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AlbanianJi Gati
ArmenianMisht Badrast
AzeriDaima Hazir
Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian (and probably Macedonian)Budi Spreman
CzechBud Pripraven
DenmarkVaer Beredt
Dutch, Belgian (Flemish)Weest Paraat
EstonianOle Valmis
FrenchSois Pret
FinnishOle valmis
GeorgianIkavi Mzad
HahitiEtre Pret
Hindi Tyyar r'ho. The sound is close to tuh-YAR ruh-HO, and the point is made that rho /=/ the Greek letter; the H is definitely pronounced and emphasized
HungarianLe'gy Re'sen
KazakhDayyin Bol
KyrgyzDayar Bol
LatvianEsi Modrs
LuxembourgOmmer Beret
Moldavian and RomanianGata Oricand
Mongol and TuvanBelen Bol
PolishCzuway (translates to stay awake, from medieval knights holding back the Mongols)
PortugueseSempre Alerta or Sempre Pronto
RussianBuid' Gotov
RwandaUbe Maso
SlovakBud Pripavany
SloveneBudi Pripavljen
SpanishSiempre Listo
SwedenVar Redo
UighurTayyar Bol
UkrainianSkob (translates to hello)
UzbekTayor Bol

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