Baloo's Bugle

October 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 3
November 2008 Theme

Theme: Seeds of Kindness
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


With a Little Help from my Friends Relay

Alice, Golden Empire Council

  Form teams of 5-6 Cubs and/or family members or sisters and brothers. 

  Each team makes a circle with one player in the middle and the others holding hands around that player. 

  On signal, the team takes off as a group and runs to the finish line. 

  Then they start back to the starting line, still holding their places. 

  When the first player crosses the starting line, the team sends another player into the middle and the relay continues till everyone has a chance to be in the middle. 

  Winning team finishes first.    


Heart of America Council

  Give each boy a piece of paper with the name of a seed.

  The boys form a circle, sitting in chairs, around the boy who is IT.

  IT stands in the middle with a list of all of the seeds.

  IT starts to tell a story using the seed names.

  When a seed name is mentioned, the boy with that seed must stand up and turn around and sit down.

  When seed upset is mentioned, all the boys must exchange chairs.

  The boy left standing is now IT and must continue the story.

  (IT should not use his seed in the story,)

Planting Seeds

Grand Teton Council

  On a large cardboard draw a garden with holes for planting seeds

  Number each of these 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50. 

  Each boy has twelve roundish seeds or beans (could use marbles if you would prefer), or they may use the same seeds or beans  and pass them along when each boy has finished throwing. 

  Individuals on teams may play by rolling the seeds or beans onto the cardboard one at a time. 

  If the seed or bean comes to rest in a hole, they get those points

  Each boy or team keeps score and a token prize is given to the individual or team with the most points.

Seed Relay

Heart of America Council

  Fill a bowl with large seeds (or cranberries or nuts
or )

  Each player thrusts his hand, palm down, into the bowl to see how many objects he can catch on the back of his hand.

  Without spilling any, he must circle the room three times or he may be required to carry them from one bowl to the other.

  The one having the most in the second bowl at the end of a certain time wins.

  This may be played in the form of a relay, each taking his turn carrying the objects, competition being to see which side can get the most items into the bowl in the shortest time.

Wipe The Smile 

Sam Houston Area Council

  Players sit in a circle, making sure they can see everyone else.

  One player who is It starts the game by smiling widely, while all the other players are somber.

  It then uses his hand to wipe the smile off his face and throw it to another player who has to catch the smile with his hand and put it on.

  This new It can then wipe off the smile to throw to someone else--though he will probably choose to smug wildly at everyone for a few minutes before relinquishing his happy role.

  Meanwhile, all other players must sit stone-faced.

  One smirk and they're out.

Balloon Passing

Sam Houston Area Council

This game is for den families also.

  Give each team a balloon inflated to about six inches in diameter.

  On signal, the first player on each team tucks the balloon under his chin and, without using his hands, passes it to the next player,

  The next player must take it under his chin.

  Continue until all have received the balloon.

  If it drops, the player may pick it up with his hands but must put it under his chin before passing it on.

Thumb Catch

Sam Houston Area Council

This is game of fast reflexes and
can be played with a very large group.

         Players stand in a circle and each player puts his left hand out to the left with his hand in a fist and his thumb facing down, and his right hand out to the right with his hand open and his palm up.

         Your left thumb should be directly above the player to your lefts palm, and your right palm should be directly beneath the player to your rights thumb.

         Have a person who is not playing count to three and say, Go!

         On the word Go, all the players should try to grab the thumb of the player on their right side and at the same time try to lift their own thumb fast enough to avoid being grabbed by the person on their left.

         Anyone whose thumb was grabbed is out and should leave the circle.

         Close the circle in and continue playing until there is only one player left.


Hot Potato Tag

Sam Houston Area Council

  Play this with a ball or a potato.

  Have the players form a circle with one in the center.

  The potato (or ball) is passed or thrown across the circle.

  When the player in the circle is able to tag the one who has the potato, the tagged player must then be it.


Heart of America Council

Materials -   very small, light feathers (available at a craft shop).

Object:          To pass the feathers down the line to the last person.

  Line group into two equal numbered lines.

  Place feathers on open hands (You cannot close your hands).

