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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

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Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Big Idea #10, Something Special All Your Own
Istrouma Council


This is the one idea that belongs solely to the Tiger Den.  There will be times when the monthly theme just doesn't fit with what the Tiger Den would want to do.  Then it is time to pull out Big Idea #10.  In this Big Idea, the Tigers and their Partners decide what they would like to do.  The boys play as big a part in the decision making as the adults.  The only requirement is that it needs to be fun for everyone. 


You can let your imagination suggest whatever it wants.  The important part is that the boys and adults plan the big idea together.  Don't forget to include both family and group activities.


As the group decides what the idea is all about, there is no meeting plans or places to go/things to do section for the Big Idea.  Just remember to have fun in whatever you do.


Indian Nations Council

This is free for all your ideas. Make it special, simple, and fun!


Big Idea #11, Making Your Family Special
Istrouma Council


Every family is special in their own way. How they are made up, where they came from, even who is part of the family.  This makes them one of a kind or unique.  Being different allows each family to have its own strengths. Taking the opportunity to talk about his own family allows the Tiger to develop a sense of belonging and pride.


The goal of the BSA with this idea is to make family bonds stronger.  This is accomplished by helping the Tiger to see what makes his family special and how they are different from other Tiger families.  No way is the Tiger allowed to view another Tiger's family as inferior.  Instead, he is encouraged to view the differences with tolerance and helped to understand that being different is "special."


Meeting Idea


1.      Have a family picnic. Have the Tiger introduce the other members of his family.

2.      Ask each Tiger bring 2-4 pictures of something special their family has done together.  Let the scout share this with his den.

3.      Make a Family Coat of Arms.  Include individual preferences of the family members.

4.      Play the various Tiger Cub and partner games as listed in the Tiger Cub Resource book.

5.      Make a dessert during the meeting.  Ask the family members to share it with you after closing.

6. Research the meanings of your names.  Share what they signify with the others in your den.


Indian Nations Council

Gathering: Family Fire Escape Plan

To help make the boys safety conscious, ask them to make a fire escape plan for their home.  The key is to have two ways of safely exiting every room and a designated gathering place outside.  In a two-story home, it might be necessary to have chain ladders for bedroom windows.


Suggest that the boys talk to the family about the escape plan.


Game: Cross the River

Line up in 2 groups. Each person gets two pieces of paper or a ¼ sheet newspaper.  The paper is called “Ice Cakes”. The first player on each team puts an ice cake down and then steps on it with one foot.  Now while he balances on the second ice cake he picks up the first one, puts it in front of him and steps on it.  He continues to pick up the ice cakes and put them in front of him while he successfully crosses the river.  Then the next teammate starts with his ice cakes.  The first team with all players across the river wins.  If a player steps off the paper, he must go back and start over.


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