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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Advancement Ceremony
Sam Houston Area Council


Props: Passport folders made from folded construction paper, or printed computer form.  Include a space for the Cub's vital information (name, pack number, den number, parents, birth date, etc.)  Include a place for a snapshot to really dress it up.  Leave a column for using the rank stickers to "stamp" his passport with the ranks he has already achieved.  Have stickers available to place the new rank in his folder to "stamp" his arrival at this new rank destination.  You can add to the display by building a booth marked "CUSTOMS" for the Cubs to receive their stamps.


Cubmaster: "Here at the Customs office we see many travelers on their way along the Cub Scout Trail. They come from many countries and speak many languages, but they all have an interest in the world around them.  Let me see who we might have here today."


Assistant Cubmaster: "Will the following Cubs and their parents please step forward?"  (Calls out names of first set of Cubs)

(Assistant Cubmaster hands each Cub his passport and tells him to go one at a time to the Customs window).


CM: "Ah! Who do we have here?"  (Repeats Cub's name).  "May I see your passport please?"  (Cub hands passport to CM)


CM: "I see you have been very busy along the Cub Scout Trail.  This shows you have been to Tiger and Bobcat (Reads off ranks as appropriate).

"For the past few months you have been traveling on the Wolf trail.  Your paperwork appears to be in order. I'll add this Wolf stamp to your passport."   (Places sticker into passport).


"This patch and card is for your records."  (Hands rank patch and card to Cub).


"This pin is for your parents, so perhaps you can help me  place this onto their ribbon." (Repeat for each Cub).


At the conclusion of the ceremony:


CM: "Well this has certainly been a long line of boys traveling through my Customs office today.  I am always amazed at all the sights they have seen and the places they have been.  But you can't imagine all the amazing things they will encounter as they continue on the Scouting Trail. Someday I hope to see these boys get their passports stamped for Eagle.  Cubs, be sure and invite me to be there when you do.  Congratulations!"


Around The World
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Cubmaster


Setting: Have yellow tablecloth on awards table, displaying a globe and small flags from other countries


Cubmaster: Every minute of every day of every year there are thousands of boys enjoying the fun and excitement of Cub Scouting somewhere in the world.  The Cub Scout uniform varies from country to country around the world because each must be suitable and practical for the climate, but they all have one thing in common: They promote Scouting and its goals.  Just as Cub Scouts wear different uniforms in different countries, they also award different badges of rank.  In Japan and Korea, Cubs earn the Rabbit, Deer, and Bear Badges.  In Australia, the badges are Bronze, Boomerang, Silver Boomerang, and Gold Boomerang.  South Africa has the Tenderpad Badge.  As we know, the first badge of rank in the United States is Bobcat.  Tonight we honor (name of boys).  These cubs have earned this badge which is the start of their Cub Scout trail.  Would the Bobcats and their parents please come forward?


The second badge on our Cub Scout trail is Wolf.  Tonight we honor (name of boys).  These cubs have earned this badge.  Would these Wolves and their Parents please come forward?

As the Cubs learn new skills, the next badge they earn is Bear.  Would these Bears and their parents please come forward.  (Read names)

Our highest badge of rank is Webelos.  Would the following Webelos and their parent please come forward? (Read names)


These Cubs like Cub Scouts all around the world, have worked together and developed new interests which make them better citizens of our country and of the world.  Let’s give them a big hand to show how proud we are of them.


Cub Scout Spirit
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster


Setting: A world globe on the head table, candles placed around the globe (one for each rank to be presented)  Room darkened except for one candle held by the Assistant Cubmaster


Cubmaster: We read in the newspaper everyday about wars, nation against nation in all parts of our world.  Television shows us daily pictures of bombings, buildings destroyed, people killed, a dark and not very pleasant picture and certainly not what each of us wants for ourselves or our children.


