At first, athletes start by lifting weights.

CA:      Tonight we have (name of Bobcats) who have attained the Bobcat rank. We will ask them to come forward with your parents and lift this weight to the Bobcat level.

CM:      For a Scout to earn the Tiger rank, he must increase his ability by practicing and developing his Cub Scout muscles in the way that a weight lifter builds weight lifting muscles. Tonight, we have [name(s) of Tiger Scouts] who have trained to earn their Tiger rank. Please come forward with your adult partners and lift the weight to the Tiger level.

CA:      Next we have [name(s) of Wolf Scouts] who have earned the Wolf rank. They continue to grow and build their muscles as the Tigers do. Will the Wolves who have earned their Wolf rank come forward with their parents and lift our weight to the Wolf level?

CM:      Next we have [name(s) of Bear Scouts], who have earned the Bear rank. They have taken their training to the next level by learning new skills, just as an athlete will practice new exercises to gain strength. Will our Bears please come forward and lift the weight to the Bear level?

CA:      When an athlete trains, he has a goal in mind. Our Scouts also have a goal, to earn the Webelos rank. Tonight, we have [name of Webelos(s)] who have attained this goal. We ask them to come forward now with their parents and lift the weight to the next level.

CM:      Each of you has worked to develop your bodies and minds. This will help you to always do your best.


Utah National Parks Council

Props: A small baseball diamond on the floor in front of audience and the badges to be awarded.

Cubmaster: Will (names), our new Bobcats and their parents please come forward to the "on deck circle". As you are standing on the "on deck circle" you are at the beginning of the "game" just as you are at the beginning of the Cub Scout trail.

Parents, accept your son's badge. Lead Cheer

Asst CM:  Will (names), our new Tigers and their parents please come forward. Stand in the Batter’s Box. This represents you getting ready to enjoy Cub Scouting and running through the ranks (around the bases)  You worked hard with your Adult Partner in earning your Tiger badge, so keep up the good work.

Parents, here are their badges.  Lead Cheer

CM:  Will (names), our Wolf candidates and their parents please come forward. Stand on first base. This represents the first stop on your Cub Scout trail. You worked hard on earning your Wolf, so keep up the good work.

Parents, here are their badges.  Lead Cheer

Asst CM:  Will (names), our Bear candidates and their parents please come forward. Your place on our diamond is at second base. This is the second major stop along the Cub Scout trail.

Parents, here are their badges.  Lead Cheer

CM: Will (names), the Webelos and their parents please come forward. Your spot is third base. You are almost "home." Keep up the good work and you will have no problem in finishing your trail.

If using diamond Webelos Badge - You now wear a badge diamond on your shirt.

If using Oval Webelos Badge – Your Webelos badge is shaped like a Boy Scout rank badge to remind you that you are getting close to graduating

To complete that game, you need to receive your Arrow of Light. Work hard and you should succeed.

Parents, here are their badges.  Lead Cheer

If you have boys earning the Arrow of Light,
 their spot is home plate.

Utah National Parks Council

  • Have boys run a mini obstacle course and they are awarded their advancements as the cross the finish line.
  • Place awards on ribbons, and have the boys stand on a "Winner's Stand" to have their awards hung around their necks by their parents.
  • Make or purchase small trophies for the champions who have earned awards this month. Check your local thrift shop for inexpensive trophies. Paint or decorate them as desired.
  • Invite local high school or college sports star or coach to give a short inspirational talk and present awards.

Baltimore Area Council

Materials:  Scoreboard and cutouts of running figures, invisible tape, straight pins, badges.
Make the scoreboard out of poster board or shelf paper and write in the names of advancing boys.  Use the grid method to draw a running figure to the size you want; then cut out as many figures as you need. 

CUBMASTER:  You know that Cub Scouting is a lot like sports.  It’s fun, it’s full of physical activities, and you can win.  In Cub Scouting, you win by growing stronger in mind and body, and by advancing in rank.  You boys have all been winners this month.  You have advanced in rank or earned Arrow Points, or both.  Your coaches have been your parents.  In Cub Scouting we couldn’t get along without coaches.  So I want to congratulate all of you – both Cub Scouts and parents. 

Now I’ll ask each boy to show his progress by putting on the scoreboard a marker for each rank he has earned.  His parents will pin on his new badge.  (In turn, advancing boys tape on a runner for each rank they have earned and take their new badges from the board.  Parents pin the new badges on their son’s shirt.  Webelos den leaders do the same for boys who have earned activity badges and the Webelos badge.) 

We also have a Cub Scout who has earned the Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting’s highest award.  (Calls him forward with his parents.)  (boy’s name) has shown that he is ready for Boy Scouting.  He is in the ninth inning of his time in our Pack, and I’m very proud of him and the way he has progressed in the sport of Cub Scouting.  Now, (boy’s name), please fill in your ranks on our scoreboard and have your parents pin the Arrow of Light on your uniform. (They do.) 

I hope every member of the Pack gets on the scoreboard in the coming year.  It’s a great way to be a winner in Cub Scouting.

Den Promotion Ceremony
Baltimore Area Council

Many Packs will advance boys as dens.

The Tiger Cub den progresses to Wolf, the Wolf den becomes a Bear den, etc.

Line the Cub Scouts up and present the neckerchief of their new rank.  They could be plucked from a tree branch and tossed to the Cubmaster or attached to a piece of sporting equipment.  Any special guest you have at this meeting can be involved.  Other suggestions to make this a meaningful step for Cub Scouts can be found in Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs.

Scouter Jim
Great Salt Lake Council

Props:  Apparel for a Radio/TV/Internet Broadcaster, 4-6 surprise items to display about the Cub Scout(s) receiving the Arrow of Light that have been obtained ahead of time, “training” bag to put surprise items in.


The Broadcaster announces on Pack ____ TV that we have a Gold Medal Winner from the “Arrow of Light” Event. 

The Broadcaster will interview the sponsor (Cubmaster and/or Assistant Cubmaster) of the “Arrow of Light” event to explain the background (meaning) and rules (requirements) of the event.

The Broadcaster then asks the sponsor (Cubmaster) if there is anything unique about training for the “Arrow of Light” event.  The Cubmaster then talks about and displays 4-6 surprise items about the recipient(s). 

The Broadcaster then asks for interviews of the coach (Webelos Den Leader,) the parents, and the Gold Medal Winner from whom he finds out information about a service or activity the participant was involved with to be a Gold Medal Winner. 

The Cub Scout quotes either the Scout Oath or Law. 

The Cubmaster displays the award on a Gold Medal.

The Cub Scout then gives the pin to a parent, after which, a parent can present the award to the Cub Scout with a Boy Scout handshake.

The Cub Scout leads everyone in his favorite cheer!