Baloo's Bugle

May 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 10
June 2008 Theme

Theme: Go For The Gold
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub Activities


Utah National Parks Council

Characters: TV reporter, 4 Cub athletes getting ready for the Cub Olympics.


  • Frisbee for discus,
  • Pole for javelin, and cloth (rag)
  • Bag of cookies,
  • Toothbrush and basin of water on stand,
  • Fake mike for reporter (can be dressed in suit jacket and have ID for his station on his lapel in large letters)

TV reporter:  We're here today to interview the athletes at Pack _____ as they prepare for the challenge of this year’s Cub Olympics. As you can imagine, it takes months of training and hard work to get these athletes ready to compete. Let's see how they are preparing themselves for the big competition. (turns to Cub #1 with microphone) Tell me, how are you getting ready for your event in the Olympics?

Cub #1:        I'm practicing my throw for the discus event. (demonstrates how to throw discus using Frisbee)

TV reporter:  Great form! (turns to Cub #2) And you – can you tell us how you are preparing to compete?

Cub #2:        I'm polishing my javelin for the javelin throw (polishes pole with a rag.)

TV reporter:  Good luck! (turns to Cub #3) What are you doing today?

Cub #3:        I'm practicing for the standing broad jump. (does a couple of practice jumps)

TV reporter:  Fine! (turns to Cub #4) And what are you doing to train for the Olympics?

Cub #4:        I'm brushing my teeth! (uses basin of water and toothbrush --pretends to brush teeth)

TV reporter:  Brushing your teeth! What Olympic event could you possibly be training for?

Cub #4:        I'm training for the International Olympic Cookie - Eating event! (pulls out bag of cookies and stuffs some in his mouth.)

“One Step At A Time”
Grand Teton Council

CHARACTERS: “Senior” Scout (Den Chief, Denner, Webelos), Junior Scouts

SETTING: All Scouts are on stage as skit starts.

CUB 1:            When I grow up I’m going to be the world’s greatest broad jumper and jump like this (Jumps about 1 foot and falls down)

SENIOR:         Well, You’ll have to remember to take it one step at a time, one step at a time.

CUB 2:            Well, I’m going to be a high Jumper and win a gold medal like this...(jumps and falls flat)

SENIOR:          Well, just remember that you’ll have to take it one step at a time, one step at a time.

CUB 3:            Well, I’m going to be a world famous baseball player and hit homeruns like this (swings and falls)

SENIOR:         Fine, fine, but remember to take it one step at a time, one step at a time.

CUB 4:            I’m going to be the world’s best slam dunker (dribbles imaginary ball across stage and slam dunks it, falls)

SENIOR:         Sure, sure, but remember to take it one step at a time, one step at a time.

CUB 1:            Say, what are you going to be when you grow up?

SENIOR:         Why, I’m going to be the greatest marathon runner that ever lived’ (Turns and starts to walk away, but trips over shoe lace)


Muscle Building Champs
Grand Teton Council

Characters: 6 boys in uniform, holding props as described below.

Setting: All boys come on stage and speak their lines.

ALL TOGETHER: We excel in building muscles

We’re champs at that, you see;

Just listen to our stories

And I’m sure you will agree.

(Each boy steps forward as it becomes his turn to speak.)

  • I hold the title of strongest in my den,
    Do you suppose it’s because of my friend?

(Holds up toy skunk, other boys hold their noses.)

  • I’m known as the den’s muscle man this year,
    Most of my muscle is between my ears.

(Pulls out small hat from behind his back and
tries desperately to fit it on his head.)

  • I hold the title of the fastest of all,
    I’m first in line for the chow basket call.

(Pulls out bag of cookies and begins eating.)

  • I’m known as the champion of the high jump,
    One time I missed and got a big lump.

(Rubs head, with painful expression on face.)

  • To keep in shape, I exercise each day,
    I wonder why my muscles turned out this way.

(Removes sweat shirt to show
colorful padding on arms and legs.)

  • I’m a champ at making things disappear, you see
    Watch us all disappear, as I count to three.

(He counts slowly 1 — 2 — as curtain closes.)

Sam Houston Area Council
This could also be an opening or closing ceremony

Materials: Large cards with the letters S P O R T S M A N S H I P. You’ll need the Cubmaster and 13 Cub Scouts, each with one letter.  Cards could also have an appropriate picture on front and the words on back in LARGE print.

As the Cubmaster reads the letters, the boys show their cards and then continue to hold them up for the rest of the ceremony.

Cubmaster:      Whenever we compete in a sports event, we need to remember something very important. We’ll do it with a spelling lesson.

Cubmaster then calls out each letter in turn,
After calling a letter CM waits for the Cub to say his part.

  • S is for smiling, even if you hurt inside.
  • P is for pardoning parents who may show poor manners. 
  • O is for oozing enthusiasm for you and your fellow den members. 
  • R is for respecting the feelings of other Cub Scouts.
  • T is for trying your best and
  • S is for being satisfied with yourself
  • M is for mastering self-control.
  • A is for anger, which has no place in our meetings.
  • N is for noticing that sometimes only one can win.
  • S is for success in doing your best.
  • H is for hushing boastful words.
  • I is for inspiring us to congratulate the winner.
  • P is for playing for fun.

Cubmaster:       Let us remember the word “Sportsmanship” as we “Go for the Gold” during our Olympics tonight.

Gold is Where Ya Find It
Great Salt Lake Council

Props-        Pie tins, old flannel shirts, old hats, maybe a shovel, a large gold cardboard heart with double-stick tape on one side! 

Set Up:        All boys put on old shirts and hats except for one that stays in full uniform.

One boy dressed in a flannel shirt comes out on stage and uses the pie tin as if panning for gold.

After a moment, another walks out and asks, “Hey, Find any gold?”

The reply is “NO!” and the second boy bends down and begins to pan as well.

This continues for each boy in your den, till you get to the last one (The one in uniform).

The Cub in uniform comes out and asks “Hi, have you guys found any Gold yet?”

The reply from all this boys is “NO!”

With that, the ‘Scout’ says: “Well Maybe you are looking in the wrong place!”

With that, he goes and gets the Cubmaster and brings him to the group. 

The Cub puts the gold heart on the Cubmaster’s chest and all the boys shout: “Your right!  Gold is where you find it!”