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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Jaydean Huff

Jaydean gave these as Christmas gifts.  But for those so inclined these would also be cute Valentine Gifts for the scouts in your den.

I took a peice of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and glued a stone arrowhead. Applied pony beads that spelled the boys name on one side and the other I put our pack #. The cream colored pipe I painted dark blue. I gave these for Christmas gifts to my den and Cubmaster. I was surpised at the way they loved them. Stone arrowheads are at makingfriends.com/store.


Sam Houston Area Council


Materials: A Forked Stick (shape of a Y), 3-foot cord, Croquet Ball


Directions: Use a forked stick and a croquet ball, both attached to a three-foot cord. The object is to toss the ball into the air and catch it in the



Purim Grogger - Israel
Sam Houston Area Council


A Grogger is a special kind of noisemaker.



Kitchen matchboxes, Pea gravel, New pencils, Rice, Dried beans, Seeds



1.      Place the noisemaker materials into the box.

2.      Tape the box shut and cover with aluminum foil.

3.      Poke a small hole at each end of the box and stick the pencil through. Leave enough of the pencil around both ends of the pencil next to the matchbox so that the pencil cannot pull out. This lets your Grogger spin without slipping.

4.      Decorate your Grogger with Colorful designs cut from contact or construction paper or make designs with colored tape or felt tipped markers.


Ojos De Dios (Eyes of God) - Mexico
Sam Houston Area Council


Daruma Doll (Japan)
Heart of America Council

A self-righting doll with a goblin or animal face



1.      Heavy Paper

2.      Markers

3.      Half a ball

4.      Plaster



1.      Cut a cone from heavy paper to fit on base.  Make the outside edge equal to the circumference of the ball.

2.      Decorate the cone with a goblin or animal face and shape into a cone.

3.      Fill the ball with plaster and tape the cone to the ball


World Tie Slide
Heart of America Council



·        Half a Styrofoam ball

·        Paint

·        Pipe cleaner

·        Low temp hot glue



1.      Paint an earth design on a half of styrofoam ball

2.      Glue a pipe cleaner to the back


Chinese Water Lock
Heart of America Council

Water clocks, like sundials, were used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese.  Unlike sundials, water clocks don’t depend on sunlight, so they can keep track of time on cloudy days or during the night  Here are the instructions for the Chinese style Water Clock



1.      5 Paper cups (all 1 size)

2.      5 Thumbtacks

3.      Tape

4.      Pencil

5.      Clear jar at least as big as the cups

6.      Kitchen timer or alarm watch

7.      Strip of heavy cardboard

8.      Strip of paper



1.      Use a thumbtack to punch a hole in the bottom of each cup  Tack the five cups to the cardboard, one under another.

2.      Tape the strip of paper vertically on the glass jar, and put the jar beneath the bottom cup.

3.      For a test run, fill the top cup with water and make sure the water drips smoothly through each cup

4.      Now pour out the water from the test run and fill the top cup again.  Use a timer and, at the end of every five minutes, mark the water level on the paper taped to the jar 5. When all the water has dripped into the jar, you’ll be able to use this “clock” to keep track of time.

5.      For example, start your water clock again.  Use the five-minute marks to time how long it takes you to do your homework, practice playing an instrument, or setting the table.


Little Eskimo Slide
Indian Nations Council

The head is made from half of a cork fishing bobber. Saw it in half so the holes are centered. Nose can be of wood or preferably cork. Set a 3/4-inch plastic or metal ring into the back with glue.

Saw it carefully and sand it smooth

Glue nose and ring in place.

Paint eyes and hair black and mouth red.

Any short brown, grey or white fur will do.

Cut a 1/4" strip and fasten it with glue and pins.



Pinewood Derby Slide
Indian Nations Slide

Items needed



Cut out car of contrasting color and glue onto vinyl backing.  Brads are used for wheels. Racing flags are decals.


Indian Nation Council

Supplies: Paper to use for scroll. For small Scrolls, you can use adding machine paper tape. For larger scrolls, use 12 inch shelf liner paper that comes on a roll, or tape a couple of pages of typewriter or copy machine paper together. wooden Dowels. 2 dowels for each scroll.  For small Scrolls, use new pencils that have not been sharpened, or wooden dowels from a hobby store.  For larger scrolls, use larger diameter wooden dowels. Glue, tape, or thumbtacks. 

To make scroll, cut wooden dowel to 4-8 inches wider than the width of your paper. This will allow you to hold onto the dowel when opening the scroll.  Cut and/or tape your paper to create the length you want for your scroll. Tape the paper to the dowel (best method when using pencils), -OR- Run a small bead of white glue to the length of the edges that will be fastened to the dowel.  Lay the dowel in the glue and let dry.  Large scrolls, using larger diameter dowels can also be tacked to the stick with thumbtacks.

If you wish, you can have the Scouts write in their scrolls announcing the next Pack meeting.  Or have the announcement already made up and they can glue it into the scroll.


Tiny Pinatas
Indian Nations Council

Fill these little pull down piñata with candies or toys. Each piñata is a cup from an egg carton, painted with poster paint. Cut a three inch fringes of tissue paper and glue it around inside of rim. Tie a knot in the end of a length of yarn and string it through egg cup.

Fill cup and secure contents with a strip of tape. String the piñatas on a pole covered with crepe paper streamers and hang it just out of reach. Attach yarn to pole with tape so piñata will release when pulled.


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