Baloo's Bugle

July 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 12
August 2008 Theme

Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
Tiger Cub


From Program Helps via

Tigers –
Elect. 2, 9, 29, 37, 38

Ach 8A, 8E, 10C
Elect. 11C, 16A, 17B, 18A, 23G

Bear –
Ach 12, 24D
Elect. 18, 25A

Alice, Golden Empire Council

Swimming, Baseball, Camping and Fishing activities offer opportunities for advancement and Sports Belt Loops & Pins.  If there is a Pack campout or Campfire, check pg. 3, Program Helps for guidelines.  Turn in attendance for 3 Pack summer activities for the Summertime Activity Award. Good Turn for America projects could also be done this month.

Tiger Cub Achievements:
Ach. #2f, g
– explore the community, use maps while on family trip, visit police or fire station; Ach. #3Fb – plan and practice what to do if lost, Review Hug A Tree program; Ach. #3G – learn rules, attend game or sport; Ach.#5 – outdoor activities;

Tiger Cub Electives:
Elect. #9
– make a new friend; Elect.#11 – Good Turn project to help flooding victims, homeless kids; Elect. #15 – if you do a chalk art project; Elect.#22 – den or family picnic; Elect. #25 – make and share snack with family or den; Elect. #29 – safety in the sun;  Elect. #33 – cleanup treasure hunt while doing a service project in a local park or neighborhood; Elect. #35 – fun outdoors; Elect. #37 – bike ride; Elect. #38 – bike repair; Elect. #40 – water fun;

Wolf Achievements:
Ach. #1
– Feats of Skill, esp. #1h, i - swimming; Ach. #4f – visit important community site with family; Ach. #6 – if you make a collection during summer vacation; Ach. #7d – if you do a cleanup project; Ach. #8e – outdoor cooking; Ach. #9d,e – know and practice good street and bike safety; Ach. #10 – family fun;

Wolf Electives:
Elect. #4
– summer games; Elect. #6a, b – visit the library, participate in a summer reading program; Elect. #7 – stilts, puddle jumpers and foot racers; Elect. #8b – if you use a wheelbarrow helping an adult or doing a cleanup project; Elect. #16 – prepare family for emergencies, make a first aid kit; Elect.#17b – tie hiking boots securely before a hike;  Elect.#18 –outdoor adventures, esp. #18f – two summertime pack events for award; Elect. #19 – fishing;  Elect. #12a – if you have a chalk art contest; Elect. #20b – safe boating; #20c, n- archery, BB gun shooting at day camp, #20f – roller skating; #20g – bowling; #20h, i – sprint start, standing long jump; #20k – soccer; #20l – baseball, softball; #20o – den outdoor fitness activities; Elect. #23 – Camping

Bear Achievements:
– visit historical site with family or den;  Ach.#4c – choose a tall tale to share at a den or pack campfire; Ach. #6g – den or pack Good Turn cleanup project; Ach.#8c – if you add pictures or report about den/pack activities or Good Turn project to scrapbook;  Ach.#8f – keep a 2 week journal, perhaps on family vacation; Ach. #9e – make trail food for a hike; Ach.#9g – outdoor cooking; Ach. #10a – family day trip; Ach.#11- Be Ready, esp. #11b – water accident;  Ach. #12 – camping, outdoor family activities (go over safety rules);  Ach. #14 – bike safety and maintenance;  Ach. #16 – Building Muscles;  Ach.#18c, f, g – write about den or personal activities;  Ach. #22b, c – learn how to use knots during summer activities, esp. the rescue knot, and how to store ropes; Ach. #23 – sports played or watched during the summer; Ach. #24c – plan and conduct a den activity;

Bear Electives:
Elective #5
– boats, safety on water;  Elect. #7a – make a cubmobile or scooter;  Elect. #9a – if you have a den or pack chalk art competition; Elect. #12 – nature crafts and sun prints, waterscope for pond study; Elect.#18 – backyard gym or golf; Elect.#19 – swimming; Elect. #20a – archery at Day Camp; Elect.#20d – track events; Elect.#20e –roller skating; Elect.#20f – earn Sports pins; Elect.#22b – if you make a collection during vacation;  Elect.#23 – Maps – use on summer trips; Elect.#25 – Camping.

Webelos Activity Pins:
Assigned pins are Naturalist and Forester – many requirements could be done during family, den or pack summer activities. Readyman activities are excellent preparation for summer activities, and Aquanaut could be done during swimming. Some Traveler requirements can be done during summer travel.  During den or family camping and hiking activities, boys can work on Outdoorsman.


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