Baloo's Bugle

October 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 3
November 2008 Theme

Theme: Seeds of Kindness
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2



Heart of America Council

TURKEY APPLAUSE I: Say, “Gobble, gobble, gobble,”

If you want you can add -
then rub stomach and say, “Yum, Yum.”

TURKEY APPLAUSE II: Put hands under armpits to make wings, flap wings and yell, “Gobble, gobble, gobble.”

Sam Houston Area Council

Do A Good Turn Cheer   
Have the group stand up to applaud.
They clap once,
Then turn a ¼ turn and clap again,
Then turn another ¼ turn and clap again,
and continue until they have completed a full turn.


Grand Teton Council

Good Turn Cheer:     Everyone stand up, turn around, and sit back down.

Constitution Cheer:   We, the people, approve!

Capital Area Council

P Bravo (For an excellent performance) The cheer leader says: "That deserves a Bravo ! We'll do this in a circle." He then proceeds to have one end of the circle start with the 'BRR' sound and proceeds to point around the circle while they do the 'AVOOOO' sound. The sound level should rise as more of the circle comes in.

P Canned Laughter: Laugh when lid is removed from a can, and stop when lid is closed.

P Good Turn Applause:               Stand up and turn around.

P Great Job Cheer: Have one half of the audience say "Great” and the other half say "Job." Alternate each side.

P Ice Cube Cheer: Shape an ice cube with a thumb and index finger, saying, "COOOOOOOL!"

P Double Ice Cube Cheer: Make an ice cube with a thumb and index finger of each hand, saying, “TOOOOO COOOOOOOL!"

San Gabriel Valley-Long Beach Area-Verdugo Hills Councils

Watermelon Applause:  Pretend you’re holding a watermelon, run it past your mouth while slurping and turning your head from right to left, then turn your head back spitting out seeds. (repeated on purpose - CD)

Cantaloupe Applause:  Variation of Watermelon (above) cup hands to hold cantaloupe, take one big bite, then spit out only one seed!

Grape Applause:  Use in conjunction with the Watermelon and Cantaloupe applauses.  Hold an imaginary grape between thumb and first finger.  Pop grape into mouth with appropriate sound.

Southern Watermelon – Say Ya’ll after spitting out the pits.

Fruit Salad - Pretend like your eating a watermelon, spit out seeds, then a cantaloupe, then a cherry. (for cherry, put finger in cheek bone and pop out of mouth)

Southern Samurai Warrior Watermelon Cheer –

Baloo’s Archives

·         Hold watermelon in your hands (Upper arms at your sides, elbows bent hands in front of body, palms up)

·         Toss watermelon into the air (Say wiiiish (or something like that))

·         Pretend to pull out your sword from the imaginary sheath hanging from your belt.

·         With two hands on the hilt of the sword, reach up and slice the watermelon in half above your head (say thooop or similar cutting sound)

·         Put palms out again to catch the watermelon (Say Foooommpp or other sound to indicate the catch)

·         Do standard watermelon cheer (see above)

·         Say Ya’ll



Sam Houston Area Council

Bird Seed

Cub Scout #1:      May I have 25 cents worth of bird seed?

Cub Scout #2:      How many birds do you have?

Cub Scout #1:      None yet, but I’m gonna grow some!

Do A Good Turn

Cub Scout #1:         (comes on stage turning around)

Cub Scout #2:         (comes on stage doing forward rolls)

Cub Scout #3:         (comes on stage rolling over and over)

Cub Scout #4:         (comes on stage doing cartwheels)

Cub Scout #5:         What are you guys doing?

Cub Scouts #1-4:    Don’t you know a good turn when you see one?


Heart of America Council

Boy 1:    What’s the date?

Boy 2:    I don’t know.

Boy 1:    Look at the newspaper.

Boy 2:    No good. That’s yesterday’s paper.


Who’s there?


Accordion who?

Accordion to the paper, it’s going to snow (rain) today.

Cub Scout #1:          There were seven copycats sitting on a fence. One jumped off, how many were left?

Cub Scout #2:          None.

How can we become wiser from a paper of pin holes?
                                              It will give us many good points.

What does an envelope say, when it is licked?
                               It just shuts up and says nothing, I think.

What goes in one ear and out the other?
                                                                A worm in a cornfield.


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