Baloo's Bugle

December 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 5
January 2008 Theme

Theme: A-MAZE-ing GAMES
Webelos: Fitness and Scientist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 3



Catalina Council

Golf   Shout "FORE" and pretend to hit the ball, place hand over above eyes to follow where the ball went.

Great Job             Have one half of the audience say,
"Great" and the other half say, "Going."
Alternate sideS.

Home Run            Simulate swinging a bat, then shade your eyes with your hands and yell, "Thar she goes."

Javelin Hold hand as if close over a javelin, raise arm above shoulder and pretend to throw the javelin forward, wait a couple of seconds and say "Thud".

Pole Vault            Stand two fingers of one hand on the other arm like legs. Have them run down the arm to the wrist and then leap into the air, as the hand comes down, CLAP!


Read the Mind of a Grown Up!

Sam Houston Area Council

Find a parent and ask him or her the following questions –

1.       Think of some country that starts with “D.”
Don’t tell me what it is.

2.       Take the last letter of that country and think of any animal that starts with it. Again, don’t tell me what it is.

3.       Take the last letter of that animal and think of a fruit that starts with it. Don’t say anything, just think.

4.       Tell him or her that s/he is thinking about an “orange.”

Catalina Council

Cub 1:       You want to hear something funny? My sister thinks a football coach has four wheels.

Cub 2:       Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! How many does it have?

Cub 1:       Speaking of baseball, I have something here that can run but can’t walk.

Cub 2:       What is it?

Cub 1:       Water.

Cub 1:        What do baseball players eat on?

Cub 2:        Home plates!

Tiger Cub:           What’s the quietest sport in the world?

Den Leader:         I don’t know.

Tiger Cub:           Bowling. You can hear a pin drop.

Dad 1:        I hear your son is on the football team. What position does he play?

Dad 2:        I think he’s one of the drawbacks.

Teacher:   Class, what has eighteen legs and catches flies?

Student:     A baseball team?

The Shoe

Catalina Council

Equipment: Two people, one wearing only one tennis shoe.

Preparation: Decide who will wear the one shoe, practice Action:

Cub #1      Is wearing only one shoe is looking around looking underneath and behind things.

Cub #2:     Did you lose a tennis shoe?

Cub #1:     No, I found one!


Driving Riddles:

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Q         Let’s say you drive a bus from Atlanta to Dallas. 
Twenty four passengers start out the trip. 
At the first stop, five people get off and two get on. 
At the next stop 3 people get on and 1 gets off. 
At the 3rd stop, 10 people get off and 5 people get on. 
At the next stop, 6 people get off and 1 gets on. 
What is the name of the driver?

A:        YOU are the driver.

Q         You are riding a horse.
In front of you there is a fire engine.
You are being followed by a helicopter.
To your left a sports car is driving.
And to your right there is a big ditch. 
How can you make sure everyone stops at the same time without crashing?  

A:        Just tell the man running the Merry-go-Round to shut it off carefully!


Sam Houston Area Council

Cub #1:      What does a jigsaw puzzle do after a bad day?
Cub #2:      It tries to pick up the pieces!

Cub #1:      How many sides does a sphere have?
Cub #2:      Two – an in-SIDE and an out-SIDE!


Who’s there?


Ease who?

Ease up to his old tricks!


Who’s there?


Midas who?

Midas well play another game!

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Q:        While building a pinewood derby track, what kind of nails did the carpenter hate to hit?

A:        Fingernails  

Q:        How do you know when someone is an optimist?

A:        When they do a maze with a pen!

Q:        Here’s a puzzle for you – what can you add to a pail that makes it weigh less?

A:        A hole!

Q:        I know a word of letters three.
Add two and fewer there will be.
What is the word?

A:        Few!



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