Scouting is one thing that helps to bring people together, because its ideals and goals are the same everywhere.  We tend to think of Cub Scouting as just our pack, our dens, and our friends.  But, there are Cub Scouts like us in almost every country in the world — we are just a small part of this wonderful organization. Our Assistant Cubmaster, (name) holds a candle representing the Spirit of Cub Scouting.  As we present our advancement awards tonight, he will light a candle next to the world globe for each rank


First, we have ____ boys who have passed the requirements for the rank of Bobcat.  Will Scout (name) and his parents please come forward?  (The rank patches are presented to the parents who give them to the son(s). A candle on the table is lit.  This is repeated for each rank to be presented.)


Notice how the darkness the world was in has gone away as the light of the Cub Scout Spirit is spread around the globe.  If we all continue to work on our achievements and continue to advance in rank, we can keep the light bright and help our world to be a better place to live for everyone.


Note: You can have many variations, such as attaching rank patches on different continents with rubber cement and turn the globe as presentations are made, highlighting Scouting around the world.


Candlelight Ceremony
Indian Nations Council


Props needed: Arrow of Light Ceremonial Board cut out as a Large Arrow of Light, 4 red candles, 3 white candles, Webelos Award(s) and Certificate(s), and several straight pins.


Personnel needed: Akela (in costume) and 2 Webelos Scouts (1st Webelos Scout lights the 4 red candles as he says the names of the ranks)

The four red candles represent the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos ranks in Cubs Scouts.

2nd Webelos Scout: Webelos means We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.  Loyalty is one of the important things a Cub Scout stands for.  (He lights the 3 white candles as he says) He is loyal to God, his Country and his home.


Akela: _____ will you give me the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise? (pause as Scout does this) To your parents I give the Arrow of Light Award and Certificate.  The badge is worn on the uniform, centered on the left shirt pocket flap.  This is the only emblem, besides the religious award, which can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform when earned as a Cub Scout.  On the Boy Scout uniform, it will go on the bottom of the left pocket.


Webelos Scout: _______ I salute you as a Webelos Scout (salute the Scout) and as you go further along the Scouting Trail, I leave you the with the words of Sir Robert Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting as he said “Good Scouting to You.”


Webelos to Scout Troop
Indian Nations Council


Props: U.S. flag, Pack flag, Webelos Den flag, bridge, troop neckerchief, and red spotlight.


Personnel: Cubmaster, Webelos Scout and his parents, Webelos Den Leader, Scoutmaster, Denner, and light switch operator.

(In a dimly lit room, the red spotlight is on the bridge, which is centered between the U.S. and Pack flags.  Assembled on stage, to the left of the bridge, are the parents and Webelos Den Leader.  On the opposite end of the bridge is the Scoutmaster.


Cubmaster: Tonight we mark a great occasion, the graduation of Webelos Scout(s) ___from our Pack.  We are sad to see him (them) leave because he (they) has (have) been a great help to our Pack, but we are happy for him (them) because he (they) is (are) going on to the great adventure of Boy Scouting.  He (They) has (have) worked hard for this night and has (have) advanced well.  Please escort Webelos Scout(s) to the front.  (The graduate(s), who have been standing on the opposite side of the room, are escorted to the front by the Denner from the Webelos Den, who carries the Webelos Den flag.  They stop at the front.  The graduating Webelos Scout salutes and joins his Den Leader on stage.  The Denner returns to his place.)


Cubmaster: (Recaps information such as date Scout(s) joined Pack, ranks they earned, awards they received, date they joined Webelos Den, etc.)


Webelos Leader: (Recaps activities in Webelos Den, activity badges they have earned.) Webelos Scout ___, it is with great pride that I now ask you for your Webelos neckerchief.  (After the graduate removes his neckerchief, the leader escorts him to the end of the bridge, where the Cubmaster is waiting.)


Cubmaster: I am pleased to see that you are wearing the Arrow of Light (if he is), the highest award in Cub Scouting.  This is the only Cub Scout badge of rank that you will be permitted to wear on your Boy Scout uniform. And now, you may take the final steps.


