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The award is designed to recognize AMVETS members who are actively engaged in the Scouting program in their local communities. Any AMVETS member who is a registered Scouter may apply, not only those affiliated with an AMVETS chartered Scout unit. The award is not meant to be a selective or limited award, but one that is available to any AMVETS member who fulfills the requirements for the award. Those requirements include training, demonstrated dedication and the work required to expand the Scouting program within AMVETS. The award may be presented at a Post, Department or National level.

The award consists of a lapel pin that may be worn on AMVETS clothing or civilian wear, shown below, and the gold and purple Boy Scout Community Organization Award Square Knot, shown above, which may be worn on the Scout uniform. A certificate and congratulatory letter will also be provided by the National Commander of AMVETS.



  1. Be a current member of AMVETS.
  2. Be currently registered in a Scouting position at the Unit, District or Council level; or as a Chartered Organizational Representative. (COR)


  1. Complete the appropriate leader basic training for the primary Scouting position being held.
    1. Cub Scout Leader
    2. Boy Scout or Sea Scout Leader
    3. Venturing Leader
    4. Commissioner
    5. Chartered Organizational Representative
    6. BSA District staff, Member at Large
  2. Be current in Youth Protection Training
  3. Complete two of the following.
    1. Earn the Cubmaster Award, Cubscouter Award, Den Leader Award, Den Leader Coach Award, or Tiger Cub Coach Award
    2. Earn the Scoutmaster Award of Merit.
    3. Earn the Crew Advisor Award of Merit.
    4. Earn the Scouter’s Key, Scouter’s Training Award or Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
    5. Attend a Philmont or Sea Base training course.
    6. Complete a Woodbadge or Seabadge training program.


  1. Serve a minimum of three consecutive years in a Scouting leadership position at the Unit, District or Council level; or as a Chartered Organizational Representative.


  1. While serving in a Scouting leadership position at the Unit, District or council level; or as a Chartered Organizational Representative assist in organizing or reorganizing a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Sea Scout Ship or Venturing Crew chartered to an AMVETS Post. (This unit must be currently active.)
  2. Complete a minimum of four of the following.
    1. Serve a minimum of two years as an AMVETS Post Chartered Organizational Representative and demonstrate success with your unit(s) in terms of growth and quality programs.
    2. Assist your Post, District or Department to raise funds to support Scouting or participate with a local BSA District or Council Friends of Scouting fund raising effort.
    3. Participate as a member of a BSA District or Council Membership/Relationships committee representing AMVETS.
    4. Promote the AMVETS Eagle Scout Certificate program in your BSA District and/or Council.
    5. Make contact with Packs, Troops and Venturing Crews in your District and/or Council through visits, Leaders Roundtables or other means to promote AMVETS program resources such as Americanism and AMVETS Against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse and document the results of your efforts.
    6. Recruit manpower from your AMVETS Post or District to support a Scout activity such as a camporee, bicycle rodeo, merit badge day, Pine wood derby or other such activities to promote AMVETS community services.
    7. Develop and carry out or participate in an AMVETS program to recognize AMVETS members who serve as leaders of Scouting in units chartered to AMVETS Posts, Districts or Departments.
    8. Promote and coordinate the development of a Scouting network within your AMVETS Department to assist in the expansion of Scouting as a resource for serving the youth of America.

Approval Process

  1. Complete the application for consideration.
  2. Submit appropriate documentation (membership card, photocopies of training course completion certificates, narrative of accomplishments, etc.) in order to fully document the attainment of the requirements as outlined in each section above. Obtain the written endorsements of your Post and Department Commander that you have satisfied the requirements for the award.
  3. Submit the completed application packet to: AMVETS National Programs Department, 4647 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706.
  4. Note: Application packets that lack the appropriate documentation or written endorsements will be returned.
  5. Confirmation of the requirements being satisfied and approval for presentation will occur no later than 30 days from date of receipt. If the application is deemed incomplete, a detailed explanation will be provided.

AMVETS BSA Youth Outreach Award Pin

For more information, Requirements & Application – Click Here

Page updated on: May 23, 2014

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