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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Here is a brain buster from the 1st Mount Waverly Cub Scouts


The four Patrol Leaders from 1st Gilwell Scout Troop are out on a night hike. They have to catch a train that leaves in 17 minutes from the other side of the river and there is only one bridge which they all must cross to get to the station.

All four begin on the same side of the bridge and require your directions to catch the train on time. There is only one torch and the bridge can only support the weight of two people at a time. Any group that crosses (either 1 or 2 people) must carry the torch. The torch must be walked back and forth (it cannot be thrown etc)


Each person walks at a different speed but a pair must walk at the speed of the slower person.

Alice takes 1 minute to cross, Barry takes 2 mins, Colin takes 5 mins, David takes 10 mins

For example If Alice and David walk across first 10 minutes have passed when they get to the other side of the bridge.  If David returns with the torch 20 minutes have passed and they have missed the train (which by the way is running on time and will not wait for late passengers) 

There is no trick behind this. It is the simple movement of people in the appropriate order. There are two known answers and the first Cub Scout to find a correct answer will receive a prize for their skill.


Also a word search puzzle (Thanks Akela (Mike)

Are these things in your room?


Bed, Chair, Desk, Pillow, Shoes, Stool, Boot, Clock, Lamp, Poster, Shorts, Wardrobe, Cap, Coat Mirror, Shirt, Sock


And a Brainbuster from our son, Neal


If Picasso is worth 28

And Monet is worth 22

How much is Raphael worth?


Solution:  34.  Take the numerical value of each letter (i.e. a is letter 1, z is letter 26), then add the numbers to obtain the "worth" of each letter (z would be 8; 2 + 6.  Exception: letter "s," #19.  1 + 9 is 0, however assume all letters must have positive value, therefore count it as 1).  Add all of those "worth's" to get the final worth.


Modern World Wonders
Trapper Trails Council

1-The Channel Tunnel

2-The Clock Tower (Big Ben)

3- The CN Tower

4-Eiffel Tower

5-The Empire State Building

6-The Gateway Arch

7-The Golden Gate Bridge

8-The High Dam

9-Hoover Dam

10-Itaipu Dam

11-Mount Rushmore National Monument

12- The Panama Canal

13-The Petronas Towers

14-The Statue of Cristo Redentor

15-The Statue of Liberty

16-The Suez Canal

17-The Sydney Opera House


A- St. Louis, USA

B- Arizona/Nevada, USA

C- Toronto, Canada

D- English Channel


F- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

G- London, England

H- New York City, USA

I- Aswan, Egypt

J- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

K- Brazil/Paraguay

L- San Francisco, USA


N- New York City, USA

O- Australia

P- Paris, France

Q- South Dakota, USA


l-D, 2-G, 3-C, 4-P, 5-H, 6-A, 7-L, 8-I, 9-B, 10-K, 11-Q, 12-E, 13-J, 14-F, 15-N, 16-M, 17-O

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