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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Opening Ceremony
Sam Houston Area Council

Props: Cue cards with the Cubs' lines printed on the back.  It can also be useful to display a world map showing which countries have Scouting organizations.


Go to http://www.scout.org/wso/links.html to see the list of all 149 countries participating in the World Brotherhood of Scouting.  Go to http://www.ipl.org/youth/hello for a more complete list of how to say and pronounce "Hello" in various languages.


Announcer: "Welcome to our meeting.  There are 149 countries in the World Brotherhood of Scouting, as shown on our map.  There are many languages spoken in those countries but you can always hear a Scout greeting you.


Spanish: Hola (OH-lah)

French: Bonjour (bohn-ZHOOR)

German: Guten Tag (GOOT-en Tahg)

Mandarin: Ni hao (nee-HOW)

Russian: Zdravstvuite (ZzDrast-vet- yah)

Mohawk: Sekoh (SEH-goh)

Swahili: Jambo (JAM-bo)

Arabic: A1 salaam a'alaykum (AHL sah-LAHM-ah ah-LAY-koom)

Hindi: Nahmaste (nah-mah-STAY)

Hebrew: Shalom (Sha-LOHM)

Hawaiian: Aloha (ah-LOW-ha)


Announcer: "No matter where you go or how you say it, you can count on being greeted by a Scout who says 'Hello'."


Spirit of Scouting
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Cubmaster or Den Leader


Cubmaster: Did you know that millions of boys and men have been part of the Boy Scout Movement since its beginning in 1907?  Many of you dads were Scouts and today your sons are Cub Scouts.  What a vast force to be crusading each day, at work or play for those things America holds dear!  As we light the candles on our birthday cake, over all is the Spirit of Scouting and below this, three candles representing Boy Scouting, Cub Scouting, Venturing and Exploring.  Let us resolve that as someone, someplace helped us get started in Cub Scouting, so will we, together and as individuals, help more boys and institutions have Cub Scouting.  Repeat with me the response to our Cub Scout motto: WE’LL DO OUR BEST!  Now sing “Happy Birthday to You


I Am I, and You Are You
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Narrator and Cubs


Equipment: American Flag, Pack Flag and poster cards representing different countries where Cub Scouting is organized such as: Denmark, Greenland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Algeria, Belgium, Philippines, Switzerland


Setting: Cub Scouts enter with American Flag and Pack Flag followed by a color guard of Scouts carrying poster cards at the end of the narration


Narrator: Alike in so many ways, different in many others!  But here!  Now!  We share a common bond - Cub Scouting.  And so it is with the many nations that form the World Scout Conference; alike in many ways, different in many ways, sharing a common bond - Cub Scouting  In 1920 Scouts from 32 countries gathered in Great Britain for the first World Scout Conference  This Conference meets every two years   during the intervening time the World Scout Bureau, consisting of 12 members elected at the previous World Scout Conference, meets to carry on the work of the Conference.  The Bureau is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  We as Cub Scouts, are not only members of a Pack, but we are members of a National organization and then members of a World organization.  It is time to pause and think about our brothers around the world, how we are alike, how we are different, but mostly think about our common bond - Cub Scouting

(Cubs enter with Flags and Cards)


For Blue and Gold
National Capital Area Council


Print large block letters with permanent markers on 8"x10" sheets of white poster board, one letter to a sheet--the word--"BLUE" in blue, "AND" in black, and "GOLD" in red.  Add silver stars to the letters.  Print the script on back of each card reduce memorization.


B is for Boys--Bobcats, Wolves, Bears and Webelos

L is for Leader--The Cubmaster who guides us

U is for Understanding--we learn to help others

E is for Excellence--we try to do our best


A is for Anniversary -- Cubbing's XXth.

N is for Neighborhoods -- where Cub Scout dens meet each week.

D is for Den Chiefs -- Boy Scouts who help us in many ways.


G is for Goals -- for which Cubbing stands.

O is for Opportunities -- for boys to learn and do.

L is for Liberty -- in the years to come.

D is for Den Leaders -- who love to help us.


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