Baloo's Bugle

March 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 8
April 2008 Theme

Theme: Abracadabra
Webelos: Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Cub Activities


Magic Kite
Capital Area Council

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Ball of string with a kite tail

Cub #1:   What’s that?
Cub #2:   Don’t you know what a kite looks like?
Cub #1:   Sure I do, but if that’s a kite then it sure won’t fly.
Cub #2:   It’ll fly, it is magic!
Cub #3:   Kites can’t be magic!
Cub #2:   This one is. All I have to do is say, “Dad, look at the kite I’ve made.”
Cub #4:   Then what?
Cub #2:   He shows me how to make one.
Cub #5:   That kite still won’t be magic!
Cub #2:   Un huh! Then he shows me how to fly it.
Cub #6:   Wow! It’s magic if it can do all that. Come on, let’s make one.
All: (exiting) Yeah, Wow! It’s Magic!  Let’s go make one.

Mixed Up Magic
Capital Area Council

Characters: Cub #1, Cub #2, another boy, Mother

Props: Toys and clothes for messy room, sign “HOURS LATER,” large garbage can

Scene: Cubs #1 and #2 sitting, talking in a slightly messy room. Mother enters.

Mother:    Son, this room is a mess! You need to clean it up!
Cub #1:   OK, Mom. I’ll clean it up as soon as we’re done playing.
Mother:    I’m going shopping now and I want it clean by the time I get back.  When you’re finished cleaning, you may go outside to play; but not before! (Mother leaves.)
Cub #2:   Don’t you hate cleaning your room?
Cub #1   (gets up and starts looking around) I always have before, but today I have a solution… Now where is that book of magic spells?
Cub #2:   Magic spells? You can’t be serious!
Cub #1:  Oh, yes I am! Just watch me. I’m going to use magic to clean up this mess. Only, I can’t find my book. (Looks around the room.) Oh, there it is!  (Picks up book and leafs through it.) I know it’s in here somewhere.  I just can’t find it. I guess I’ll have to play it by ear…
Cub #2:  Do you think you can do it?
Cub #1:   No problem. This is one of the easiest spell in the book. I’ve read it lots of times. I practically have it memorized. Let’s see—what were those magic words? Hmm.  Abra-cadabra! Clean my room! That oughta do it! (He raises his arms and waves them around. A pile of clothes and toys flies in from offstage.) Oops, I guess I goofed a little.
Cub #2:   That was amazing! How did you do that?
Cub #1   Well, it wasn’t exactly the result I was after.  I’ll just have to try again. Let’s see. Hocus Pocus! Clean my room! (He raises his arms and waves them again. In flies another pile of clothes and toys.)
Cub #2:  Are you sure you know what you’re doing?
Cub #1:  Oh no! I got it wrong again! This is getting to be a real mess. Maybe I should give up. But I was sure I knew that spell.  I’ll just give it one more try and then, if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to give up.
Cub #2:   I sure hope you know what you’re doing.  I’m beginning to have a very bad feeling about this whole mess!
Cub #1:  Trust me! (Concentrates hard with his eyes closed.) Ala-kazam! Clean my room! (In flies more mess.)
Cub #2: Aaaagh! I don’t believe this! (Looking around.) This is the worst mess I’ve ever seen! What a disaster.
Cub #1:   Well, I guess we’ll just have to clean it by hand. It’ll probably takes us hours! Yuck!
Cub #2:  Us???? What do you mean, us? (Looks at Cub #1 who is moping.) Okay, I’ll help you cleanup. Let’s get going.

They begin picking up the toys and clothes.
A boy walks across the stage carrying a sign that reads “HOURS LATER.”

Cub #1:   We’re just about done. Thank Goodness! I’m so tired.  I never what to see another mess like that, as long as I live. (Picks up the magic book and dumps it into the garbage can.)  I’ve had enough of this hocus-pocus! Good-bye and good riddance!  (In flies another pile of stuff.)
Cubs #1 & #2: Oh no! Not again! (They both faint.)

Unspelling the Spell
Alice, Golden Empire Council

Personnel:  Three Cub Scouts – or just add in to match the number of boys in the den and reassign some of the parts.

Prop:  A set of rabbit ears for Cub #3

Cub #1:  (walking along)  I wonder where (fill in the names of other Cub Scouts) are today.  They weren’t at the Den Meeting today.  Oh, there’s (name of Cub #1) Hey, he’s got a rabbit with him!

Cub #2:  Hi!  I sure am glad to see you!  You’ve got to help us!  (names Cub #3) and I really need your help!

(Cub #3 acts like a rabbit throughout the skit,
and hops alongside Cub #2)

Cub #1:  Sure, I can help!  What’s the problem?
And where is (he names Cub #3)?  By the way, that’s a nice friendly rabbit!  (pats the bunny on the head)

Cub #2:  That’s just it – that’s not really a rabbit.  It’s (names Cub #3)

Cub #1:  A Rabbit??  How did he get to be a rabbit?

Cub #2:  Well, we were watching a magician, and we accidentally made him mad!

Cub #1:  What did you do to make the magician mad?

Cub #2:  Well, we saw the magician throwing a soda can on the ground, so we told him he shouldn’t litter.  The next thing you know, he spelled a whole bunch of weird words and Poof!  (name of Cub #3) turned into a rabbit!

Cub #1:  Hmmm, maybe that’s the key!  Can you remember the words he spelled?

Cub #2:  Let me think…(wrinkles his forehead, scratches his hair)  One was MADAGASCAR….one was EQUATION.. And one was DIMPLE.   (pauses)  And then he spelled RABBIT!

Cub #1:  (pacing back and forth and thinking hard)   Ok, let’s see.  He spelled the words, and then….(turns excitedly)  That’s it!  He spelled the words which made the spell.  So now all we have to do is Unspell it!!

Cub #2:  Huh?

Cub #1:  We spell the words backwards!  Come on, try it!

(Everyone looks very busy, perhaps with a paper and
 pencil to work out the words)

All Cubs except #3:

(They look around at Cub #3)

Cub #3(slowly stands, takes off the ears, and looks around)

ALL:  Hooray!

Cub #3:  Thanks guys!  I was getting really tired of carrots!