Merit Badge Requirements and Workbooks

Click a merit badge name below for the current requirements.  Right click on a workbook name to save or print the optional workbooks. Workbooks can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. These workbooks can help you but you still need to read the merit badge pamphlet. The work space provided for each requirement should be used by the Scout to make notes for discussing the item with his counselor, not for providing the full and complete answers. Each Scout must do each requirement.


  • Each workbook contains an attachment with important excerpts from the Guide To Advancement, No. 33088, which should be reviewed by the Scout, his parents, and the Merit Badge Counselor.  The Attachment to all Workbooks prepared before May, 2015, includes information from the 2013 edition of the Guide To Advancement, which should be replaced with a newer attachment, which includes information from the 2015 edition of the Guide To Advancement. Click here to download the revised attachment.
  • Some workbooks also include notes directed to the Counselor, and/or worksheets, checklists, and sample forms which may be used to complete various requirements.
  • Keep in mind that these workbooks are OPTIONAL aids. A Scout is expected to meet the requirements exactly as stated - no more and no less.
    If a requirement uses words like "show," "demonstrate," or "discuss," then every Scout must do that. Just filling out the workbook is NOT sufficient!

    He should use the workbooks to prepare notes to himself, and should not assume that filling in the workbook is sufficient to earn the badge.
  • Scouts STARTING a merit badge must use the CURRENT Boy Scout Requirements
  • Once a Scout has started a merit badge, he can continue to work on those requirements even if new requirements are published. The Scout must choose whether to complete the full set of new requirements or the full set of old requirements. A Scout cannot pick and choose from both sets. If he chooses to use the new requirements, he can, of course, use the work he has done on any of the old requirements, if the requirement is unchanged, or only had editorial changes which don't actually change the actual requirement.  For those Scouts who are using the older requirements because they've already started in the badge, the older requirements and workbooks are accessible by following links from the current requirements pages
  • If a merit badge pamphlet is updated during the year, a Scout can choose to use either full set of old requirements or new requirements in the pamphlet. Those will show an effective date of the following year (i.e. a pamphlet issued in June of 2008 will say "2009 requirements").   Once the Boy Scout Requirements are updated, all Scouts starting the merit badge must use the new requirements.
  • If a BLANK appears in the lists below, it indicates that revisions to the workbook are pending, due to revised requirements.
  • You can also download ZIP files containing all of the current worksheets as either word processing and/or PDF formats Keep in mind these are BIG files.
  • The word processor versions of the workbooks have been prepared using the Microsoft Office 365 Suite (Word 2013) and are in the DOCX file format, which was introduced in 2007.  Consequently, they are NOT compatible with earlier versions on Microsoft Office or other word processors which do not support that file format, unless the user has downloaded and installed a Compatibility Pack. Users of Microsoft Office XP, 2000 and 2003 can download the Compatibility Pack, by clicking here: By installing the Compatibility Pack you will be able to use Microsoft Office XP, 2000, or 2003 to open, edit, and save files using the file formats in newer versions of Word (DOCX), Excel (XLSX), and PowerPoint (PPTX) .
  • The PDF versions of the workbooks have been designed with form fields.  Scouts may download these files and then type their notes into the form fields, and save their work locally. They have been tested successfully with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the Foxit PDF Reader, and the Nuance PDF Reader.  Each of those programs are available as free downloads. Other PDF readers may also work, however, we do know that the PDF reader native to the Firefox web browser does NOT allow data input. We have not been able to test them on "Mac" computers.
  • In response to requests we have gotten, we have added light lines in the form field boxes to provide for those Scouts that wish to hand write their responses.

Since 2010, all new and revised workbooks have been prepared by Paul Wolf, with some input from RW Smith, a volunteer affiliated with To our knowledge, they now reflect the current requirements in all cases. 

Please submit comments about errors, omissions, or suggestions about the format of any of the WORKBOOKS to: Workbooks@USScouts.Org
Comments or suggestions for changes to the wording of the requirements for any MERIT BADGE should be sent to the BSA at: Advancement.Team@Scouting.Org

Copies of all of these workbooks (in PDF format only) are also available on the website, and a few are also available on sites which are maintained by the BSA, including,, or,. However, if you find copies on any other site, they have been placed there without our permission, and we would be grateful to be notified of those cases. Please write us at Workbooks@USScouts.Org with the website address.

