Baloo's Bugle

August 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 1
September 2007 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Express
Webelos: Citizen & Communicator
Tiger Cub


Train Advancement

Heart of America Council


Train engine and card cut out of poster board.

Mark each car, Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light.

Attach awards on appropriate cars.

Cubmaster: As your Cubmaster, I act as the Cub Scout Train’s engineer--leading you on to do your best.

Your den leaders are the train conductors providing ideas and direction.

Your parents are all the railroad workers, providing support and love.

You Cub Scouts are the train cars.

Together we travel from one station to another as you advance through the Cub Scout ranks.

First we have the Tigers. (Presents awards to Tigers)

(Proceeds as needed through Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos)

All Aboard Advancement Ideas

Heart of America Council

Prior to the ceremony, issue train tickets to the boys who will receive awards.

The “Ticket” should look like a ticket and should have the following information:

Cub Railroad # (Pack Number)

Passenger: Name Of Boy

Car: Name Of Award Being Received

Point Of Departure: Den #

Destination: Town with name based on Rank

Fare: (Either 12 Achievements Or 10 Electives)

Use large cardboard cutouts representing various cars of a train.

The Cubmaster acts as the conductor.

With the den leaders carrying the cutout cars, the train proceeds around the room stopping at each den where the Cubmaster collects tickets.

The Cub Scouts receiving awards and their parents “board” the train by getting in line behind the appropriate car.

Train stops at the front of the room.

Present the awards. Include parents in this ceremony as well. If you have a large group of boys receiving the awards, run a separate train for each rank.

Other Ideas -

ü  Name stations after the rank the boys are receiving--like Tiger Cub Town, Bobcatville, Wolf City, Bear Junction, Webelosland.

ü  Boys and parents board the train and as the train reaches each station

ü  For more fun, intersperse the stations with real towns near your home, passing through them because this is the Cub Scout Express Number (pack number).

ü  Set up a model railroad with toy trains. Attach the awards to the train. Run it towards the boys who are waiting at various stations. Or if the track is shorter, do separate ceremony for each rank.

ü  Invite a model railroader to demonstrate some of his model railroad equipment. With his permission, place awards in the model railroad cars and drive them to the boy who is getting the award.

ü  Make a large section of railroad track from craft paper. Label the ties with the name or picture of each rank. Lay the tracks on the floor. When a boy comes forward, he travels down the track to the appropriate stop (his new rank). Here he is presented with his award.

Model Train Ceremony:

Utah National Parks Council

Place a small model train set on a table or stage so that the train goes behind a curtain, through a tunnel, or something similar so that part of the track isn’t visible to the audience. 

Have the Assistant CM behind, also out of sight, so that he can put awards on the flat car as they are called for. 

As you call each boy forward, he will put that boy’s awards on the flat car and turn the switch so the train will come out in front of the audience.

Cub master:  Tonight, as our train pulls into the station, it is carrying very important freight.  This freight represents hard work and dedication to the ideals of Scouting.  Our first freight train carries special cargo for our newest Bobcats.  Will _____ please come forward with their parents?  (Cub master takes the awards off the flat car, gives them to the parents to present to their son.)

(Continue on through the ranks and present each boy his awards off the flat car.  Thank you awards can also be given to parents and leaders using the same method.

New Engineer (Cubmaster) Installation

Heart of America Council

Arrangement: The new Cubmaster is asked to stand in the front of the room.  Five committee members line up side by side behind, if possible, all wearing conductor’s hats. Each committee member presents him with a giant train ticket with a word on it.  The Committee Chair stands in front with the Cubmaster.

Committee Chair: A Cub Scout pack is like a train. For a train to run well and stay on track, it needs an engineer, conductors and other support workers. It’s the engineer’s job to keep the train going in the right direction and to keep it on track. On the train called Cub Scout Express No. (pack number), that’s the Cubmaster’s job, with the support of the committee, other adult leaders and parents. Tonight, I’m pleased to introduce to the pack our new Cubmaster, (CM’s name). And we have some tickets to give him.

MC #1:   I present you with RESPONSIBILITY, for great will be your responsibility as our engineer.

MC #2:   I present you with KNOWLEDGE, for knowledge of the best procedures of Cub Scouting will help guide us to work with you for the success of the pack.

MC #3:   I present you with HARD WORK, for that is one of the foremost qualities of success.

MC #4:   I present you with ENTHUSIASM, for nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

MC #5:   I present you with GRATIFICATION, for that will be the reward for your efforts.

Assistant CC: (Presents an engineer’s hat and a “Cubmaster” patch) It is a pleasure to present you with these symbols of your office as the Engineer of the Cub Scout Express No. (pack number).

