Baloo's Bugle

September 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 2
October 2008 Theme

Theme: Adventures in Books
Webelos: Citizen and Showman
Tiger Cub
Achievement 5



Alice, Golden Empire Council

·         Bookworm Applause: Open up your imaginary book and make the motion of grabbing food with your fingers – the say loudly “Yum! Yum!”

·         Librarian’s Applause:  “Read quietly please!”

·         Author’s applause:  Who? What? Where? Why? When?

·         Author’s Applause #2:  Make a motion of typing at computer, then make a big sigh and say “At last – THE END!”

·         Bookmark Applause:  Open your “book” (palms held out open), then insert your “bookmark” and fold your “book” shut while saying loudly, “Mark It, Mark It!!”

Great Salt Lake Council

Slamming Book - Open book making creaky sounds, then turn pages and slam shut.

The Page Turner – Open up your book; very quickly shake your head left to right as you pretend to turn pages quickly.

Capital Area Council

Zorro Cheer - Put on mask, hat, and cape, pull out sword, draw “Z” in the air while saying, “Zorro to the rescue!”

Lone Ranger Cheer - Raising hand above head, call out: Hi Yo Silver, Away!”

Paul Bunyan Cheer - Get an ax ready, take one chop saying, “Thwack!”  Then in as deep a voice as possible, call out, “Timber!”

Tarzan Cheer - Take hold of hanging vine, do Tarzan yell.

Southern NJ Council

Paul Bunyan Cheer

Split audience into two groups

One group yells "Chip," The other group yells "Chop."

Have them alternate going "Chip Chop" 3 or 4 times.

Then all yell "Timber"

George Washington:
That was great!  I cannot tell a lie.

Abe Lincoln:
That was great-honest!

Heart of America Council

Hardy Boys Applause: Holding magnifying glass say, “It’s a clue!”

Batman Applause:         Robin, to the bat-mobile!

Zorro Applause 2:         Make “Z” in air with imaginary sword while making appropriate sounds.


Sam Houston Area Council

Night School

(Dim lights)

Cub #1: (wanders through, reading a book)

Cub #2: What are you doing?

Cub #1: Reading a book.

Cub #2: It’s kinda dark out.

Cub #1: That’s all right. I went to night school.

Knock Knock

Webelos Scout #1: [carrying some books] Knock, Knock

Webelos Scout #2: Who's there?

Webelos Scout #1: Carrie

Webelos Scout #2: Carrie who?

Webelos Scout #1: Carry my books please.

Knock, Knocks

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Librarian:      Knock, knock.

Cub Scout:    Who's there?

Librarian:      Winnie.

Cub Scout:    Winnie who?

Librarian:      Winnie you going to bring back that
overdue book, hmm?

Librarian:      Knock, knock.

Cub Scout:    Who's there?

Librarian:      Winnie Thupp.

Cub Scout:    Winnie Thupp who?

Librarian:      He's in the juvenile fiction,
and so is Piglet!

Hungry Dog

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Cub Scout:    "My dog tried to eat my library book."

Librarian:      "What did you do?"

Cub Scout:    "I took the words right out of his mouth."

Southern NJ Council

Cub Scout #1:      Bet you didn't know Davy Crockett had three ears.

Cub Scout #2:      Three?

Cub Scout #1:      A right ear, a left ear, and a wild frontier.

Cub Scout #1:         Why did Johnny Appleseed quit planting apple trees?

Cub Scout #2:         To give the medical profession a break.


Great Salt Lake Council

Cub Scout 1:    Why couldn’t the bookworm eat any more?

Cub Scout 2:    He was out of words.


Cub Scout 1:    Which two words have the most letters in them?

Cub Scout 2:    Post Office.

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Q:    Why did the librarian slip and fall on the library floor?
A:    Because he was in the non-friction section.

Q.    Why was the T-Rex afraid to go to the library?

A:    Because his books were 60 million years overdue.

Q.    Why is that library book you're trying to find always in the last place you look?

A.    Because once you find it, you stop looking.

Q.    If a student goes to a seven-story library and checks out seven books, how many are left?

A.    None. The library only had seven stories!

Q.    Where does a librarian sleep?

A.    Between the covers.

Q.    When librarians go fishing, what do they use for bait?

A.    Bookworms, of course.

Q.    Does a librarian eat from a bowl or a plate?

A.    A bookplate, of course. 

Don't know what a bookplate is??  See item about making bookplates in Pack and Den Activities.  CD

Heart of America Council

Which shoe do you put on first?

The right one. The other one is always left.

Can you drop a full glass and spill no water?

Yes, when the glass is filled with milk.


What can you hold without touching it?

A conversation.

(My wife, CC Donna says - Your Breath)

What color is rain?


Sam Houston Area Council

Tallest Building

Cub #1: What is the tallest building in the world?

Cub #2: The library of course, it has the most stories!


Cub #1: Why did the book join the police department?

Cub #2: Answer: So he could work undercover.


Cub #1: Here on earth it is always true that a day follows a day. But there is a place where yesterday always follows today. What place is that?

Cub #1: The dictionary!

Longest Word

Cub #1: What is the longest word in the English language?

Cub #1: Smiles (There's a mile between the first and last letter.)

What Book?

Cub #1: What book was once owned by only the wealthy, but now nearly everyone can have it? You can't buy it in a bookstore or take it from a library.

Cub #1: A telephone book.

Talking Books

Cub #1: What did one math book say to the other math book?

Cub #1: I have a lot of problems!


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