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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue
Volume 7, Issue 6

Passports to Other Lands
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
Tiger Big Ideas 10 & 11



Ceremony 1
Sam Houston Area Council

Props: Cue cards' with the Cubs' lines printed on the back.  It can also be useful to display a world map showing which countries have Scouting organizations.

Announcer: "We close our meeting tonight as we opened it, by visiting the many places around the world which are served by the World Brotherhood of Scouting.  We have seen many places, where some things are different and some things are familiar.  A scout will always bid you a fond farewell after spending time with you, like this:

Spanish:    Adios

French:     Au revoir

German:     Guten Nacht

Mandarin:   Zai jian

Russian:    Do svidanja

Mohawk:     Onen

Swahili:    Kwaheri

Arabic:     Salaam

Hindi:      Pirmelange

Hebrew:     Shalom

Hawaiian:   Aloha

Announcer: "No matter where you go or how you say it, you can count on a fond farewell by a Scout who says "Goodbye."



World Peace
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 8 Cubs

Setting: The Cubs are dressed in white.  Each Cub carries a card of stiff sky-blue paper tacked to a wand.  On the card is pasted a dove with outspread wings cut from white paper.

All: Oh, may the dove of peace ascend to Earth today.

Cub 1: And may the dove of peace drive cruel war away

Cub 2: From hearts of men may love drive out all bitter strife.

Cub 3: May nations everywhere all lead a peaceful life.

Cub 4: Oh, may all battle din be stilled forevermore,

Cub 5: Oh, may the dove of peace soon banish cruel war.

Cub 6: May nations everywhere together dwell in peace.

Cub 7: Oh, quickly come the day when cruel war shall cease.

Cub 8: Oh, may the dove of peace ascend to Earth today.

All: And may the dove of peace drive cruel war away.


Scouting Spirit
Heart of America Compass

Personnel: 6 Cubs, with strong voices; and one in charge of lights

Equipment: 8 small candles, 1 large candle, in holders and matches

Setting: Lights dim with Scouting spirit candle lit  Speakers come forward one at a time, light the small candles from the Scouting spirit candle and read  After all small candles are lit, turn off all house lights.

Cub 1: Cub Scouting is part of family life in more than 60 countries around the world.  In all of these free countries, on an evening such as this, families are sharing the spirit of Scouting.

Cub 2: Let us look at the candles’ flame and silently thank God, for the Cub Scout friendships we are privileged to enjoy.

Cub 3: Thanks to everyone, for your assistance, with the dinner tonight.  We would like to share a closing poem with you.

Cub 4: Boys in uniforms shiny and bright; with smiling faces to the left and right, we say thanks for Cub Scouting tonight.

Cub 5: A Cubmaster who is loyal and true, who works with parents and the boys in blue; in hopes that these boys will grow up to be, Super citizens for the world to see !

Cub 6:  Den leaders, too, in uniforms blue, teaching Cub Scouts the need to be true, and working, singing, and playing with them.  Though at times it is total mayhem!  So all of you Cub Scouters, in gold and in blue, the door to Scouting has been opened to you!  (Lights on)


February, 2001

Theme:  Passports To Other Lands

Scott Thayer, Sequoia Council, California


When people travel to foreign countries, they have to ask their governments to issue them what’s called a passport.  A passport is a little booklet with your name and picture in it, along with several blank pages on which foreign border officials stamp the seal of their country when you enter. You can’t go into another country without your passport.  But did you know that every Scout already has a passport?  It’s not a little booklet, but a small purple patch that we wear on our uniforms, called the World Crest.  The World Crest is a symbol of brotherhood and good will the world over.  When you wear the World Crest on your Scout uniform, you remind yourself that you are a part of an organization that includes, but also goes far beyond, your own home nation.  The World Crest also reminds us that human beings should be respected and valued regardless of their race, color, creed, or place of origin.  You’ll still need a paper passport to visit foreign lands, but the World Crest allows Scouts to think of every person as their neighbor and friend.

  Thoughts for Life
National Capital Area Council


Do your best in everything you do on life's way
Always be friendly to brighten another's day
Give away your smiles for it is rewarding indeed

Be prepared to help others, for goodness - not for greed

Be honest and sincere toward others that you meet

Be loyal and true - a most commendable feat

Count your blessings and be thankful for the opportunities that come to you

Good night to each and everyone, may these thoughts stay with you your whole life through.


Cubmaster Minute
National Capital Area Council


For Parents:

A boy does what he knows.  He is what he does, and what he is going to be, he is becoming.


For Scouts:

Life never stands still. If you do not advance, it will leave you behind. In Cub Scouting, you have many opportunities to learn and to advance as you work on achievements and electives.  Do them well so that you will be proud of the badge you wear as a symbol of your keeping up with life, not as a symbol of an accomplishment left behind.


Helpful to Others

National Capital Area Council

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting said this to Scouts everywhere:

"I think that when the sun goes down, the world is hidden by a big blanket from the light of heaven, but the stars are little holes pierced in that blanket by those who have done good deeds in this world.  The stars are not all the same size, some are big, some are little, and some men have done small deeds, but they have made their hole in the blanket by doing good before they went to heaven.  Try and make your hole in the blanket by good work while you are on earth.  It is something to be good, but it is far better to do good."


Think of Baden-Powell's words when you promise "to help other people".


Good Night and thank you for celebrating Cub Scouting.


Scout Uniform’s Reputation
Indian Nations Council

To end this evening, I’d like to tell you a story.

A crowded bus stopped to pick up a bent old woman. With great difficulty she struggled up the steps with a large basket of freshly washed laundry.  “You’ll have to put your basket in the rear of the bus,” said the driver impatiently. 


“But I can’t. They belong to me,” the woman replied.  The driver was firm. “You and that basket are in the way.  Either stow it or get off.”  The old lady was almost in tears when a young man arose.  “You sit here, Ma’am,” he offered.  “I’ll take your basket to the back and watch it until your stop.”  The woman was doubtful, but the driver was about to put her off.  A second lady sitting nearby, said to the old woman, “That boy’s all right. Can’t you see his uniform? I'll vouch for him.”


The woman was soon seated, and the basket of clothes carried to the rear.  At her stop, the boy gently set the basket down by her, then returned to the bus and continued on his way.


“Who’s the kid?” asked the driver of the second woman.  “I don’t know the kid,” came the reply, “but I know the uniform, and you can trust it everytime.”

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