 (The Webelos Scout crosses the bridge. He stops in the center, turns and salutes the Cubmaster with the Boy Scout salute.  He proceeds across the bridge and gives the Scoutmaster the Boy Scout salute.)


Scoutmaster: ____ We are happy to welcome you to our troop.  I can see by the Arrow of Light that you are prepared to join the great fellowship of Boy Scouting.  (If the Scout does not have the Arrow of Light, make any appropriate welcoming speech, then a short statement on what is expected of a Boy Scout.)  Please repeat with me the Scout Oath.  (The Scoutmaster and Scout exchange salutes and a Scout handclasp.)  As a token of this important occasion, I would like to present to you the troop neckerchief (or red loops for his Boy Scout uniform.)


Who Wants to be a Cub Scout
Steve Becker, Cubmaster

Pack 350 Greater Alabama Council

(We used the attached ceremony at our May pack meeting for promotion to the next level of scouting.  It was a lot of fun.)



Tall stool/chair

“APPLAUSE” signs

Regis Philbin-style clothes (solid shirt,tie,jacket)
Drum music

Light flashing (someone turning lights off/on during applause)

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster dressed as Regis Philbin, APPLAUSE sign holder, lighting person.  Modify questions to taste for degree of difficulty. 


CUBMASTER: Tonight, we have a special promotion ceremony for advancing our scouts to the next level of Cub Scouting.  We’ll turn this into a little game.  ABC stole my idea, but that’s OK.  Tonight, live from the [fill in the blank] studio, we’re going to play “WHO WANTS TO BE A CUB SCOUT?”!

Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


CUBMASTER:  Let’s get started.  Could all the Tiger scouts and their parents please come to the front?  All right Tigers, you’re at an important level.  Answer this next question correctly and you go home as Wolf scouts.  All your lifelines are intact.  You’ve got the 50/50 where the pack xxx computer will take away two wrong answers, leaving the correct answer and one incorrect answer.  You can ask the audience.  Last you can ask a den leader, where we’ll connect you to any den leader in the room this evening.  Ok, let’s play  “Who Wants To Be A WOLF Scout?”!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


CUBMASTER: Studio audience, very quiet please.  Here’s your Wolf level question:

What color neckerchief does a Wolf scout wear:

a)      red

b)      green

c)      pink

d)      yellow


CUBMASTER: You say it’s D, yellow.  Is that your final answer?  That’s CORRECT!

Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE

Call out names of scouts advancing.  Walk across bridge and receive advancement prize.


CUBMASTER: Ok, that was exciting.  Let’s get some new contestants.  Could all the Wolf scouts and their parents please come forward?  All right Wolves, you’re at an important level.  Answer this next question correctly and you go home as Bear scouts.  You already know about the lifelines, so let’s play “Who Wants To Be A BEAR Scout?”!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


CUBMASTER: Studio audience, very quiet please.  Here’s your Bear level question:

How many achievements must be completed to earn the Bear badge:

a) 8

b) 10

c) 12

d) 14


CUBMASTER: You say it’s C, 12.  Is that your final answer?  That’s CORRECT!

Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE

Call out names of scouts advancing.  Walk across bridge and receive advancement prize.


CUBMASTER: Could all the Bear scouts and their parents please come forward?  All right Bears, you’re at an important level.  Answer this next question correctly and you go home as Webelos.  You already know about the lifelines, so let’s play “Who Wants To Be A WEBELOS Scout?”!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


CUBMASTER: Studio audience, very quiet please.  Here’s your Webelos level question:

What does Webelos stand for:

a) We’ll be lucky scouts

b) We’ll be loyal scouts

c) We’ll be lousy scouts

d) We’ll be lame scouts


CUBMASTER: You say it’s B, We’ll be loyal scouts.  Is that your final answer?  That’s CORRECT!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


Call out names of scouts advancing.  Walk across bridge and receive advancement prize.


