Baloo's Bugle

December 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 5
January 2008 Theme

Theme: A-MAZE-ing GAMES
Webelos: Fitness and Scientist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 3


The Value of Games

Catalina Council

Materials: Four signs for Cubs to hold with Honesty, Perseverance, Positive Attitude, and Resourcefulness written on them.

Set up: The four Cubs with the signs stand out of sight (in the audience, behind the curtain, on the side lines). The Cubmaster (CM) and Assistant Cubmaster (CA) or two other leaders are up front having a discussion. The CM has a newspaper and a pen.

CM         Boy, this crossword sure is tough today. I could sure use some help. (Calls CA), can you help me finish this before the meeting starts?

CA          Sure, I love doing crosswords. Maybe the Cubs can help, too

CM         Okay, lets go. I need a seven-letter word that means, “telling the truth and being worthy of trust.”

Cub #1   (Comes on stage) I know, I know, it is Honesty (shows his sign to audience)

CM         You are right! (Cub goes to center stage, continues to hold his sign up)

CA          Now number 7 down is a 12-letter word meaning, “sticking with something, and not giving up, even if it is difficult.”

Cub #2   (Come on stage) How about Perseverance? (shows his sign to audience)

CA          You are right! (Cub #2 joins Cub #1 at center stage, both hold their signs up)

CM         Now number 5 across is 2 words meaning, “Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations.”

Cub #3   (Comes on stage) Is it Positive Attitude?

CM         Right again! (Cub #3 joins others, all hold their signs up)

CA          Now number 2 down is a 15 letter word meaning, “Using human and other resources to their fullest.”

Cub #4   (Comes on stage) Resourcefulness!!

CA          WOW! These Cubs sure are smart. (Cub #4 joins others, all hold their signs up)

CM                         Yes, and isn’t it amazing what they can learn playing games! (Point to the signs)


Got Game?

Sam Houston Area Council

Setting –6 Cub Scouts, each with a verse, holding up a different game, or showing the skill.  Print their parts in LARGE letters.  Cub #6 Could be an adult leader.

Cub # 1:      I like board games that make you think.
I like to strategize.

Cub # 2:      I like running games to show my speed.
I have to use my eyes.

Cub # 3:      I like puzzles, marbles, and playing "Go Fish"
I can play them with a friend.

Cub # 4:      I like games that we make up on the spot.
I like to pretend.

Cub # 5:      There are so many different types of games to play, we can find one that interests every Scout.

Cub # 6:      Let’s get started playing, but first let’s stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

A “Maze” of Possibilities Opening

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Props:  Pictures for each Scout to hold up, with their part written in LARGE letters on the back.  Photos of different mazes are available at  ; scroll down to Life Size Mazes to see pictures.

Narrator: We have been learning about mazes this past month, and we’d like to share what we’ve learned with you.

Cub # 1:      We learned that a maze “hides” your destination from you.  There are lots of possible paths. Sometimes, they use walls made of corn!  (shows picture of a corn maze)

Cub # 2:      Other mazes have been made using fences, hedges or even mirrors.  (holds up a picture of a maze not made of corn)

Cub # 3:      A maze makes you think about solving problems – you have to remember where you have been to find your way out!  (holds up a picture of a boy with a “light bulb” idea)

Cub # 4:      We also learned about labyrinths – people use them to meditate or think creatively.  You can see where you’re going and walk a definite path to the center. (holds up a picture of a labyrinth)

Cub # 5:      Some of  the oldest labyrinths were made out of tile in the Middle Ages.  They are sometimes found in churches.  (holds up a picture of a labyrinth)

Cub # 6:      Some labyrinths are made in sand, or snow, or using sod or bricks.  We even made one out of chalk!  (holds up a picture)

Narrator: As you can see, mazes and labyrinths come in many different materials and sizes.  We discovered there are lots of possibilities!  As Scouts, we are also discovering the many possibilities, the many different paths we can take – especially in a free land like the United States!  Please join us now as we honor our flag with the Pledge to Allegiance.



Sam Houston Area Council

Setting –    Cubmaster (CM), 8 Cub Scouts, letters that spell D-I-S-C-O-V-E-R with the appropriate verse on the back in LARGE print.

Scene –      8 Cub Scouts in a line, or let them take turns entering the stage area and exclaiming their verse. Have them stay on "stage" (by the Cubmaster) after each finishes his turn.

Have each Cub say his letter loud and strong and then the words.  Don't say "D is for …" 
Say "
Dee - Destination Fun!"

Cub # 1:      D Destination fun!

Cub # 2:      I Imagination!

Cub # 3:      S Silly things to do!

Cub # 4:      C Character counts!

Cub # 5:      O Original thinking!

Cub # 6:      V Versatile activities!

Cub # 7:      E Everyone can play!

Cub # 8:      R Ready or not, our pack meeting is starting!

CM             With our theme of Amazing Games, I think our Cub Scouts have just told us what they expect to “discover” during our pack meeting. We are in for a treat! To get us started, please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Imagine Ceremony

Catalina Council

Preparation -6 signs with a big question mark on the front and the parts on the back in LARGE print, 7 Cub Scouts

Cub # 1:      Imagine what the world would be like without Cub Scouts.

Cub # 2:      Imagine what the world would be like without gravity.

Cub # 3:      Imagine what life would be in the future.

Cub # 4:      Imagine what the world would be like without cars and trucks.

Cub # 5:      Imagine what the world would be like without computers.

Cub # 6:      Imagine what the United States would be like without our freedom?

Cub # 7:      (Pause for a minute for reflection) Please join me in pledging allegiance to that freedom.


Catalina Council

Boys Line Up across the front of the room in order and each in turn reads their part.

Cub # 1:      G - Games are fun and teach us a lot.

Cub # 2:      A - Active Games or Board Games, they  are all fun for us.

Cub # 3:      M - Monopoly, Checkers, Tag, Relays, Chess

Cub # 4:      E - Each must take turns and be patient between.

Cub # 5:      S - Sportsmanship is a lesson learned.

CM:           Now please join us in the Cub Scout Promise.


Who Wants To Play?

Catalina Council

Cast:      6 boys (or 5 boys and a adult)

First 5 boys - Each walks across the front (one at a time) holding up a game in a box for all to see.

6th boy  - walks across the front and says, “Games are Amazing! Wanna Play?”

Cubmaster: Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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