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Wondering a fun way to earn the Marble Belt Loop.  Michelle and her den have EARNED it and share with us how to do it.


Planning ahead for any den meeting is essential for the success of the meeting.  Kids want to have fun!  That's the main key.  If, by chance they happen to learn something - then, that's a bonus.  I never say "we're going to learn ",

instead I say "we get to play ".


My boys, I'm sure like yours, are very active.  You can't just have them watch someone else do something for a long period of time.  Since no more than 6 can play in one game, I planned to have the boys that were not playing, do something else (unless they wanted to watch).  We drew names to select the 2 teams.  After 5 minutes of cheering and getting all excited, the other group came over to watch and cheer on.

First of all, since I did this meeting in the winter, I had to plan how I was going to set up the ring.  My son and I measured out the circle and put white tape down on the carpet.  That worked great - a very flat surface and the marbles rolled perfectly.


I had gone to the library ahead of time and got some books on marbles (along with surfing the net to find information).  I asked the boys to bring any marbles they might have.  That alone was almost as exciting as trading Pokemon cards a year ago.


We started off by demonstrating how to shoot and gave each of them 4 practice shots (that got all of them involved right off the bat).  We read from "Americana Marble Playing" from Hammermill Paper Company the rules of the game Ringer.  This is not a book, it is an 8-page flyer that had exactly what information we needed in it.


We started our first team off by playing a game of Ringer.  Since we had never played before, we were actually participating in a game and practicing the skills to play the game of Ringer in one shot - we "learned" as we played. Also completing Items #2 & #3 to earn the belt loop.


When the parents came to pick up their scouts, I asked them to tell their parents what they did at the den meeting (completing Item #1 - explain the rules of Ringer with an adult partner). The boys had a blast and not only did we earn the Marbles Belt Loop, but 6 out of the 10 kids had marbles, but never played a game of marbles before.  Can you imagine???


Michelle Wagner - 2nd year Webelos Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 922, Eureka, Missouri

Alice W - Assistant Den Leader

Joe & Ben W

Ben W

Adam O

Steven J

Jon D

Matt H

Justin M

Alex B

Zach S


Check out the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book for pack and den activities, such as,  Pinewood Derbies, Blue and Gold Idea.  This is a BSA publication available through your Scout Shop.


Judy P., a dedicated Scouter recently started a job at her local library and sent the following info.  Judy always has great tips for leaders and we wanted to share with everyone ways to make better use of your local library and to see if you can do a little "trapping hold" of your own for your pack or den from your library.


Kanawha County Public Library has about 12 branch libraries, and you can request a hold on any material that the other libraries have.  (You can even do it by computer -- we are connected!)


So, yesterday I was "trapping holds," which is library talk for checking a computer print out of books, finding the books on the shelves, printing out a hold slip from the computer, preparing call tags so they can be shipped to another library.

So, yesterday I was "trapping holds," and came across this great series of books by Kathy Ross - a treasure trove for the Cub Scout leader.


Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Polar Life

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Oceans

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Dinosaurs

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Rain Forests

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Deserts

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Insects

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Outer Space

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about Reptiles

Crafts for Kids who are Wild about the Wild


I looked through the Wild About books and another she wrote of simple Christmas Ornaments.  All the projects are illustrated with easy to follow steps, made from materials all Cub Scouts leaders have or can easily access (many materials are recyclable -- oatmeal boxes, toilet paper rolls, styrofoam meat trays, old socks and gloves -- or things we have learned to save -- pipecleaners, yarn, glitter, sequins, plastic bags.)


From the Wild About Polar Life book is a simple pengiun, made from three of the "wooden spoons" we used to get for ice cream or italian ice.  Two are painted black.  All three are glued together to make a "fan" (skinny ends together, opposite larger ends spread out.) The skinny ends that are glued other is the head.  Spread out are the wings and stomach, so the black ones go on the outside and on the top.  The third one is underneath and between them.  Glue scraps of batting (quilt filler) as the stomach to the center spoon.  Add eyes and a beak to the black part where they are glued together (the head).  Use it as a pin or a magnet!  (or a neckerchief slide!)

Most of the crafts are THIS simple.


If you are searching in the library, and yours is on Dewey Decimal system, check the 740's for craft books.  The Wild About Polar Life and Oceans are specifically 745.5 in our system.

I ran a quick search of the author's name, Kathy Ross, on Amazon and found these titles as well: 

Crafts for All Seasons

The Best Holiday Crafts Ever

Crafts to Make in the Winter

Crafts to Make in the Spring

Crafts to Make in the Fall

Crafts to Make in the Summer

Crafts to Make for your Favorite Grown-up

Christmas Ornaments kids can make

More Christmas Ornaments kids can make

Crafts from your favorite Bible Stories

Crafts from your favorite Fairy Tales

Crafts for Christmas

Crafts for Easter

Crafts for Hanukkah

Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

Crafts for Thanksgiving

Crafts for Halloween

Crafts for Valentine's Day

Crafts for Kwanzaa

Crafts for Christian Values

The Best Birthday Parties Ever! a Kid's Do-It-Yourself Guide: A Kid's Do-It-Yourself Guide

Every Day Is Earth Day : A Craft Book

The Year of Crafts

Make Yourself a Monster: A book of Creepy Crafts

The Jewish Holiday Craft Book


And these, not yet published, with current publication dates:


Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation (January 2001)

Crafts from Your Favorite Children's Songs (March 2001)

Play-Doh Halloween (August 2001)

Christian Crafts for Christmastime (September 2001)

Christmas Crafts to Give As Gifts (September 2001)


I have "trapped a hold," on the Outer Space book for myself, for day camp!!  I'm looking at the Polar Life book to do a craft station at our Winter Fun Day in February!



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