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  1. Discuss safety on the golf course. Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses that could occur while golfing, including heat reactions, dehydration, blisters, sprains, and strains.
  2. 1. Study the USGA Rules of Golf now in use.
    1. Tell about the three categories of golf etiquette.
    2. Show that you know about the definitions of golf terms.
    3. Tell about your understanding of the Golf Rules in Brief.
      Show that you understand the "Rules of Amateur Status."
  3. 2. Tell about your understanding of the USGA system of handicapping. Show that you have established your handicap under this system.
  4. 3. Do the following:
    1. Tell about the early history of golf.
    2. Describe its early years in the United States.
    3. Tell about the accomplishments of a top golfer of your choice.  from each other following periods:
      1. Before 1900
      2. 1900 to 1940
      3. 1940 to present
  5. 4. Discuss with your counselor vocational opportunities related to golf. Talk over the following:
    1. Six vocational opportunities of golf.
    2. Advantages of the amateur golfer
  6. 5. Do the following:
    1. Tell how golf can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically.
    2. Tell how a golf exercise plan can help you play better. Show two exercises that would improve your game.
  7. 6. Show the following:
    1. The proper grip, stance, posture pivot, and key fundamentals parts of a good swing.
    2. The full wood shot, played from a tee.
    3. The fairway wood shot.
    4. The long iron shot.
    5. The short iron shot.
    6. The approach, chip-and-run, and pitch, and pitch-and-run shots.
    7. The sand iron shot, bunker, or heavy rough recovery shots.
    8. A sound putting stroke
  8. 7. Play a minimum of two nine-hole rounds or one 18-hole competitive round of golf with another golfer about your age and with your counselor, or an adult he has approved by your counselor. Do the following: :
    OR enter and participate in a competitive golf event.
    In either case,
    1. Follow the "Rules of Golf".
    2. Use an approved handicap.
      Practice good golf etiquette.
    3. d. Show respect to fellow golfers, committee, sponsor, and gallery.

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