Baloo's Bugle

December 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 5
January 2008 Theme

Theme: A-MAZE-ing GAMES
Webelos: Fitness and Scientist
Tiger Cub
Achievement 3


Scout Scrabble

Sam Houston Area Council

Materials – Many large cards with large letters written on them for Cub Scouts to hold up (this could be a den meeting project). See skit for the letters needed in the words...

Cubmaster: Tonight we’re going to help some letters play a big game of Scrabble – except instead of words we’ll be putting together words and phrases. We have some letters here. (6 Scouts enter holding big letter signs for the first word, all in a jumbled mess)

Announcer: And our first word is ....

(The Scouts holding the letters for SCOUTS come out all scrambled up – could be TSCSUO).

Hopefully, someone will answer correctly...
If not, the Cubmaster can give a hint...                                                                                            
"These boys are Cub ____. "

        When the answer is given,
the boys line up their letters in the correct order.

Cubmaster: Our next phrase, yes – we’re getting a little harder – is the following...

(The Scouts holding the letters for DO YOUR BEST come out all scrambled up – could be OD RYUO STBE)

Hopefully, someone will answer correctly...
if not, the Cubmaster can give a hint...
"This is the Cub Scout Motto."

        When the answer is given, the Scouts line up their letters in the correct order.

Announcer: Now, our next phrase is a riddle of sorts –

(The Scouts holding the letters for THE EYES come out – though not scrambled...)

Cubmaster now asks... what phrase can we make out of these same letters that describes this same thing?

(Somebody can sing the Jeopardy theme...)

(Now... have the same Scouts holding the letters lined up move out of “THE EYES” formation into “THEY SEE”)

Cubmaster: Ah, they see! I wonder what they see? I bet they see a great group of Cub Scouts doing their best!

Sportsmanship Skit

Catalina Council

This would also make a great opening.  CD

Set Up:   Make large cards with the following letters-S-P-O-R-T-S-M-A-N-S-H-I-P on front and the words on back in LARGE print..

Cast:      You’ll need the Cubmaster (CM) and 13 Cub Scouts, each with one letter.

Start:     As the Cubmaster reads the letters the boys show their cards, read the words for their letter off the back, and hold them up for the rest of the ceremony.

CM:           At the start of a baseball game, the announcer yells, “Play Ball!” Very soon, we will be saying that for our games here at our Pack Show tonight. But before that, 13 Cub Scouts and I would like to remind you of something very important. We’ll do it with a little spelling lesson:

Cub # 1:      S – is for smiling, even if you hurt inside.

Cub # 2:      P – is for pardoning parents who may show poor manners.

Cub # 3:      O – is for oozing enthusiasm for your team and your fellow Den members.

Cub # 4:      R – is for respecting the feelings of other Cub Scouts.

Cub # 5:      T – is for trying your best and (next letter) is for being satisfied with yourself.

Cub # 6:      S -is for Satisfaction guaranteed

Cub # 7:      M – is for mastering self-control.

Cub # 8:      A – is for anger, which has no place in our meetings.

Cub # 9:      N – is for noticing that only one can win.

Cub # 10:  S – is for success in doing your best.

Cub # 11:  H – is for hushing boastful words.

Cub # 12:  I – is for inspiring us to congratulate the winner.

Cub # 13:  P – is for playing the games for fun.

CM:            Let us remember that word ‘Sportsmanship’ during Game Night at our Pack Show tonight.

The Football Game

Catalina Council

A group of boys are discussing a football game. Insert the name of local schools or favorite pro teams in the blanks.

Cub # 1:      I sure hope that the __________ win.

Cub # 2:      Well, I’m sure that the _________ will win.

Cub # 3:      Why, the _________ will beat ‘em 40 to nothin’.

Cub # 4:      I can tell you the score of the game before it starts.

All               Others: Oh yeah? How can you?
You’re not psychic, are you?

Cub #4:      The score of the game before it starts? It’s nothin’ to nothin’ of course.

(Others chase him off stage.)

Harlem Globetrotters

Catalina Council

Three Scouts are doing laundry. Each is sitting behind a bucket that holds his “laundry”. Two of the buckets realty have water and a rag or two. All three work at scrubbing and wringing water from their laundry for a few seconds.

Cub #1, sitting on the end shakes the water from his hands getting his neighbor slightly wet.

This provokes the Cub #2, sitting in the middle.  He retaliates with a splash back at Cub #1,
Escalate in comedic fashion until Cub #1, the one on the end throws a wet rag at the face of Cub #2, the one in the middle who ducks.

The rag sails on till it smacks Cub #3, the Scout on the far end (previously not involved in the water fight) in the face.

The smack-ee picks up his bucket to dump on the others who take flight into the audience.


The Punch line: When the actors are in the crowd the smack-ee tosses the contents of his bucket in a wide arc over as much of the audience as possible. You can fill the bucket with pieces of newspaper, but in a Scouting setting a bucket full of leaves would work just a well. If the actors have a little talent and practice this can be extremely funny

No water is to be thrown at the audience.
Using Leaves or paper is best.


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