  The team who has any (or the most) feathers at the end point wins.

Who Stole the Cookies?

Baltimore Area Council

Cubs sit in a circle and are numbered.

They start to alternately slap their own knees and then clap hands with the Cubs on each side of them.

The Cubs chant:      Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

The Leader chants: Number (i.e. 5) stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

Number responds:   Who me?

All reply:                   Yes, you!

Number 5 chants:   Couldnt be!

All reply:                   Then who?

Number 5 replies:    Number (i.e. 12) stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

Number responds:   Who me?

And the game goes on -

The idea of the game is to keep the, rhythm of slaps and claps going, while continuing the chant with new number being called each time. As the Cubs get used to the game, the leader can speed it up.

Toothpick and Raisin Relay

Grand Teton Council

         Divide boys into two groups of equal numbers. 

         Line them up facing each other and provide each group with a saucer of large raisins enough for four for each boy in the group. 

         The captain holds the saucer in his hand and passes it down the line. 

         Each boy has been provided with a toothpick with which he must spear the four raisins and eat them. 

         The captain feeds himself last. 

         The first team to finish wins.



Heart of America Council


Grand Teton Council

  All eyes closed (option: Use blindfold). 

  The leader whispers in one boys ear, Youre the turkey. 

  Keeping eyes closed, each boy finds anothers hand, shakes it and says, Gobble, gobble. 

  If both boys say gobble, the two drop hands and to on to someone else. 

  The turkey remains silent throughout the game. 

  A boy who gets no response to the gobble has found the turkey, and becomes part of it by holding on the turkeys hand and remaining silent from then on. 

  Anyone shaking hands with any member of the turkey becomes a part of it, and the Turkey grows larger and larger until everyone in the playing area is hold hands. 

  Once the group has become one giant turkey, the leader asks that all eyes open.


Grand Teton Council

         Boys are in pairs.

         One boy is blindfolded and holds a cup of popped corn and a spoon. He is the feeder.

         On signal, the feeders feed their partners.

         The turkey gives instructions to the Blind-folded feeder.

         After the corn in finished, the players change places.


Heart of America Council

  Boys are seated in a circle.

  They are each given ten beans.

  One is chosen to be IT and stands in the center.

  IT points to a Cub Scout and asks a question, then counts to ten.

  If the boy cannot answer the question before IT counts to ten, he must share one of his beans with the neighbor seated on his right and he also becomes IT.

  If the boy answers the question before IT counts to ten, then IT must go to another Cub Scout in the circle.

  The boy having the most beans when time is called is the winner.

  All the boys share the joy of winning with the winner by giving him a special applause.

Questions can be written for the boys beforehand by the leader.  They might be:

         How many legs does a turkey have?

         What are the Cub Scout colors?

         What do you give thanks for?

         How many days in November?

         What day is Thanksgiving this year?

         What color shirt is Joe wearing? etc.



Heart of America Council

Here's a game that will keep boys "in line"
for a few minutes.

  Line up each den, as a team.

  Give each boy a paper drinking straw,

  Give each team a 4-inch pumpkin print in which a 1-inch hole has been cut.

  The idea is to pass the pumpkin from straw to straw (no hands, please) to the end of the line and back.


Heart of America Council


         Use an orange paper plate for the pumpkin pie. Divide the plate into 8 pieces.

         From a discarded calendar, cut small squares of numbers from 1 to 6.

         Glue one number on each pie slice.

         Find bonus numbers such as 4 and 5 in red.

         Cut out, and glue these on the 2 remaining pie slices.


1.       Place all pie pieces together in the center of the area.

2.       Each player throws the die.

3.       The player with the highest number starts the game.

4.       The starter throws the die.

5.       If his number is 3, he takes the number 3 piece of pie and places it in front of himself.

6.       His score (equal to the number) is recorded.

7.       If the second player throws a 4, he takes the number 4 piece and his score is recorded on the score sheet.

8.       If another player gets a 4, he can take the bonus pie piece which matches his number but in a different color.

9.       Game continues until all pie pieces are gone.

10.    Highest score is the winner.


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