Baloo's Bugle

July 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 12
August 2008 Theme

Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
Tiger Cub



Utah National Parks

(Tune: The More We Get Together)

Did you ever see a horse fly, a horse fly, a horse fly,

Did you ever see a horse fly, a horse fly, fly, fly.

Did you ever see a board walk, a board walk, a board walk,

Did you ever see a board walk, a board walk, walk, walk.

Other suggestions:

Shoe lace, hair pin, tooth pick, eye drop, neck tie, house fly, moth ball, eye lash, yard stick, hair brush, wrist watch, ear drum.



Utah National Parks

Actions - Wrists together, opening and closing hands as a small mouth

Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do

Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do

Baby shark, do, do, do, do, do, do

Baby shark

Repeat using appropriate actions:

Mama Shark - elbows together, open and close

Papa Shark - use full arms, open and close

Grandma Shark - full arms, closed hands (no teeth)

Surfer Dude - surfing actions

Went for a Swim - swimming actions

Lost a Leg - hop on one leg

Lost an Arm - hide an arm, continue to hop

911 - pretend to call

CPR - chest compressions

It’s not working - shrug

Reincarnation - air circles

As a Baby Shark - see above

Papa Shark - see above

Grandma Shark - see above

That’s the End - wave good bye


Utah National Parks

(Tune: Clementine)


In your backyard, in your backyard,

You can have a lot of fun.

If you look at what's around you

You'll have fun 'til day is done.

Did you ever watch an ant work?

Have you listened to the bees?

Have you watched birds build their nests?

And been thankful for the trees?


After sunset, watch the stars shine.

Nature's wonders you can see.

Plant a garden, watch the corn grow,

They'll be food for you and me.


If you'll just look all around you,

Many new things you will see.

Mother Nature's backyard's endless

Always there for you and me.


Utah National Parks

(Tune: Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the forest.

Let me hike in the wild.

Show me a skunk and a few bear tracks.

I won't care if I never come back.

But it's look, look, at your compass.

If it rains, then it pours.

And it's ouch, slap, sting and you’re bit

In the great outdoors!

The Ants Go Marching
(Great Hiking Song)

Capital Area Council

(Tune: Johnny Comes Marching Home)

The ants go marching one by one,  Hurrah, hooray.

The ants go marching one by one,  Hurrah, hooray.

The ants go marching one by one,

The little one stopped to SHOOT HIS GUN

And they all go marching...

Down into the get out of the rain,


(On succeeding verses change "one by one" to "
two by two,” "three by three,” etc. and use the following lines in place for the underlined above).


Two - To tie his shoe

Three - To climb a tree

Four - To shut the door

Five - To take a dive

Six - To pick up sticks

Seven - To look at Heaven

Eight - To shut the gate

Nine - To check the time

Ten - To say the end!


Capital Area Council

I love to go a-wandering, 

Along the mountain track,

And as I go, I love to sing, 

My knap‑sack on my back.


Val‑de ri‑‑Val‑de ra‑‑ Val‑de ri‑‑

Val‑de ra ha ha ha ha ha

Val‑de ri,‑‑Val‑de ra.

My knap‑sack on my back.

I love to wander by the stream

That dances in the sun,

So joyously it calls to me,

"Come! Join my happy song!"

Chorus (Last line - "Come! Join my happy song!")

I wave my hat to all I meet,

And they wave back to me,

And blackbirds call so loud and sweet

From ev'ry green wood tree.

Chorus (Last Line - From ev'ry green wood tree.)

High overhead, the skylarks wing,

They never rest at home

But just like me, they love to sing,

As o'er the world we roam.

Chorus (Last Line - As o'er the world we roam.)

Oh, may I go a-wandering

Until the day I die!

Oh, may I always laugh and sing

Beneath God's clear blue sky!

Chorus (Last Line - Beneath God's clear blue sky!)


Singing in the Rain

Capital Area Council

We're singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.

What a glorious feeling, we're happy again.

Thumbs up! [Group echoes.]

Repeat first two lines, keep thumbs up

Arms Out (Group echoes)

Repeat first two lines, keep thumbs up and arms out

Elbows in (Group echoes)

Keep going adding each of the following, in turn:

Knees Bent,

Knees together,

Toes together,

Butt out,

Chest out,

Head Back,

Tongue out

Take Me Out To The Ball Game 

Sam Houston Area Council

Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out to the park;

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks,

I don’t care if I never come back.

For it’s root, root, root for the home team,

If they don’t win it’s a shame;

For it’s one, two, three strikes, “You’re out!”

At the old ball game!

In The Good Old Summertime – Cub Scout Style 

Sam Houston Area Council

(Tune: In the Good Old Summertime)

In the good old summertime,

In the good old summertime

Meeting with our Cub Scout Pack

A picnic, family-style.

We’ll play some games

And sing some songs

Scout Leader Pow Wow

With family by our side.

Cub Scouting’s fun the whole year long

But ‘specially in summertime.

Nature Hike

Sam Houston Area Council

(Tune: Yankee Doodle)

My Cub Scout den went out one day

To take a nature hike.

Before the trip was half way through

I wished I’d brought my bike.


Walking, walking through the woods,

To study nature’s wonders.

Trying hard to be good Cubs,

Not making any blunders.

We learned about the trees and things,

‘Bout bugs and birds and critters.

But when your mom cleans pockets out,

Some things give her the jitters.


The Twelve Days Of Summer 

Sam Houston Area Council

(Tune: The Twelve Days of Christmas)

On the first day of summer, my true love gave to me...
A robin in a maple tree.

On the second day of summer, my true love gave to me...
Two ducks a-waddling and a robin in a maple tree.

On the third day of summer, my true love gave to me...
Three bees a buzzing, two ducks a-waddling and a robin in a maple tree.

Fourth day... 4 watermelons

Fifth day... 5 picnic baskets

Sixth day... 6 wormy apples

Seventh day... 7 ants a-marching

Eighth day... 8 swimmers swimming

Ninth day... 9 children playing

Tenth day... 10 flowers blooming

Eleventh day... 11 mowers mowing

Twelfth day... 12 gardens growing

Outdoor Adventure 

Sam Houston Area Council

(Tune: This Old Man)

Birds and plants, rocks and trees

These are things that I can see

With my backpack, canteen

We are on the run,

Outdoor adventure is so much fun.

Bushes, trains, boats and planes,

Cars are passing, changing lanes,

With our field trips, outings,

We are on the run,

Outdoor adventure is so much fun.


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