The workbooks are all Copyright - U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.
The requirements are all Copyright - Boy Scouts of America – and are used with permission.
The name American Heritage™ is a trademark owned by American Heritage Publishing Company, Inc. and is used by permission.

Please note that the dates listed below represent the months the workbooks were last revised and uploaded. 
The PDF files will indicate that date in the first page header. 
The WORD processor files, however, will always indicate the CURRENT month, whenever the file is opened for editing. 

The workbooks listed below reflect the CURRENT requirements (including any changes made since the last edition of Boy Scout Requirements was issued.)

If a Scout is working on a merit badge using a previous version of the requirements, and wishes to use a workbook that reflects those requirements, the workbook can still be downloaded from this site.  To do so, follow this procedure:
  1. Click on the merit badge name in the listing below, to bring up the web page with the current requirements.
  2. On that page, click on the link below the title, that reads "For the previous requirements, Click here."
  3. The workbook that matches the requirements on that page can be downloaded by clicking on one of the links in the box near the bottom of that page.
Merit Badge Requirements
(Click on a merit badge name below)
Last updated
Word Processor Format
Portable Document Format
ZIP File of ALL available current worksheets (VERY Large Files!) All files All Files
Eagle Required Merit Badges
1 Camping March, 2017 Camping Camping
2 Citizenship in the Community October, 2016 Cit-Comm Cit-Comm
3 Citizenship in the Nation October, 2016 Cit-Nation Cit-Nation
4 Citizenship in the World April 2017 Cit-World Cit-World
5 Communication October, 2016 Communication Communication
38 Cooking January, 2017 Cooking Cooking
39 Cycling October, 2016 Cycling Cycling
6 Emergency Preparedness October, 2016 Emerg-Prep Emerg-Prep
7 Environmental Science October, 2016 Env-Science Env-Science
129 Family Life October, 2016 Family-Life Family-Life
8 First Aid October, 2016 First-Aid First-Aid
61 Hiking May, 2017 Hiking Hiking
9 Lifesaving January, 2017 Lifesaving Lifesaving
10 Personal Fitness October, 2016 Pers-Fitness Pers-Fitness
11 Personal Management February, 2017 Pers-Manage Pers-Manage
152 Sustainability October, 2016 Sustainability Sustainability
14 Swimming October, 2016 Swimming Swimming
All Current Merit Badges in Alphabetical Order
15 AMERICAN BUSINESS April 2017 Am-Business Am-Business
17 AMERICAN CULTURES December, 2016 Am-Culture Am-Culture
16 AMERICAN HERITAGE October, 2016 Am-Heritage Am-Heritage
121 AMERICAN LABOR October, 2016 Am-Labor Am-Labor
28 ANIMAL SCIENCE October, 2016 Animal-Science Animal-Science
158 ANIMATION October, 2016 Animation Animation
132 ARCHAEOLOGY October, 2016 Archaeology Archaeology
19 ARCHERY October, 2016 Archery Archery
20 ARCHITECTURE October, 2016 Architecture Architecture
21 ART October, 2016 Art Art
22 ASTRONOMY October, 2016 Astronomy Astronomy
23 ATHLETICS January, 2017 Athletics Athletics
127 AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE March, 2017 Auto-Maint Auto-Maint
25 AVIATION October, 2016 Aviation Aviation
26 BACKPACKING October, 2016 Backpacking Backpacking
27 BASKETRY October, 2016 Basketry Basketry
