Baloo's Bugle

August 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 1
September 2007 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Express
Webelos: Citizen & Communicator
Tiger Cub



How Book of Cub Scout (1951)

Rickety, rickety,  riff-raff!

Chickety, chickety, chiff-chaff!

Riff-raff, chiff-chaff!

Let’s   give ‘em a horse-laff

Haw!  Haw!  Haw!

Heart of America Council

Locomotive Applause: Begin by clapping the heels of your hands, slowly and together.  Gradually increase speed, as you rotate your hands, clapping palms, then the balls of the fingers, then fingers, then finger tips and finally over the ends of the fingers. (This should simulate the sounds of a train pulling out of the station and getting fainter as the train gets farther away)  The last action is to raise your hands over your eyes as a gesture of looking in the distance and say something (e.g. Off into the sunset, or That was another great trip.)  (You might want to use a four beat clap – 1-Loud, 2,3,4 – slightly softer, then repeat)

Welcome Aboard: Motion with your hand and say, “Welcome Aboard!”


New Person Cheer: “Hi, there. Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!”

Little Engine Cheer: Start, “I think I can, I think I can…” slowing down gradually.
Then (reaching summit), “Yes, I knew I could, I knew I could!” (getting faster)

Train Cheer: Divide the pack into three groups.
First group yells, “ALL ABOARD!”
Second group yells, CHUGA, CHUGA, CHUGA.”
Third group yells, TOOT, TOOOOOOOT!”

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Laguna Hills

Freight Train - To simulate a freight train approaching from a distance and then fade off again, use a 4 beat hand clap with the first beat of each grouping of 4 loud and then the following 3 softer beats.  The train can speed up, slow down, stop, and start with varying tempo. Throw in a few train whistles for effect.

Trucker - Pretend you are driving a big rig.  Reach above your head for the horn cord and as you make a pulling motion say loudly “Honk, Honk!”

Utah National Parks Council

Train trip applause:  (rub palms together in circular motion to make a noise, slowly at first,
gradually increasing speed) Add “Toot-too-toot”  Change back to “choo-choo” as you gradually rub hands more and more slowly.  As you stop motion and noise, call “All Aboard!”

Conductor’s Applause:  Everyone stands, pretend to tip their hat, then say “Ticket, please!”

Roundhouse Applause:  Everyone stands up.  Turn in a slow circle, then say “What a Trip!!”

The Golden Spike Applause: All stand.  Those in one half of the room face those on the other side.  Each half pretends to take a turn hitting the Golden Spike.  As they swing their imaginary hammers, they yell “Pound, Pound, Pound”  This yell also alternates from one side of the room to the other.  After three turns, all yell “DONE!”  (This was the word sent by telegraph when the Golden Spike had been driven in)

Laying the Rails Applause:  As narrator walks slowly across the room, pointing to the audience, they pretend to lay rails, hammer in the spike, then lay down their hammer and sit down.  (This is done like a wave)  Do it  once across, then back the other way, then everyone says “Great Job!”

Crossing the Continent:  Audience stands, each side facing the other.  Left side yells “Union Pacific” alternately with the Right side yelling “Central Pacific”.  Alternate three times, then everyone yells “Transcontinental!”


Heart of America Council

Cubby: (Walks on talking on a phone) “Hello, Grand Central Station? Do you have sleeping cars? You do? Well, you better wake ‘em up!

Cub 1:    Hi there!
Cub 2:    Hi there to you!
Cub 1:    Where are you headed?
Cub 2:    I’m looking for the president of this here railroad.
Cub 1:    Do you think you’ll find him?
Cub 2:    I don’t know, but I’m on the right track!

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Laguna Hills

Set Up: - 2 scouts walking – 1 is carrying a train and a patch and the other holding a trained patch.

1st scout: Hey, what’s the train and patch for?

2nd scout: ‘Cause I heard our leader needs a train and patch

1st scout: No, no, that’s a TRAINED PATCH! (shows a trained patch)

Set Up: -2 scouts walking – 1 carrying an airplane, the other carrying a carpenter’s wood plane

1st scout: Say, that’s a nice airplane, what’s if for?

2nd scout: Our leader said to bring a Plane for today’s meeting

1st scout: No, No, we’re learning to use a WOOD PLANE today (shows a wood plane)

Set Up: -2 scouts walking

1st scout: Why are trains better than planes?

2nd scout: I dunno, why?

1st scout: Cause they stay on track!

Alice, Golden Empire Council

TRAVELER: "What's the use of you having a time table if your trains never stick to it?!"
UCTOR: " Well, sir... how would you even KNOW they was runnin' late if NOT for the timetable?"

Cub #1:  How has your week been?

Cub #2:  Terrible!

Cub #1:  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Cub #2:  Yes – but I think it’s a TRAIN!

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Laguna Hills

Cub 1:   Could you give me a ticket for the next trip to the moon?

Cub 2:   I’m sorry, but the moon is full now.

Cub 1:   Son, here are the keys to my magic car.

Cub 2:   Is it really magic?

Cub 1:   Yes, one speeding ticket and it will disappear.


Heart of America Council

Cub 1:    Does this train stop at the station?
Cub 2:    Well, if it doesn’t, there will be a heck of a crash!

Cub 1;    What is the best place for a bubble-gum contest?
Cub 2:    A chew-chew train.

Cub 1:    How do you search for a missing train?
Cub 2:    You follow the tracks.

Cub 1:    What is the best thing to wear on your feet at a
                railway station?
Cub 2:    Platform shoes!

Cub 1:    How can you tell when a train is gone?
Cub 2:    I don’t’ know.
Cub 1:    It leaves its tracks behind.


Knock, knocks

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Laguna Hills

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?


Sarah who?

Sa-rah phone I could use?

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Radio who?

Radi-o not, here I come.

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