Baloo's Bugle

September 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 2
October 2008 Theme

Theme: Adventures in Books
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
Tiger Cub
Achievement 5


D. E. A. R. Time

(D. E. A. R. Time = Drop Everything And Read Time)

Sam Houston Area Council

Cast -         A group of Scouts; two with speaking parts

Props Ė      Books for all of the Scouts, binoculars,
A few chairs,
Scout #2 has a pen and paper in his pocket

Set Up -      Group of Scouts is visiting, holding books at their side (except Scout #2 Ė he has a pair of binoculars around his neck Ė however he should have a book for later in the skit)

Cub #1       (Looks at watch, then announces to all)  It is now DEAR time.

All Cubs Ė except Cub #2 -
 sit down somewhere and start to read

Cub #2       lifts the binoculars and starts looking around.

Cub #1       notices that Cub #2 is not reading,
 but peering through binoculars

Cub #1:     [to Cub #2] What are you doing?

Cub #2:     Iím looking for deer Ė you said it was deer time, right?

Cub #1:     Yes, I said it was dear time, but I didnít mean deer spelled D-E-E-R.

Cub #2:     You didnít? How do you spell it?

Cub #1:     D-E-A-R

Cub #2      pulls out some paper and a pencil/pen and
sits down and starts to write on the paper

Cub #1      notices that Cub #2 isnít reading

Cub #1:     What are you doing now?

Cub #2:     You said it was dear time, D-E-A-R time, so Iím writing a letter to my grandmother... ďDear Grandma...Ē

Cub #1:     Thatís not what dear time is either. D-E-A-R time doesnít mean itís time to write a letter!

Cub #2:     Oh. So, what does it mean?

All Cubs:   (in unison and loudly while looking at Cub #2) Drop Everything And Read!!!

Cub #2      drops his pen and paper, grabs a book from nearby and joins the other Cubs reading

Davy Crockett Skit

Heart of America Council

Characters: Announcer, 6 Cub Scouts in Davy Crockett costumes, 7th Cub Scout in dress clothes or Cub Scout uniform wearing a coonskin cap

Announcer: Tonight we bring you the story of a famous American, Davy Crockettóa brave, powerful man. Raised in the Woods of green Tennessee, he soon learned to know and name every tree

Cub Scout #1:      He learned to know the critters, from the possum to the bear.  Wait until you hear what he did with just a stare!

Cub Scout #2:      He scared a coon right out of a tree with just a grin and a big old stare.  He tried it on a bear, but the bear just wouldn't scare.  So he challenged him to a fist fight and won it fair and square!

Cub Scout #3:      A streak of lightning Davy mounted; all the stars he named and counted.  He caught the tail of a passing comet, and put a piece of sunrise in his pocket.

Cub Scout #4:      Davy was caught between a panther and a bear so you see he couldn't use just a simple stare.  He aimed Ol' Betsy at a rock between the two ó The bullet split that rock and left a trail of blazing blue.  One piece of rock killed the panther, the other demolished the bear.  A mighty combinationóOl' Betsy and Davy's stare

Cub Scout #5:      Davy was a fighter, honest, brave, and true.  But fighting it was told to me, always made him blue.  A treaty was signed Davy helped to make the peace.  And in that land, fighting did cease.

Cub Scout #6:      This is a fine country. It's worth fighting for.  Guess I'll head for the fort called Alamo, where the Texans are fighting for liberty.

Cub Scout #7:      Folks liked Davy's way of doing things. They thought Davy ought to be a Congressman and help run the country. The critters seemed to think so too. Even the crickets chirped "Crockett for Congress! Crockett for Congress!"

Cub Scout #8:      In the nation's capitol, Congressman made a speech: "I'm Davy Crockett, fresh from the back woods. I'm half horse, half alligator, and a little bit tetched with snapping turtle. I got the fastest horse, the prettiest sister, the surest rifle, and the ugliest dog in Tennessee."

If time allows and the boys know the song, have them sing "The Ballad of Davy Crockett.  Or make them copies, it is in this issue of Baloo.  CD

The Case Of The Missing Reader!

Sam Houston Area Council

(Adapted from a skit used in the Summer Reading Program from the State of Idaho)


Sherlock Holmes

The Book Bandit

From SHAC - Perhaps best if played by adults - e.g. Cubmaster and Pack Committee Chair or several Den Leaders or Pack Committee members.


         Sherlock Holmes costume, magnifying glass,

         Book Bandit costume,

         Bag for Sherlock Holmes with items not normally carried around, silly picture (drawing) of Book Bandit, book - ďThe Case of the Missing Readers!Ē (make your own cover)

Book Bandit enters room carrying book, quickly glances around, opens door and peeks out, closes door and runs in the room. Says to audience...

Book Bandit: Shhhhh! Where can I hide? Ah! Over there! [to audience] Now nobodyís seen me Ė got that?
[Sits at a table and whispers to person next to her to keep passing the book on discretely through the audience]

[Sherlock Holmes enters room walking with one hand behind back Ė examines things in room with magnifying glass Ė then walks hunched over looking in magnifying glass, searching for clues, picking up things, saying hmmmm, very interesting. Looks closely at someoneís face with magnifying glass, looks surprised and jumps and then says to audience. . . ]

Sherlock: Oh! There you are! I wonder if you could help me. Iím working on a very important case, the case of the missing readers. The last thing I remember was I was sitting at my desk. When I woke up, my head was missing and there was a nasty bump on my book! No, no wait, [feel for head] that canít be right! My book was missing Ė yes, thatís it! And I noticed a nasty bump on my head!