29 BIRD STUDY October, 2016 Bird-Study Bird-Study
32 BUGLING October, 2016 Bugling Bugling
1 CAMPING March, 2017 Camping Camping
33 CANOEING October, 2016 Canoeing Canoeing
34 CHEMISTRY October, 2016 Chemistry Chemistry
147 CHESS October, 2016 Chess Chess
2 CITIZENSHIP IN THE COMMUNITY October, 2016 Cit-Comm Cit-Comm
3 CITIZENSHIP IN THE NATION October, 2016 Cit-Nation Cit-Nation
4 CITIZENSHIP IN THE WORLD April 2017 Cit-World Cit-World
133 CLIMBING January, 2017 Climbing Climbing
35 COIN COLLECTING April 2017 Coin-Collect Coin-Collect
128 COLLECTIONS October, 2016 Collections Collections
5 COMMUNICATION October, 2016 Communication Communication
137 COMPOSITE MATERIALS April 2017 Composite-Mat Composite-Mat
38 COOKING January, 2017 Cooking
131 CRIME PREVENTION April 2017 Crime-Prev Crime-Prev
39 CYCLING October, 2016 Cycling Cycling
40 DENTISTRY January, 2017 Dentistry Dentistry
154 DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY and Boy Scout Cyber Chip October, 2016 Digital-Tech Digital-Tech
60 DISABILITIES AWARENESS January, 2017v Disability-Aware Disability-Aware
41 DOG CARE January, 2017 Dog-Care Dog-Care
42 DRAFTING October, 2016 Drafting Drafting
43 ELECTRICITY October, 2016 Electricity Electricity
44 ELECTRONICS October, 2016 Electronics Electronics
6 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS October, 2016 Emerg-Prep Emerg-Prep
45 ENERGY October, 2016 Energy Energy
46 ENGINEERING October, 2016 Engineering Engineering
134 ENTREPRENEURSHIP October, 2016 Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
7 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE October, 2016 Env-Science Env-Science
159 EXPLORATION November, 2016 Exploration Exploration
129 FAMILY LIFE October, 2016 Family-Life Family-Life
48 FARM MECHANICS October, 2016 Farm-Mech Farm-Mech
49 FINGERPRINTING October, 2016 Fingerprinting Fingerprinting
50 FIRE SAFETY January, 2017 Fire-Safety Fire-Safety
8 FIRST AID October, 2016 First-Aid First-Aid
51 FISH AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT January, 2017 Fish-and-Wildlife Fish-and-Wildlife
52 FISHING January, 2017v Fishing Fishing
136 FLY FISHING October, 2016 Fly-Fishing Fly-Fishing
54 FORESTRY January, 2017 Forestry Forestry
151 GAME DESIGN January, 2017v Game-Design Game-Design
55 GARDENING October, 2016 Gardening Gardening
56 GENEALOGY October, 2016 Genealogy Genealogy
145 GEOCACHING October, 2016 Geocaching Geocaching
58 GEOLOGY October, 2016 Geology Geology
59 GOLF October, 2016 Golf Golf
122 GRAPHIC ARTS April 2017 Graphic-Arts Graphic-Arts
61 HIKING May, 2017 Hiking Hiking
62 HOME REPAIRS October, 2016 Home-Repair Home-Repair
63 HORSEMANSHIP October, 2016 Horsemanship Horsemanship
64 INDIAN LORE January, 2017 Indian-Lore Indian-Lore
65 INSECT STUDY October, 2016 Insect-Study Insect-Study
144 INVENTING October, 2016 Inventing Inventing
66 JOURNALISM January, 2017 Journalism Journalism
149 KAYAKING October, 2016 Kayaking Kayaking
67 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE January, 2017 Landscape-Arch Landscape-Arch
68 LAW October, 2016 Law Law
69 LEATHERWORK January, 2017 Leatherwork Leatherwork
9 LIFESAVING January, 2017 Lifesaving Lifesaving
71 MAMMAL STUDY October, 2016 Mammal-Study Mammal-Study
130 MEDICINE October, 2016 Medicine Medicine
74 METALWORK October, 2016 Metalwork Metalwork
