Baloo's Bugle

March 2008 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 14, Issue 8
April 2008 Theme

Theme: Abracadabra
Webelos: Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Cub Activities


Bill Smith, The roundtable Guy
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Magic page - 

Free Magic Tricks - Free Magic Tricks For Kids, Parents and Beginners of all Ages.

Kids Domain Magic Tricks - Kids love to explore, and these are great sites from all over the web.

Magical Kingdom - I am Charlotte Bear, the Magic Bear of the Magical Kingdom. I'll be showing you all the real magical tricks.

Parenting Fair – Magic - Here is a list of the tricks we've brought to you these past two weeks, and links to visit them again.  Remember, a magician never tells his audience his secrets!!

Kidzone Magic - Rita and Shelly have contributed a number of fun magic tricks that are easy to do and have really wonderful results. So jump in and learn how to astound your friends!

Alice, Golden Empire Council 
Great online magic show. This is a great site with tricks, interviews with magicians, a calendar listing performances, a guide to magic dealers and magic catalogues.  A new trick each week.  Scroll down to Posters and lots of other links. 
2 easy card tricks and links to others
some easy tricks to learn, with a new one added every week.  Magician’s rules
a monthly magazine with news updates about magic around the world.  Click on TV Magic Guide tab for a listing of TV shows during the week that will feature magic, such as an I Love Lucy Episode with Orson Welles as a magician.  Also, click on Live Magic Guide Tab for venues and performances by state locations

Specific Magicians:
Alice, Golden Empire Council

You can do a Google search for a specific magician, but here are some specific sites:

The Magic of David Copperfield

Siegfried and Roy: Masters of the Impossible

David Blaine: Magic Man

Penn & Teller

Harry Blackstone
History of Blackstone, pictures, links