Scout Oaths, Promises, Mottos, and Slogans


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Japan (Beavers) - Promise
I makes friends with all.
I defend a regulation of a beaver pack.

Japan (Beavers) - Law
A beaver scout enjoys itself cheerful.
A beaver scout takes good care of a thing.
A beaver scout does a good thing.

Japan (Cubs) - Promise
I am seriously firm.
I defend it for a law of Cub Pack.

Japan (Cubs) - Law
Cub scout is obedient.
Cub scout is itself for itself.
Cub scout helps it mutually to each other.
Cub scout is considerate to an infant person.
Cub scout does a good thing willingly.

Japan (Scouts) - Oath
I over an honor, swear the following article-three practice.
1. With a god ( Buddha ) and a state at serve and for truely defend it.
2. Always, I help other people.
3. I make a body strong, are healthy for a mind, and raise a virtue.

Japan (Scouts) - Law
A Scout is faithful.
A Scout is friendly.
A Scout is courteous.
A Scout is kind.
A Scout is cheerful.
A Scout is frugal.
A Scout is brave.
A Scout is thankful



Always cheerful

Be Prepared
Slogan - Daily good-conduct

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