Baloo's Bugle

March 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 8
April 2008 Theme

Theme: Abracadabra
Webelos: Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Cub Activities


Positive values Emphasis
From my info for preparing future theme material

The aims of the Boys Scouts of America are to develop character, citizenship, and personal fitness (including mental, spiritual, and physical fitness) in today’s youth. All activities – including den, pack, troop or crew meeting programs, adult training events or committee meetings, camp programs and campfire programs contribute to the aims of Scouting.

Every Scouting activity should be a positive experience in which youth and leaders feel emotionally secure and find support from their peers and leaders. Everything we do with our Scouts – including songs, skits, and ceremonies – should be positive, meaningful, and should not contradict the philosophy expressed in the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.


  • Reinforce the values of Scouting.
  • Get the whole group involved.
  • Make everyone feel good.
  • Be positive.
  • Everything should be meaningful.
  • Teach the ideals and goals of Scouting
  • Use age-appropriate activities.

Guidelines to Determine Appropriate Scouting Activities

  • Cheers, songs, skits, stories, games and ceremonies should build self-esteem and be age-appropriate.
  • Name-calling, put-downs, or hazing are not appropriate.
  • References to undergarments, nudity, or bodily functions are not acceptable.
  • Cross-gender impersonations are not appropriate.
  • Derogatory references to ethnic or cultural backgrounds, economic situations, and disabilities are not acceptable.
  • Alcohol, drugs, gangs, guns, suicide, and other sensitive social issues are not appropriate subjects.
  • Refrain from “inside jokes” which are exclusionary to the audience.
  • Wasteful, ill-mannered, or improper use of food or water should not be used.
  • The lyrics to the following patriotic songs should not be changed:  “America”, “America the Beautiful God Bless America”, and “The Star- Spangled Banner.”
  • Similar respect should be shown for hymns and other spiritual songs.
  • Avoid scary stories and bad language.
  • Model the values of BSA and set a high standard for appropriateness in ALL Scouting activities.