Baloo's Bugle

October 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 15, Issue 3
November 2008 Theme

Theme: Seeds of Kindness
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
Tiger Cub
Achievement 2


Magic Of A Smile

Sam Houston Area Council

Set Up:

Boy #1 is trying a magic trick.
Boys 3, 4, and 5 are watching him
Boy #2 enters, watches, then asks:

Boy #2:      What are you doing?

Boy #1:      Iím a magician!

Other:         Yeah, heís doing magic tricks.

Boy #2:      Oh, really? (Watches, then asks) Why are you doing magic tricks?

Boy #1:      I like to do magic tricks because that makes people happy and when people are happy they smile and I like to see people smile.

Boy #2:      I can make magic!

Others:       Oh, sure! No you can't.

Boy #2:      Yes I can, but I need all of you to help with this magic trick. (Leaves)

Boy #1:      I didnít know he knew how to do magic tricks.

Boy #3:      Iíll bet he doesnít know any magic.

Boy #4:      He probably wonít even come back.

Boy #5:      Heís just showing off.

Boy #2:      (Enters with gardening tools)

Others:       Gardening tools?

Boy #5:      You call that magic?

Boy #2:      No! But with your help and these tools we can make magic.

Others:       Oh, sure! Gardening tools arenít magical. How can they make magic?

Boy #2:      You said magic makes people happy, didnít you?

Boy #1:      Yes, but...

Boy #2:      You said you like to make people happy so they will smile, didnít you?

Boy #1:      Yes, but...

Boy #2:      Well, if we take these tools over to Mrs. Robinsonís and clean her front yard, Iíll bet she would be happy and she would smile the biggest smile you have ever seen.

Boy #3:      Say, I think you have got magic. Iíll rake leaves.

Boy #4:      Iíll go and get a lawn mower. Iíve always wanted to do magic tricks!

Boy #5:      Me too! Iíll prune her shrubs. I really like Mrs. Robinson. Iíd like to see her smile.

(Boys agree and start to leave)

Boy #1:      Hey, what about my magic?

Boy #3:      We all want to try (boyís name) magic.

Boy #1:      Oh well, I guess Iíll go too. Hey, wait for me.

Always Do Good Turns

Sam Houston Area Council

Akela:           ďNow, (Cubs name), you know you should always do Good Turns.Ē

Cub # 1:        I tried, honest!

Akela:           OK

[Each Cub enters and says similar things to Akela]

Next to Last Cub: [carrying a small frying pan with a ďpancakeĒ in it] I did a good turn!

[He flips pancake over and catches it in pan]

Last Cub:     But you should see the mess in the kitchen!

Lost Money

Sam Houston Area Council

Cast:          Several Cub Scouts

Setting:     Cub Scout #1 is circling around and looking down at the ground.

Cub Scout #2:      What are you doing?

Cub Scout #1:      I dropped my money and Iím looking for it.

Cub Scout #2:      Well, Iíll help you look.

Cub Scout #1:      That would be great if you could help me!

(Other Cubs come up one at a time and ask him what he is doing. He tells them he lost his money and they agree to help look. Eventually there are several boys circling around looking for the money on the ground.)

Last Cub Scout:   What are you doing?

Cub Scout #1:      Iím looking for the money I lost.

Last Cub Scout:   Where did you lose it?

Cub Scout #1:      Down the street by those houses.

Last Cub Scout:   Then why are you looking for it here?

Cub Scout #1:      Because this is where the street light is.




Heart of America Council

Cast:      5 country boys, a turkey


Ł  Turkey is a boy dressed with construction paper feathers (and optionally , red crepe paper wattle, yellow crepe paper legs and yellow paper beak).

Ł  Country boys are in jeans and plaid shirts.

Scene 1,  Setting:  Country Boy 1 has raised the Thanksgiving turkey. It has come time to get the turkey ready for dinner. The boy and the turkey are sitting on the ground by a tree stump. They look sad. The boy holds a blue ribbon.

Boy 2:    (Walks across stage behind boy and turkey) Well, itís almost time. (Sits down with them, looking sad)

Boy 3:    (Walks across after Boy 2) Boy, a drumstick sure will taste good. I can hardly wait! 

                (Looks at boys and turkey) Oops, sorry! (Pets bird, sits down & also looks sad)

Boy 4:    (Walks over to others) Weíre really going to have to get (whispers and points) him ready soon. (Sees that everyone is sad, sits down, looking sad with others)

Boy 5:    (Comes in carrying an ax) (The other boys begin to cry and pet the bird) Itís time!

As curtain closes on Scene 1, the turkey is leaning over a tree stump with Boy 5 holding a cardboard ax over him.

Scene 2,  Setting: All boys and turkey are seated at table. All heads bowed.

Boy 1:    Thank you Lord for this corn we are about to have for dinner.

Turkey looks at the audience and gives an exaggerated wink.


Heart of America Council

Cast:      Farmer and two visitors.

Setting:      The farmer is escorting two visitors around his farm, pointing out all the imaginary buildings and sheds. (A person unseen to the audience provides a ďwhoosh!Ē sound effect. It must be loud enough to be heard for this skit to be effective.)

Farmer and two visitors are facing the audience.

WHOOSH! (All three heads spin to the left)

WHOOSH! (All three heads spin back the other way)

WHOOSH! (They all look back to the left again)

Visitor 1: What was that? Looked like a turkey, I think.

Farmer:    ĎTwas! ĎTwas a turkey.

Visitor 2: Yeah! A turkey with three legs, if I can believe my eyes.

Farmer:    Yup! WE like drumsticks so well that weíve been working to invent a whole new breed of turkeys with three legs.

Visitor 1: Really? How do they taste?

Farmer:    Canít rightly say. Ainít never been able to catch one of the critters yet.


All three walk off stage turning their heads from left to right with each Whoosh!



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