CUBMASTER: We’ve got time for one last round.  Could all the 1st year Webelos scouts and their parents please come forward?  All right, you’re at an important level.  Answer this next question correctly and you go home as 2nd year Webelos, our most senior scouts.  You already know about the lifelines, so let’s play “Who Wants To Be A 2nd year WEBELOS?”!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


CUBMASTER: Studio audience, very quiet please.  Here’s your question:

What year was the first US National Boy Scout Jamboree held?

a) 1936

b) 1937

c) 1938

d) 1939


CUBMASTER: You say it’s B, 1937.  Is that your final answer?  That’s CORRECT!


Sound/light effects.  APPLAUSE


Call out names of scouts advancing.  Walk across bridge and receive advancement prize.


Scouting Highlight
National Capital Area Council

CM: Lord Baden-Powell based his ideas for Scouting on some principles he had been taught as a boy - things like trust and loyalty, helpfulness, courtesy, and cheerfulness.  In Cub Scouting we have some of these principles in the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Tonight, we have some boys in our Pack who have just started their adventure in Scouting and, in doing so, have learned the Cub Scout Promise and Law and are ready to be inducted into our Pack as Bobcats.  Will __ and their parents please come forward.


Will you give the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise with me [they do].  Now, I would like to present your parents with your Bobcat badge.




In another highlight of Scouting, a Chicago publisher named William Boyce was lost in a London fog one evening in 1909.  A boy appeared and offered to take Mr. Boyce to his destination.  When they arrived, Mr. Boyce offered the boy a tip, but the boy said, "Scouts do not accept money for doing a good turn."  This interested Mr. Boyce in Scouting and he brought it back to the United States.


We have many boys here tonight who have been doing their daily good turns and working hard on their achievements and electives.  Will __ please come forward to receive their Wolf and Bear ranks?


Baden-Powell left a message for Scouts in which he asked them to "Try to leave the world a little better than you found it.  We have some Webelos Scouts in our Pack who are doing just that.  They have been working hard on their Activity Badges and exploring fields of knowledge that will be helpful to them all their lives [Call Webelos leaders, Scouts, and parents forward to receive awards]. Congratulations.


Continue to do your best along the Scouting trail.


Founder's Advancement
National Capital Area Council


Equipment Needed:

Short Candle - Bobcat

Mid-Sized, Short Candle - Wolf

Medium Candle - Bear

Tall Candle - Webelos

Very Tall Candle- Scout


CM: Our history is filled with the deeds of brave men who explored, fought, and in some cases died to keep our nation and the world safe. Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement, William D. Boyce, founder of the Boy Scouts of America, and Daniel C. Beard, Ernest Thompson Seton, and James E. West all contributed to the founding of the Boy Scouts of America and the Cub Scout Program.


Tonight we recognize young men in our Pack who have advanced this year along the Cub Scout trail.  Some of you advanced in rank in the fall, others are advancing now, but all of you have worked hard to achieve these accomplishments.  Please come forward with your parents to be recognized.


As we all see, the path to advancement in Scouting is like these candles.  As a Bobcat, you start with the basic knowledge of Scouting - to Do Your Best and to remember always the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack [light the shortest candle]. The Wolf rank is more difficult, as you begin to work on activities and achievements.  But, by using the knowledge gained as a Bobcat and with the help of your parents, you have achieved this rank [use the Bobcat candle to light the Wolf candle].  The Bear and Webelos ranks, like these candles, require that you continue to use the knowledge from before to learn additional skills [use the Wolf candle to light the Bear candle and the Bear candle to light the Webelos candle].  The next step in Scouting for many of you will be to join a Boy Scout troop and become a Boy Scout. This tallest candle represents that step.  Tonight we will leave this candle unlit as a symbol of the step that you have not yet taken.  When the time comes for you to light this candle and become a Boy Scout, remember to follow in the steps of our founders and build upon the light of Scouting in your life.




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