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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



The Blue and Gold Banquet


Characters: Some Cubs dressed as parents and seated at a table decorated as for a Blue & Gold banquet. One Cub Scout dressed as a Cub waiter -- with an apron and a towel over his arm.

Narrator: It is the annual Blue & Gold banquet at Pack 999. Every year, the Cub Scouts at Pack 999 serve as waiters and cooked for their parents. The boys try very hard to do a good job, but every year a few little things seem to go wrong. Let's see what is happening this year....

Parent #1: Excuse me, Johnny. Is this coffee or tea? It tasted like kerosene.

Cub waiter: Then it's coffee. The tea tastes like gasoline.

Parent #2: I hope you'll hurry and bring my food. I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

Cub waiter: Then you've come to the right place!

Parent #3: Why do you have your fingers on top of my food?

Cub waiter: (serving plate with his hand all over it) So it won't fall on the floor again.

Parent #4: Why are you stomping on my steak?

Cub waiter: (stomping something on floor) Because when you told me to bring you your food, you said to "step on it."

Parent #5: I'm afraid there's a fly in my soup.

Cub waiter: Don't worry. There's no extra charge.

Parent #5: There really is a fly in my soup.

Cub waiter: What did you expect at a Blue and Gold banquet -- a humming bird?

Narrator: Ah, yes. Another Blue and Gold banquet at Pack 999. Good eating, everyone.


The Echo


The club leader announces during the singing that he has noticed an echo in the room and he is going to try it out (also could be on a hike overlooking a canyon).  The following is a dialogue between the leader and the echo - a person out of the room or out of sight.


Leader:  Hello

Echo:   Hello

Leader:  Cheese

Echo:   Cheese

Leader:  Bologna

Echo:   (silence)

Leader:  (to group) It must not be working now.  I'll try again.  (to echo) This leader is great.

Echo:   Bologna


Blue and Gold Skit Skit


Setting: The narrator, the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell is a Den Chief in full uniform wearing a campaign hat. He reads the script from a lectern, while Cub Scouts in uniform come on stage one by one.


Narrator: I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell. The founder of Boy Scouting. I am also the spirit of Boy Scouting past and present. Here is our future...the Cub Scouts of America.


 (First boy enters in complete uniform.)

The two colors of the Cub Scout uniform have a meaning. Blue stands for truth and loyalty; gold for good cheer and happiness.


 (Second boy enters carrying Wolf Book and Kipling's "Jungle Book.")

Early Cub Scout ceremonies were based on Kipling's Jungle Tales. When Cub Scouting was organized in America in 1930. Indian themes were used.


 (Third boy enters with a craft project of wood.)

Cub Scouting means fun. We have lots of fun. But most boys like making things...real boy projects...things they can play with or that follow the monthly theme.


 (Fourth boy enters carrying a nature collection.)

Cub Scouts like to go on hikes and collect things for their nature collection or the den museum. They like the outdoors.


 (Fifth boy enters carrying a buddy burner.)

Most Cub Scouts like to go on picnics. All boys like to eat. It is even more fun when they can cook their own food.


(Sixth boy enters - the smallest Cub Scout - holding the American Flag.)

Cub Scouts are proud to be Americans. They are proud of their Flag. They are also proud of their pack flag (points to it) because it reminds them they are part of years of Scouting. They belong!

Yes, I represent the past and the present. These boys, Cub Scouts now, are the men of tomorrow. They will be the preservers of our American heritage. Please stand and join us in singing "God Bless America".


Limericks of the World
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Each boy may read one limerick or Leader may read as boys pretend to be World Scouts

Cub 1: We are a den with a skit,
about customs other countries do fit
In limerick we’ll tell you,
What Scouts around the world do,
Although we’ve stretched the truth a bit

Cub 2: There once was a Scout from Peru,
Who watched his mom making stew
Because once by mistake,
In an oven she did bake,
His birthday cake out of glue

Cub 3: There was a Cub Scout in France,
Who taught little ducklings to dance
When he said, “Tap, Tap!”
They only said, “Quack”,
What ducky dances they have in France

Cub 4: There once was a Cub Scout in Florence,
Who hated Christmas mutton with abhorrence
He found a dead buzzard,
And fried him in mustard,

Then served him for dinner in Florence

Cub 5: There was a Cub in Hong Kong,
Who never did anything wrong
He’d lay on his back,
With his head in a sack,
Singing an old Cub Scouting song

Cub 6: There once was a Cub Scout in Nice,
Whose friends were usually geese
They walked out together,
In all sorts of weather,
That’s the custom of Cub Scouts in Nice

Cub 7: In America there are Cub Scouts, too
With their own funny customs to do
Their dens yells are extreme,
No one’s heard such a scream,
Cause they yell till their faces turn blue


My Aunt Came Back
Heart of America Council


Personnel: 7 Cubs

Equipment: Each Cub holds a card with the text on the back and a picture of the city or country on the front.

Setting: Cub hold up their cards, read parts and do actions listed.

Cub 1: My aunt came back from old Japan;
She gave to me an old silk Fan
(Make fanning motion with right hand)

Cub 2: My Aunt came back from old Tangiers;
She gave to me a pair of Shears
(Make cutting motion with left hand)

Cub 3: My Aunt came back from the New York Fair;
She gave me a Rocking Chair
(Rock back and forth on your heels)

Cub 4: My Aunt came back from Holland, too;
She gave to me a Wooden Shoe

(Stomp right foot repeatedly)

Cub 5: My Aunt came back from Old Hong Kong;
She gave to me the game Ping Pong
(Move head to r ght and then left)

Cub 6: My Aunt came back from Kalamazoo;
She gave to me some Gum to Chew
(Make chewing mot on with mouth)

Cub 7: My Aunt came back from Timbuktu;
She gave to me some

(Leader points to audience)

Nuts like YOU!


Around the World
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 4 to 8 persons

Equipment: Captain’s hat

Setting: Skit opens with everyone leaning on the Ship’s rail.  The captain is telling them about the countries as they pass them (It’s a very fast ship).  All at once one person yells.

Passenger: What is that big thing out there, captain?

Captain: Iceberg.  They are made from ice that has broken off the ice caps from the north and south ends of our world.

2nd passenger: (pointing) What is that, captain?

Captain: That is a volcano that has erupted and the ash and lava has run down the sides

3rd passenger: Oh, yeah!  Like when you eat too much and you erupt?

(All start to look sick and run off stage covering their mouths.)

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