Committee Chair: ALL ABOARD!! (They all line up behind the Cubmaster and exit)

This Is Cub Scouting--Family Ceremony

Heart of America Council

Props: Candleholder, three blue and three yellow candles

Personnel: Six Cub Scout parents, Cubmaster

Arrangement: Lights out, Cubmaster with six candles on a table. The six parents each light a candle and give their part of the ceremony.

Parent #1:       Some people think Cub Scouting is only for boys, but it isn’t. Cub Scouting is for the family.

Parent #2:       Mothers and dads, as they work in Cub Scouting with their boys, are able to maintain their natural relationship with them, yet they come to see their boys in a new light. The Cub Scout advancement program ensures a closer boy-parent relationship.

Parent #3:       Cub Scouts are considerate of others. They promise “to help other people” and to do their best.  When parents sign their boy’s membership application, which is also a family contract, they take as their motto, “We will help our son do his best.”

Parent #4:       Cub Scouting is the basic part of the many-phased Scout program which continues for boys and girls beyond high school age. Each part is packed with challenges most appropriate to the age involved and leads to the next phase.

Parent #5:       Cub Scouting in all its phases operates to strengthen the home - not to weaken it. You and your family will strengthen your home only by living, playing and growing in it together.

Parent #6:       Your boy has only a few more years of boyhood left before he looks away from home for his principal interests. What you do together today is important. Tomorrow may be too late.

Cubmaster: Will all parents pledge their support to Cub Scouting? Now join with the Cub Scouts in the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise with me.

“I ____, promise to do my best...”

Den Ceremony for New Bobcat

Heart of America Council

The Den Leader introduces the new Bobcat to the other Cub Scouts of the den.

The Denner and Assistant Denner step forward with U.S. flag and the den flag.

All salute the flag.

Cub # 1:       Lights a candle and recites the Cub Scout Motto

Cub # 2:       Lights a candle (flashlight) and recites the Cub Scout Promise.

Cub # 3:       Lights a candle (flashlight) and recites the Law of the Pack.

Cub # 4:       Steps forward and informs the Bobcat that he is part of the den and it is his turn to light a candle (flashlight) to show that the den will be much brighter now that he is part of it.

All den members then sing the "Cub Scout Welcome Song" found in the Cub Scout Songbook.

"Cub Scout Welcome Song"

Tune – Auld Lang Syne (or make up your own)

We welcome you to our Cub Scout (pack) (den)

We’re mighty glad you’re here

We’ll start the air reverberating

With a mighty cheer

We’ll sing you in; we’ll sing you out

For you we’ll raise a shout

Hail, Hail the gangs all here (tonight) (today)

You’re welcome to our  (pack) (den)

Pack Bobcat Induction

Heart of America Council

Materials: Bobcat badge and card

Participants: Cubmaster, New Bobcat and parents

Cubmaster: A young boy stood in front of a group of people. It was his first Cub Scout Pack Meeting over 77 years ago. He lifted his right arm and held 2 fingers in the air to give the Cub Scout Sign and said...

I, promise to do my best,
To do my Duty to God
and my country,
to be square and
to obey the Law of the Pack

Since that night, hundreds of thousands of boys have repeated the same procedure, as they became Cub Scouts.

Tonight, we are welcoming (name of the boy), to our pack and invite him and his family to come forward as we present his Bobcat Badge.  Will the parents and new Bobcat recipient please come forward.

(Name of the boy), you have indicated that you wish to become a part of the Cub Scout program. Thereby joining the ranks of many young men, who began their adventure in Scouting as Cub Scouts years ago. In doing so, you have learned, as they have, the symbols of the Cub Scouts: The Cub Scout Sign, Handshake, Salute and Motto.  And you are able to repeat the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

As your Cubmaster, I now ask if you are ready to become a Bobcat in our Pack, and accept the obligation of the Cub Scout Promise?

New Bobcat: Yes, I am.

Cubmaster: Will all the Cub Scouts present please stand and join (name of the boy), and myself in repeating the Cub Scout Promise, just as the Cub Scout of years ago did. (Raise your arm in the Cub Scout Sign.)

I promise to Do my Best
to do my Duty to God
And my Country.
To help other people and
To Obey the Law of the Pack.

(Name of the boy), you have promised, as many thousands of Cub Scouts before you to do your best as a Cub Scout. On the behalf of all the boys who have worn the uniform of a Cub Scout in years past, to remember your Promise and to wear your Cub Scout uniform with pride and honor.

Welcome to our Pack. I am giving your parents your Bobcat Badge, to present to you for surely they are the ones that helped you the most in earning this badge.  I as Cubmaster have not earned the right to present you the badge.  (Hand the badge to the parents. Shake hand with the new Cub Scout, using the Cub Scout handshake).

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