            Well, Iíve been searching for clues and gathering evidence. Iím now text messaging the fingerprints I found on the chair to police headquarters on my handy mag/pod/cam/private eye/tooth brush cell phone [mimic text messaging Ė use thumbs] Oh itís ringing!

Sherlock: [gasp!] Hello? Whatís that? The fingerprints belong to the Book Bandit? What? Someone spotted him running into the Pack Meeting carrying a large book? Aha! That means he canít be far away!

Sherlock: [to audience] Headquarters just notified me that the notorious Book Bandit is somewhere in this room! Fortunately, I just happen to have a police sketch of the Book Bandit in my bag. [pulls out something in bag] Oh no, thatís not it, here it is [pulls out something else in bag - shows audience] He looks just like this... [keeps looking in bag] No no! Thatís not right! I know Iíve got it somewhere! Here it is! [show silly drawing of Book Bandit]

            He looks just like this [hold up drawing] Has anyone seen him? [ignore audience]

Book Bandit: Shhhhh! [mimics making a call on cell phone Ė loud whisper sounds]

Sherlock: [answers magnifying glass] What? Speak up, I canít hear you! What? You canít speak up because youíre in a library? What that you say? You have it in good authority that the Book Bandit is at the Pack Meeting. What? The Book Bandit is in the Kalamazoo Public Library? Who is this? Hello? Hello?

Book Bandit hides behind Sherlock Holmes and follows  Sherlock around as Sherlock paces in circles.

Sherlock: Who was that? Let me check the caller ID. Aha! The Book Bandit! Heís not in the Kalamazoo Public Library! He IS right here in this room! Iím sure of it! But where?

Sherlock Holmes looks under his/her legs, BB bows his/her legs. Sherlock walks in straight line with BB behind him/her walking just like Holmes Ė showing off to audience doesnít see when Holmes turns and catches him/her

Sherlock: AHA! Iíve caught you, you scoundrel! Now hand over my book!

BB:     What book?

Sherlock: The Case of the Missing Readers! You must return my book at once or you will spend the rest of your days in lock-down with Thing 1 and Thing 2!

BB:     No! Boo Hoo! Not Thing 1 and Thing 2! I only took your book Ďcause I wanted to see how the story ends! My book was overdue Boo hoo hoo!! I just love reading too much!

Sherlock: Well, hmmm, you see, I love reading too. Maybe we can work out a deal.

You return the evidence, and help me solve the case of the missing readers, and I wonít put you in lock down with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

BB:     OK, I promise I wonít steal any more books! Iíll just borrow yours Ė uh Ė I mean Ė Iíll just borrow books from the library.

Cell phone rings

Sherlock: Hello? Headquarters? Whatís that? Whoever returns the evidence Ė my book Ė the case of the missing readers will receive a special commendation from headquarters and a reward? Ask audience if anyone knows where the book is.

Give detective badge and invisible ink
to child who returns book

BB:     [looks inside book] Hey! I solved the case of the missing readers! [point to audience] Theyíre right here!


The Unknown Legend

Heart of America Council

Scene: A group of boys standing around.

Cub Scout #1:         I hear the unknown legend is coming.

Cub Scout #2:         Have you seen him?

Cub Scout #3:         No.

Cub Scout #4:         Couldnít be as strong as Paul Bunyan.

Cub Scout #5:         Nor as courageous as Casey Jones.

Cub Scout #6:         Couldnít be as good a shot as Pecos Bill.

Cub Scout #7:         Oh yeah? Heís more than all those folk heroes put together!

All Together:       Here he comes!

Out walks a Cub Scout, flexing muscles and grinning. (Curtains close/boys exit.)


Great Salt Lake Council

You will need at least two boys. You can have several boys running in and out together and taking turns saying the servant lines.  Other boys can be fanning Alibaba or acting as props, like chairs tables, or pots.

Alibaba      (standing tall and strong in center stage as curtain opens)

Servant      (approaches excitedly): Alibaba, Alibaba! How can I become as tall and strong as you are?

Alibaba      (rubbing chin): Hmmm. Let me think. OK. Go rub oil over your entire body every day for two weeks.

Servant:     OK. (walks off stage)

Servant      (walks on stage crouched down bending knees): Alibaba, Alibaba! It didnít work! Now Iím even shorter.

Alibaba:    Hmmm....Let me think. Go rub oil over your entire body for another two weeks.

Servant:     OK. (walks off stage)

Servant      (walks on stage crouched all the way down to floor-ankle level): Alibaba, Alibaba! Now I am even shorter!

Alibaba      (rubbing chin): Hmmm....Did you rub oil all over your entire body for four weeks?

Servant:     Yes.

Alibaba:    Hmmm. What kind of oil did you use?

Servant:     Crisco.

Alibaba:    Crisco? Oh that's the problem - Thatís not oil! Thatís shortening!!!



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