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The documents and files listed below contain information that may no longer be accurate, and/or reference advancement requirements that have been superseded by newer requirements, such as the Cub Scout advancement requirements that became effective on June 1, 2015, and the Venturing changes that took effect on January 11, 2015.  For documents and files applicable to the current requirements, Click Here

  • Cub Scouting

    Advancement Tracking Spreadsheets by Richard Diesslin (right-click on these links and save to your hard drive).
    These spreadsheets track Cub Scout advancement under the advancement requirements which were in effect through May 31, 2015.
    For tracking advancements using the requirements which went into effect on June 1, 2015, Click Here.

    Advancement Requirements (Through 5/31/2015): Excel Format
    ZIP compressed
    Cub Awards Tracking - Version 1.4 (Pack)
    {revised 2/13/14}
    Cub_Awards_Tracking_v1.4.xls Cub_Awards_Tracking_v1.4.zip
    Tiger Cub Scouts - Version 1.3 (Den)
    {revised 4/1/06}
    TIGER_v1.3.xls TIGER_v1.3.zip
    Wolf Cub Scouts - Version 4.2 (Den)
    {revised 4/1/06}
    WOLF_v4.2.xls WOLF_v4.2.zip
    Bear Cub Scouts - Version 7.1 (Den)
    {revised 1/10/10}
    BEAR_v7.1xls BEAR.zip
    Webelos Scouts - Version 6.5 (Den)
    {revised 4/1/06}
    WEBELOS_V6.5.xls WEBELOS_V6.5.zip
    Award Requirements: Excel Format
    ZIP compressed
    Summertime Activity Award Version 1.2 (Pack) {revised 4/1/06} Summertime_awards_v1.2.xls Summertime_awards_v1.2.zip
    Adult Award Tracking Spreadsheet 5.0 (Pack)
    {revised 2/13/14}
    ADULT_v5.0.xls ADULT_v5.0.zip
    Centennial Award - Version 1.1 (Pack)
    {revised 4/22/07}
    Centennial_award_1.1.xls Centennial_award_1.1.zip
    Additional Files
    Den Planning Sheets (PDF format, also included with each spreadsheet) Den_Planning_Forms.pdf
    All spreadsheets in a single ZIP compressed File: cub_tracking.zip (234K)
    PowerPoint Training Presentation on Centennial Award centennial_training_usscouts.ppt

    Cub Scout Advancement Workbooks - These workbooks were developed and maintained by the USSSP. The workbooks are designed to be "fillable", in either PDF and DOCX formats, by downloading the files to a local computer, entering information on them, and saving the work, or by printing them and entering the information by hand. All of the following workbooks reference advancement requirements and awards that were discontinued at the end of May, 2015.

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    Boy Scouting

    Computers PowerPoint Presentation used for teaching the Merit Badge,
    prepared by Tom Foss and Jose Remon

    Miscellaneous Documents

    Similarities and Differences between Venture, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing in tabular form, originally contributed by Michael R. Brown and expanded to include Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts

    Advancement Guidelines - This is an explanation of the process for Boy Scout Advancement, including suggestions for record keeping, prepared by Sarah Nunez, of Troop 880 in Amarillo, Texas, in Golden Spread Council.  It's available as a Word Document for download, or as a web page for on-line viewing.

    Word Document
    Web Page


    Similarities and Differences between Venture, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing in tabular form, originally contributed by Michael R. Brown and expanded to include Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts

    Venturing Methods

    Venturing Awards Requirements (PDF File - 85KB) by Matt Petrik

    Venturing Advancement Opportunities Chart (PDF File - 499KB) by J. Soni Davidson

    Venturing Crew Advancement Tracking Spreadsheet, by Brad Andrews (XLS file - 76KB)

    Power Point Presentations provided by
    Brad Harris, Associate Director, Venturing Division, BSA

    Venturing - The Next Step (666KB)
    Venturing Leader Specific Training (209 KB)

    Power Point Presentations supplied by George Crowl

    Venturing Awards (955 KB)
    Venturing Commissioner Training (724KB)
    Venturing Specific Leader Training (1.3 MB)

    Venturing Gold Award Application Form supplied by Russell Holeman
    (RTF File - 69KB)

    Links to Other Power Point Presentations (These are NOT on the USSSP site)

    Venturing Adult Leader Basic Training (Generic Venturing version)
    Venturing Adult Leader Basic Training (Sea Scouting version)

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