155 MINING IN SOCIETY October, 2016 Mining-in-Society Mining-in-Society
75 MODEL DESIGN AND BUILDING October, 2016 Model-Design Model-Design
76 MOTORBOATING October, 2016 Motorboating Motorboating
156 MOVIEMAKING October, 2016 Moviemaking Moviemaking
77 MUSIC January, 2017 Music Music
78 NATURE October, 2016 Nature Nature
24 NUCLEAR SCIENCE January, 2017 Nuclear-Science Nuclear-Science
79 OCEANOGRAPHY October, 2016 Oceanography Oceanography
80 ORIENTEERING October, 2016 Orienteering Orienteering
81 PAINTING October, 2016 Painting Painting
10 PERSONAL FITNESS October, 2016 Pers-Fitness Pers-Fitness
11 PERSONAL MANAGEMENT February, 2017 Pers-Manage Pers-Manage
82 PETS October, 2016 Pets Pets
83 PHOTOGRAPHY and Boy Scout Cyber Chip October, 2016 Photography Photography
84 PIONEERING January, 2017 Pioneering Pioneering
85 PLANT SCIENCE April 2017 Plant-Science Plant-Science
86 PLUMBING January, 2017 Plumbing Plumbing
87 POTTERY April, 2017 Pottery Pottery
153 PROGRAMMING and Boy Scout Cyber Chip January, 2017 Programming Programming
89 PUBLIC HEALTH February, 2017 Public-Health Public-Health
90 PUBLIC SPEAKING October, 2016 Public-Speaking Public-Speaking
91 PULP AND PAPER January, 2017 Pulp-and-Paper Pulp-and-Paper
93 RADIO February, 2017 Radio Radio
94 RAILROADING April 2017 Railroading Railroading
95 READING April 2017 Reading Reading
96 REPTILE AND AMPHIBIAN STUDY October, 2016 Reptile-Amphibian Reptile-Amphibian
123 RIFLE SHOOTING January, 2017 Rifle-Shooting Rifle-Shooting
October, 2016 Robotics
98 ROWING October, 2016 Rowing Rowing
12 SAFETY January, 2017 Safety Safety
99 SALESMANSHIP January, 2017 Salesmanship Salesmanship
100 SCHOLARSHIP January, 2017 Scholarship Scholarship
143 SCOUTING HERITAGE October, 2016 Scouting-Heritage Scouting-Heritage
138 SCUBA DIVING October, 2016 Scuba Scuba
101 SCULPTURE October, 2016 Sculpture Sculpture
150 SEARCH AND RESCUE October, 2016 Search-Rescue Search-Rescue
124 SHOTGUN SHOOTING October, 2016 Shotgun-Shooting Shotgun-Shooting
157 SIGNS, SIGNALS, AND CODES October, 2016 Signs-Signals-and-Codes Signs-Signals-and-Codes
103 SKATING October, 2016 Skating Skating
105 SMALL-BOAT SAILING January, 2017 Small-Boat-Sailing Small-Boat-Sailing
135 SNOW SPORTS October, 2016 Snow-Sports Snow-Sports
106 SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION October, 2016 Soil-Water Soil-Water
107 SPACE EXPLORATION October, 2016 Space-Explore Space-Explore
13 SPORTS January, 2017 Sports Sports
108 STAMP COLLECTING April 2017 Stamp-Collecting Stamp-Collecting
109 SURVEYING October, 2016 Surveying Surveying
152 SUSTAINABILITY October, 2016 Sustainability Sustainability
14 SWIMMING October, 2016 Swimming Swimming
110 TEXTILE October, 2016 Textile Textile
111 THEATER October, 2016 Theater Theater
112 TRAFFIC SAFETY January, 2017 Traffic-Safety Traffic-Safety
113 TRUCK TRANSPORTATION October, 2016 Truck-Transport Truck-Transport
114 VETERINARY MEDICINE October, 2016 Vet-Medicine Vet-Medicine
115 WATER SPORTS March, 2017 Water Sports Water Sports
116 WEATHER October, 2016 Weather Weather
148 WELDING October, 2016 Welding Welding
125 WHITEWATER October, 2016 Whitewater Whitewater
117 WILDERNESS SURVIVAL October, 2016 Wilderness-Survival Wilderness-Survival
118 WOOD CARVING January, 2017 Wood-Carving Wood-Carving
119 WOODWORK October, 2016 Woodwork Woodwork

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